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 April 12 is rad, astrology says! Technically, my anniversary in the Panic! At The Disco bandom is still 10 days from now, but today marks the exact first year of my rediscovery of the band. What makes it special, it's the frontman of a one-man band (HAHAHAHAHAHA) date of birth--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENDON BOYD URIE!

(cr: popbuzz)

Happy 30th beeboday. Blessed guy is now 30. /Show praise with your body, stand up, sing Hallelujah. Hallelujah!/ I'm personally excited for what I'll see over the net for Beebo's birthday; P!ATD fans are some of the most creative folks I have ever seen. And lover of memes, as belonging to the lover of memes, emo kids and post-emo kids will always have sarcasm on the upfront. I wanna know why they got me going and it seems I already found one of the answers: memes.

I easily jumped in to the fast-growing fanbase (or BANDwagon, you could say) because of the amount of memes that made me laugh when I started to stan Panic!. Top with Brendon's naturally meme-worthy face, his grandiose expressions and "voice higher than my grades" claims, it was very easy to dig further and further that the memes I saw were already repeating. Then again, P!ATD fandom belongs to the most creative folks I've seen so we don't run out of memes; Brendon himself makes new ones, sadly not through shortlived site Vine but he still makes memes out of his actions, words... and face.

(cr: coupdemain--this was posted only a day ago!)

Of course, it's not all about memes or the laughs factor. It doesn't even comprise half of the reasons why it gets me going. The songs, whether they're Ryan Ross-origins or Brendon Urie-composed (or Dallon, or Jon or Spencer or... Brent?) speak to me until now. It doesn't have to be the lyrics, the music gives me life. But the lyrics are genius too--these had made P!ATD a breakout act in the first place.
Music videos are eccentric, though not ultra-eccentric it loses its 'pop' factor. Brendon said P!ATD is pop, albeit it's also different from a pop band; lol I wouldn't even start discussing what genre Panic! is because Panic! defies genre. What Brendon probably meant by pop is Panic! exists to reach everybody's airwaves by their 'slightly' controversial concepts (1, 2), out of the box lyricism, music adapted from music, and exuberance. My goodness, Brendon's exuberance. *warning, brief mention of bias ahead~* Tegoshi may be hyper but Brendon is HIGHper he might have outdid Johnny's with his backflips. Heck, he outdid most future with his forehead.

*Sorry, this is an inside joke :p*
About the "music adapted from music" part, P!ATD's critics would agree that the band is not big on originality. Every album is inspired by certain artists, like when A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was a product of trying to be different from their Garage Rock neighbors in Las Vegas, it ended up sounding like a Fall Out Boy rehashed. Pretty. Odd. could be mistaken to be a The Beatles demo album. Vices and Virtues was more original, but then it was also similar-sounding with '80s alternative rock. Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! was another attempt to be different, for Panic! to be different from itself and so it contains electronic tracks, akin to underground electronic bands. Death Of A Bachelor was an obvious fusion of Sinatra and Queen--Brendon is proud of imitating his idols, whether critics say he fails or is trying hard.
But you can't really question the originality of Panic!'s music when music is largely sampled especially in the era of today. What they are complaining about, maybe, is the argument that Panic! is and should be an alternative band, not a music act which strives to do metal at one point, and Broadway musical the next. This kind of experimentation should be left to the legends--wait, isn't Beebo already a legend? :p

For the record, Brendon is a drunk legend. He likes beer, vines about beer, includes any kind of hard drinks in his lyrics, etcetera. As long as he knows where to draw the line, and it appears he does, then I'll see beer on every casual video and not make qualms. Brendon has/had ADHD and while conditions are usually not to be thankful for, his own drove him to be the experimental guy, the no-brainer when it comes to new things. Because he believes that Crazy = Genius He has tried playing about 20 instruments. He aquires skills just because. He can do stunts, he jumps from rooftops to pools, he can dance and act (we're just waiting for his big break in Hollywood lol), he can pull off a transvestite, he can make a stadium-full audience laugh for 15 minutes straight. But he doesn't do that, he'll just jump from topic to topic. Most importantly, he can narrate a full rad history even when drunk!

Brendon is legitimately nice. Figuratively, he likes to include everyone in the big tour bus (don't try to crowd him though, he has anxiety) and swim in invisible waters with the sharks until we drown. Or if that is morbid (yeah that is), he just wants everyone to treat each other equally and with respect. He doesn't hide his bold opinions of what's good, bad and dirty, he never holds back calling out the bigots: he has tirades against Trump, against homophobes, against sexists, against bullies, against himself when he was younger, etc. Together with his natural creativity, his good heart makes him a true unicorn (his MBTI is ENFP by the way *o*)

He loves his wife. Brendon and Sarah are #CoupleGoals!!!! In their 8 years of being together and almost 4 years of marriage, Brendon consistently expresses adoration for Sarah, like a true fanboy (awwwwweeee). I mean it ain't the end of all things, though that was his wedding vow :p If I have one wish for Brendon's birthday, it is for their family to stay strong and grow in the years ahead!

(cr: banyabell.tumblr)

He really is my spirit animal. He has flaws, he had depression, as the youngest he was spoiled, he was rebellious, was a fuccboi in the past and had fought with band members. These don't outweigh the positive things he possess, and the good qualities he evolved to. I love his busy, wandering mind. I love his dedication to music. I love his flamboyance, showing off the stuff he can do, 'cause why not? I love his stand on social issues. I love how he always remind his fans to be fearless and expressive. "You're a treasure, not trash."

Many more fans, especially those who've seen him in real life, would testify how inspiring of a human being Brendon is. In this birthday post, I hope I've condensed everything I know, what I love about him and Panic!, why the person and the band gets me going. Can I say more, I'm ready to go.

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Ah, the smell of turkeys... The sound of Thanksgiving! *uhh Leya, you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your country! /laughs/*

Still and all, it's just the right season to be grateful for EVERYTHING, fandom-wise. I have prepped to make a pimp post/list of all of NEWS' activities this 2016, but I was apparently distant for some time, and I couldn't do it without possibly missing a detail or two (but I still want to do it; why not? ^_^)

This November alone, two celebrations happened recently. Well I guess you already know. ;) Happy 29th birthday Tegoshi Yuya and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY テゴマス!

Although I'm a week late with the LJ greeting, my birthday posts were actually posted early--minutes to November 11. Ironically, even when now I don't get enthusiastic over NEWS/Tegoshi like I used to, his 29th birthday was his birthday I anticipated the most. Blame the 29-peso Coke Float from McDonalds I got addicted to; every time I bought the flashing ₱29 made me think of Tegoshi (even Brendon) and his then-incoming 29th year of fucking existence.

Now, Tegoshi is a fucking coke float 29. Here was my birthday post! (crossposted on Tumblr)

Happy birthday. The best is yet to come. )

A week after the post, I’d like to rant. I usually say what I think on FB but I feel like this is a small, shallow complaint, otherwise it affects me negatively. I’m very, very, very disappointed that my birthday post got a low count of 20 notes.

Yes it matters to me, especially when my past tributes never reached below the 50-note mark. There’s a reason I don’t go too personal on Tumblr: it is where I want recognition for my aesthetics rather than to be gushy or soppy (not to say I ain’t ever! For one, my birthday post is a gushy type of post.)

To be fair I still had another birthday tribute posted, and it got an equal number of notes yet it was a sleazy bit that I wasn’t too concerned about. (crossposted on Tumblr and All Things Tegoshit)

November 11 is the new Valentine's, so... )

It was the antithesis to the seriousness of the other post, and an indicator that despite everything, I was very much having fun that day.

Speaking of having fun! On Nov. 11 I had a spontaneous meet-up with Dhes, where the idea of this entry’s title comes from. “Spontenacious” for the half-carefree, half-solid celebration, and “Cereb-ration”, because we had a whole afternoon/evening of fandom talk—portions of which were intellectual, almost deep discussions about Tegoshi, Tegomass, NEWS… you know, fandom thingamajigs.

And in every fan gathering there’s a huge deal of wacky and tacky:

You know what it meant, right? xD


Oraaaaaaayt. Happy Pocky Day as well!

While Tegoshi’s birthday was a “spontenacious cereb-ration”, Tegomass’ anniversary was a very quiet day for me, having a severe cold and cough I can’t even see the computer screen clearly and all I did was borrow (and credit ofc!) a TM fanart from Deviantart  and post it on FB.

But the international fandom has been more than ready. In all its awesomeness, here’s the Intl Paana (including the Japanese fans) tribute to テゴマスの10th!

Tegomass is such a powerful duo shown in the prettiest of images, don't you agree? ♥
Again, happy birthday Tegoshi and happy anniversary Tegomass. There are a lot of things to be grateful for, and for us, you are on the top of the list.
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The Tegoshi.
TE----goshi. ↓

IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, what should I say to get past this late-post-even-if-you-have-the-whole-month-of-November-celebrating awkwardness? *oh shaddap it's already Nov 12 no excuses you're late*

Let's see; I did a Tumblr post yesterday. Unlike most of my well-thought (or so I thought) birthday tributes, this one was probably my most candid Tego message... and so far the longest of my stupid ones too. I don't really show sweetness to my bias, BELIEVE ME. EITHER I'M A TSUNDERE, OR A CRITIC. I MAKE TEGOSHI APPRECIATION POSTS, YES; BUT THAT'S MOSTLY A PART OF MARKETING MY BIAS TO EVERYONE AND NOT OUT OF MY DELICATE HEART AND MUSHY FEELINGS EWWWWW

Here it is! (source)

(A very poor edit since my fingers were trembling from the latte I just drank. caffeine intolerance?
Ah well...)

Happy 28th birthday Tegoshi Yuya! TL;DR this is more of a ramble than a greeting :p

I spent the midnight tearing up a little because my plans for your birthday was thwarted by RL chores and whatnot. During the ‘planning’ stage, I had at least three ideas; a theme for a write-up, a collection of quotes, and a photobook style post (because you said many times that you want a solo photobook). I asked friends if they’ll be available on the date; made a budget for buying cake. Thought of dyeing my hair pink for the occasion. Nah, It’s a normal fan behavior I guess, but to me it’s been my yearly tradition to make tribute/s for Tegoshi’s birthday AND IT NEVER FALTERED!!! So when I was obliged to RL I was swept away. Still feeling glum until now (palpitation I hate you), I made this halfhearted edit, but I want to make up for this with a message. Or a ramble. A childish love letter and all.

The time I became a fangirl I started consistently writing journals. From my scream when I first saw his face on the screen, to my anguish when NEWS lost RyoPi, to my redemption when the group came back as four, much of my feels were recorded. It was--in a very cliche tone “an emotional roller coaster” and a test of strength and faith, and a notebook of commentary, jokes, creativity, and wide-eyed appreciation for the fandom. The most prominent parts, of course, are the Tegoshi-biased moments. Beyond what’s written there are tooooooons of them. Tegoshittin’ like 100x a day. It’s a funny thing (whenever I become nostalgic I laugh more than cry for all the silliness), being a dedicated fangirl. How the feelings got bigger like a couple overcoming the seven-year itch LOOOOL, is even funnier. “How are you taking that guy seriously?” I wrote why it’s hard to be a Tegoshi fan last year. (and have started writing part two!). The point is, Tegoshi is indeed an idol. I realize that every day. It’s becoming obvious everyday. He’s becoming just a common celebrity everyday. His face is becoming a meh sight. The fanservice, very expected. But these things that make Tegoshi ordinary, he’s great at these. He’s great at being handsome, he’s great at saying sickly-sweet remarks, great at doing his idol job, great at making himself great.

And this is because of his innate, inborn strength. Determination. Competitiveness. He’s actually grounded, you see. Grounded of these values which steer him whatever direction he chooses to go. Or goals he wants to achieve. Gosh, every Tego fan probably have said it--Tegoshi is an epitome of strength. It shows from his physique to his personality to his accomplishments to his words and into our hearts huhuhu ;_; Okay I’m crying now, gotta post this birthday post because I hafta do RL stuff again. I’ll stand up from this chair thinking how Tegoshi is beautiful and has inspired me in a lot of ways and how I want to make a lot of birthday posts but the fact that I have limited time and uuuugh okay bye! This is such a mess. Happy birthday Tegoshi, and I wish the best of the best for the best of the best. ♥

Logging out. (Pardon the grammar mistakes I’m not beta-ing this)


I was quite surprised it didn't have many mistakes and I think I've fairly made the message across. ^-^
Btw I was really crying when I typed the last sentences. 25% because of the mushy feelings It's very relieving that in spite of the midnight frustrations and afternoon palpitations I finished a thing! Tradition is hard to break; in this case, Tegoshi's birthday is the one date I've turned into a tradition. Crazy as it sounds, it is the day where I often transform into my ideal self. What have you done, Tego? Do you really have the magic?

There are many fan accounts/stories saying that their bias/es saved their lives. And some further claiming it's how a fan-idol relationships are supposed to be. Uh no.
For me, Tegoshi isn't a life-saver. I do not credit him for the air that I breathe or the force that stops me from killing myself. He's simply a person I extemely like, my good (and bad) role model, my image of perfection, and the stronghold against my imperfections.

He helps me live, that I could say. He makes me alive, to be accurate. He also makes me want to help lives. He's my metaphorical teacher and my case studies at the same time. I'm a dreamer and he's my dream. He's a doer and
I want him to do me (skip that! that's rated NC-17, keep away!!! ughh)

In short Tegoshi's this person I love so much that I can't afford to miss the tradition. I'm repeating myself too much, heh. Happy birthday, rainbow poop! ♥

Look at this wonderful piece of personality profile from Scorpio Quotes:

It's nailed to the ground, man! My groundbreaking man! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I shall finish this entry now. It's dinner time and I'm hungry! No Tego at the table because it's Nov 12 you're late you're late you're late :p


P.S. I'm listening to 四銃士 on repeat and I want to get my thoughts over the song. (sign of a new review? I hope so!)

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Happy 8th anniversary to the ONLY girl group I love! That's an accurate statement. Even though I have/had many girl group "flings" (I follow more girl groups than boy groups, to be honest!), KARA is the only girl group in which I can't see any superficiality.° Not to say other groups are fake; who am I to judge? But when it's KARA it's definitely a family.

(photo credits: Jelah Ruz @ KARA Philippines)

At first I tried to make a birthday message. If you ever guessed, I've never made any bday tribute to these girls. I thought of a pimp post but that's something to leave to hardcore Kamilias--I admit I am far (still far) to be one. I also composed a dramatic essay but it doesn't fit with my celebratory mood. (Yes. Celebratory in all its glory!!) You know, one thing that makes me fall in love with KARA over and over again is their songs that seem to not run out of energy.° The signature KARA sound that, despite my hate in the beginning (refer to this post), brought the highest levels of hyperness in me and gave me regular urgencies to dance.°  I got my hand movements wrong in Lupin and had the time of my life doing the wrong steps to Step, but at least I've done these... and more! Super thanks to you, gals :">

It is not unknown to everyone that I'm a fan of KARA's Japanese discography. In fact, I listen to it more than I listen to their Korean songs. I'm so thankful for the huge JPop influence in the group, for if they aren't JPop-like sound-wise I might never appreciated them this far.° If they didn't venture into Japanese market I might've not known them anyway. I may be greedy and senseless for thinking this but KARA is a JPop group to me. But no hate, please. ^^ I'm aware that their origins are Korean and never will they be in line with JPop groups. Yet this is another reason to love them: The KPop label and the JPop heart.° It's like seeing two groups, listening to two cultures, and understanding two languages in one. Isn't that awesome?

KARA is called the 'Miracle group'° for a variety of reasons I will not discuss here (I recommend watching these documentaries to satisfy your curiosity xD). The members have been through a lot, and it made them stronger, braver, wiser. It might not be too obvious but they are some of the richest in the KPop idoldom, too! However, it's definitely not cliche to say that their humility is outstanding and one-of-a-kind°. A big part of this is attributed to them being the 'miracle group'.

Like my ultimate bias group, NEWS, KARA has an interesting member line-up changes from the year they were formed to the present.° Originally four, a member left and was replaced by two, making them five for a long time. Then two members left and were replaced by one, making them four again. There's no need to hide your laughing because it's actually hilarious. More importantly, come to think of it, they survived through it all!°

° =  the reasons why I love KARA [the supposed-to-be title of this post~]

KARA Playlist

Since I don't have much to babble about, I'd end this post with a list of song recommendations (mostly Japanese tracks, and you know why!)

Probably you've heard of the song MR. more than you've heard about the group who sang it. (It was such a trend!) But there's more to KARA than their butt dance; here are the songs that caught my attention, became my jam, and many of these belong to my ultra-favorites until now. There are also some ballads just in case you're wondering if they ever sing slow songs.

KARA's vocals were once dubbed as the worst in KPop. I won't disagree. However, I'm still proud of the group's unique vocal substance that gives their songs their own catchy brand.

Here is my recommendation list, not in order (although it tends to). Hope you find the time listening to some!

5-member KARA (2008-2013)
・STEP (super favorite and always in the top of my playlists! It's Korean but there's a Japanese version as well; albeit I recommend the K-version only.)
・Girls Power (the song that brought me to liking KARA)

[video: Girls Power]
・Speed Up
・ゴ!ゴ! サマー
・Ima Okuritai Arigatou (the song for the fans. There are K and J versions; albeit I recommend the J-version only)
・Winter Magic
・ Jumping (I recommend both K and J versions)
・Love Is (I recommend J-ver. )
・Rock On
・Love Is Fire
・Pretty Girl (I recommend both K and J versions)
・Jet Coaster Love

Original 4-member KARA (2007)
・Break It
・If You Wanna
・Words I Couldn't Keep

New 4-member KARA (2014 - )
・MAMMA MIA (I recommend K-ver.)
・So Good

Whew, I missed making KARA posts! I'm glad I finally got to it again! Along with this is a promise that I'd be a better fan. The type which, can write andwill write a pimp post or even just an appreciation post. Because you are worth the appreciation. <3

Again, happy 8th anniversary. You are a miracle, and meeting you is magic.
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( ^ sorry for the all caps wahahahaha. Did you know that I have fever while typing this? But let's get this posted, for the love of Tego!)


Squeal-inducing fanservice, calling us his girlfriends, doing his best in everything, and calling himself a perfect idol, plus the fact that he's extremely good looking and a pro at singing, are the reasons why we just can't get enough of Tegoshi. But life with him as our bias isn't only about boldness when he blasts on the stage or pride when he accomplishes a project in ItteQ. It's nerve-wrecking too, worrisome, and definitely hard at times. Common reasons?


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Long ago I was already thinking of doing a review of NEWS MAKES YOU HAPPY! MAKES THE WORLD HAPPIER! concert. Then March 19, the DVD release date, came; and with all of excited NEWS fans I watched the con immediately... Not forgetting my plan to write a review. I watched it 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, preparing my cellphone just in case I can think of something to put in the review! But after a week of watching I gave up. Conclusion: I am forever lazy. Or I was just dumbstruck by the awesome concert, maybe.

After a few weeks the LJ comm for Singaporean Paanas [ profile] sg_paanas held a contest. A giveaway that greatly inspired me to do the review--at least in a spontaneous way. So I did! I'm proud that it's my most spontaneous analyzation ever. Most importantly, I never expected that this spontaneity would turn into a beautiful post. I'm very proud of my work okay. *teary-eyed*

This is gonna be long but crammed because the more I want to edit it the more I get lost XD I'll be talking about the concert itself. *excluding the cut scenes*
Read on... )

P.S. Belated happy birthday KEIICHAN!!! I did not make a bday post for you here in LJ but sweeear I was very active greeting you on FB. And I did a decent tumblr post! I love you Koyamama. All my wishes for your 30th year of existence ♥

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It's my first time celebrating talking bird's birthday! I don't have a proper message for him, but I managed to do an edit despite this uber-busy day.

I wish for your good health and a very happy career~ and thank you because you were my gateway to Kisumai. I seriously love your group now. ♥ Please be patient as I'm slowly exploring more of your group! (Now I look like a kid talking to her sensei or senpai. Nyahahaha~)


Moving on, this is the nth time I confirm that I'm a crybaby when it comes to NEWS.
I was in full Kisumai mode this morning; not thinking a bit about NEWS, its upcoming DVD release, or the feels that come along with it. Those feels are best spilled on March 19 (the release date), I thought. But with the screencaps spreading around twitter and FB, and these gifs from amatsukis... Waaah I need a breather now.

This is the DVD CM. I've never felt so indescribable on a commercial 15 seconds short. It is one of those times when I ask why have I entered this world, a world of excess emotions over a group of singing men? But recalling the countless times I had these 'excess emotions', I think this is what I'm mostly made up now. And I've never been prouder.

I thought I can do it, but saving tears for the 19th is really hard to do.
Lemme tear up now~~~ ;o;

P.S. tearing up is an understatement. My feels are best expressed by the person in the gif below. Tegoshi why are you so gooooood with that >o<

Anyway, once again happy birthday Tama! And it's two days to go before #NEWS10thAnnivDVD! ♥ FEELS COME FLOODING!
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Happy birthday to my self-proclaimed daddy (because we proclaim that he is Tegoshi's daddy LOOOOL) and the one I forever ship with [ profile] mocoharuma, daddy HYDE!

I won't make a picspam nor a graphicpost nor a message, but I am including this awesome picture where the awesome he is with awesome SCANDAL members... Don't be disoriented because the one in the middle is really a HE. A beautiful, ageless he. And oh, don't be skeptical by the number of the word 'awesome' in this post, because with everything that he is you can fall in love. Swear. (!n my case I fell in love with his son!! HAHAHAHAHA)


Happy happy 45th birthday daddy Hyde! You're even older than my mom O_o


On the other side of the moon (I'm listening to Tegomass no Seishun... And Tsuki no Tomodachi suddenly pops out of my head, hence the moon!), I've been typing my review for TMnS album since yesterday, but I still can't post it today :( I hope I could tomorrow xD

It's been a week since the release, I haven't listened to anything except this album. I missed Tegomass dearly ;~; *cries* I'm looking forward to their concert in Feb. 15 (is this right?) Though I won't be online for I... I'm going to join a singing contest again. ♪♫ Auditioning for The Voice just this Sunday (I'm not spilling any details here, info is confidential!) gave me courage to join more singing contests without any inhibitions and so yeah *cries*, ipu-push ko na talaga tooooo~~!! Win or lose (thankfully I'm not a hates-to-lose person *rolls eyes at Tegoshi*), it's the experience that counts. I feel slightly bad at why this confidence came out only recently, but it's better late than never.

Speaking of better late than never, belated happy birthday to [ profile] spilledmilk25 (January 25) and [ profile] kumohime102 (January 29)! I know other people whose birthdays are around these dates but no I'm not enumerating them now. *death glare from my bias in Arashi--Sho, and my first best friend Hashibami :p*

How to end this post? The one I'm listening to right now:

Lalala~ lalala~ lalalalalalalala~ ♥
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It's November 11, the most-celebrated day in my calendar. Not wondering why. XD It's my cosmic bias' (yeah I love to use the term cosmic because it's just another term for "universal", and it sounds magical and mystical; I love it!) birthday, and also the birthday of other notable people I know. (Did you know Vice President Binay is also celebrating today? Also the great Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, etc. A good friend, Jhaipachawai, a clanmate, Keikobe, and yeaaaah a ton of people are having their birthday parties today! In short Andami mong kasama Tego! Hindi lang ikaw ang sine-celebrate ko!! Pero dahil biased ako o sige aaminin ko na ikaw lang sine-celebrate ko!!!! Wahahaha *mapanlokong tawa*)

^ OMG What is hyper. :p

On a serious note, I would like to rant on how much I prepared for this day but in the end I ended up doing nothing. No, I did something, a quite decent one I guess, but still not enough for my fussy tastes.

This one's crossposted in Tumblr:it's under the cut~ )

Quite a post, huh? xD
I was already half-satisfied, when I saw this:


Somebody wants me to do something! Something else~! But I don't enough time. Yet this gives me inspiration.
What should I do?

I might do a series of post-Tegoshi's-birthday-celebration posts some day.
On some day. Maybe on Tegomasu's anniversary! Which is a few days to go! ♥

Oh November. Give me some scorpionic determination. LOL~

Anyway, happy happy birthday my forever youthful bias. xD
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Happy birthday Shige, I've been waiting for this day... I was expecting to say a long message for your birthday, but the wind of fate blew another direction and my focus is not on you instead. Sorry sensei! But I love you and I wish the very best for you :*

Now here is the lamest birthday post on Tumblr everrrr. Hahaha~
Though aside from that, I did picspam! :D
"2 notes" for the win. At least there is. xD


And so the Tego-centric things... Are these:


Too many things to add, so little time! The Tegoshi-appreciation-slash-hate-slash love post ends here; I'M SORRY SHIGE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A BIRTHDAY POST FOR YOU BUT TEGOSHI IS EATING MY BRAINS (as I eat his banana LOL xDDDD)
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^ Or in short, it's a Massu birthday post!

How should I start... Happy birthday Massu.

I'm tounge-tied again, I'm always like this in front of the computer. I'm more talkative at texting eh! Hahaha. Nevertheless all my thoughts and feels today came out on my Tumblr blog. It's literally overflowing with Massu. ♥

I'm gonna cross-post one here:
Massu chibi pics. It took me hours to compile these and more. And while finding pictures on google I kept on looking at every Tegoshi picture that appears LOL

As I stated above, I dunno what to say. O__o Basta, stay being the lovable Masuda Takahisa, and may more blessings come your way. ♥

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I wasn't able to greet you through blogging yesterday. Much to my regrets.
I made a 'long' TagLish message though! (It's long because I didn't think I could create a message long enough for my 1-month old Leo Messi fandom. Hehee~)


BUT... I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE JUST 26. Magka-birthyear lang kayo ni Tegoshiiiii *o*
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First of all, I just want to virtually hug LiveJournal 'coz I miss LJ so much ;~; (It's been almost 3 months since I last posted something here! Refer to my March 26 entry)

Now I'm back, but not really back. I'll see if my internet schedule would ever go back to normal again.

But well, here's the good news!


I AM MORE IN LOVE WITH 手越祐也 !!! (LMAO as if I wasn't :p)

To tell an endless story short, while on vacation I got addicted to fanfics, reading and writing them... Internet was scarce but fanfics made me alive. Yey! (note: I munch on fics, as long as there's Tegoshi Yuya in them. LOL) and [ profile] tegophilic completely knows about this... Because she can relate (diba ADDICT ka na rin ate Diane? Wahaha~)





(image credits to tegoshita)

I remembered the time when the details about the release came out, I almost died of happiness. But you know what? I was hoping/praying/expecting this. When TM announced they would release a new single, the first thing that crossed my mind is "I HOPE IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY!" I kept silent about it though, and when the news was delivered, hooray Leya you're such a good fortuneteller. A big fortune came upon me, indeed. ♥

And to tell about another endless story short,


Bwiset ka Tego!


adding a random pic: Me, my lola, lolo and the children I babysit :)
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Let's start the post with this:

Anyway, today is an UNEXPECTED day of flailing over... guess what?

KIS-MY-FT2 & V6. )

Meanwhile, if not for [ profile] mocoharuma 's post, I would not know that today is Hideto Takarai (HYDE)'s birthday! Uwaaaaaaa~ the man Tegoshi looks up to... OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・





-end of kabaliwan-
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These people are oh-so-special, not just because today is their day, but because they make me (and everyone) happy:

Happy tanjoubi! )
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Happy 19th birthday KANG JIYOUNG! ♪


message and mini picspam )

Aside from a short message and a mini pic-spam, my gift to you is... Some icons. :D
Forgive me if I only made 5! >.<

the icons~ )

Saengil chukkahamnida! *sings*

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Happy 6th anniversary テゴマス!
You are the reason why I fell in love with JPop, I can never be so thankful enough. ♥
Please keep on singing, making wonderful melodies!

P.S. Please come to our country! LOOOL~

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These are the 111 things we remember when we say "Tegoshi Yuya". What's with him anyway?...
...Dear bias, happy 25th birthday! ♥♪♫♪♥


He composed 'Addict'... )
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Happy Birthday Masuda Takahisa!!! Your smile gives us this never-ending-wonderful-support for you~

Keep on eating! I mean, keep on making us happy! :)))


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