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Ah, the smell of turkeys... The sound of Thanksgiving! *uhh Leya, you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your country! /laughs/*

Still and all, it's just the right season to be grateful for EVERYTHING, fandom-wise. I have prepped to make a pimp post/list of all of NEWS' activities this 2016, but I was apparently distant for some time, and I couldn't do it without possibly missing a detail or two (but I still want to do it; why not? ^_^)

This November alone, two celebrations happened recently. Well I guess you already know. ;) Happy 29th birthday Tegoshi Yuya and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY テゴマス!

Although I'm a week late with the LJ greeting, my birthday posts were actually posted early--minutes to November 11. Ironically, even when now I don't get enthusiastic over NEWS/Tegoshi like I used to, his 29th birthday was his birthday I anticipated the most. Blame the 29-peso Coke Float from McDonalds I got addicted to; every time I bought the flashing ₱29 made me think of Tegoshi (even Brendon) and his then-incoming 29th year of fucking existence.

Now, Tegoshi is a fucking coke float 29. Here was my birthday post! (crossposted on Tumblr)

11.11.16 Happy 29th birthday Tegoshi Yuya!

 2016, as it’s almost ending, is a year of many odd events, losses and changes. If anything, I've learned that significance is a key, for in this big and busy world everything is fleeting in the eye; but if one’s significant, it stays valuably longer than the average passerby.

Personally, this year is turbulent for me. Either the days are perplexing, or I’m lost. I am just glad that this isn’t the case for NEWS, which obviously gets a steady rise through all of its activities. The group becomes significant. Have I been in a better condition I’d asserted it more.

And there you are... you just did amazingly well this year (For the record, there was never a year you weren’t amazing). You’re like an aged spice that’s better with time, yet its flavor’s overbearing at the same time. So let's start with the bad. Your antics aren't to die for anymore. FTW! turns WTF! Also, Massu aged better than you. His cuteness remains intact while your face has become a little worn, concealer can’t even conceal your pimples, and—

—Hah, well, okay, Science proves you aren’t affected by this nor by a gazillion cards-against-Tegoshi while I would be smiling uncomfortably if they turn it into a mania. Science actually says your brain's age is 21 *wtf, I am 21!* I swear, I love Pepper (I'm including this lovely robot which you are fond of hahaha) when it makes you cringe. And when you cringe, or snort, or fail to hold back tears, you suddenly appear very ordinary. That's what I am honestly looking for. We know Tegoshi can do this, Tegoshi can do that. It's just fulfilling to see a lot of your candid side; gladly it happens a lot this year.

Yes, you are like that aged spice that is familiar to the taste. Your singing, the very talent that earned you your place, continues to be refined. I also take note of the small things that show your musicianship within NEWS; e.g. the idea for BYAKUYA and the guitar progressions for Wonder. It's no new thing for idols to make minor contributions to music otherwise produced by others, but how are yours so awesome ;o;

My life was turbulent in the past months and it would be a lie to say I now don't feel this way. For the first time in years, I experienced detaching myself from the fandom. This led to a slight indifference towards the things you do and the words you say that usually make me smile, even bawl over, just getting me speechless all the time. Although my feelings were never gone and they were only in confusion, sometimes I think it's sad that I am not focused on you the way I used to. But with the fans increasing significantly and your name growing prominently, I am thankful. I see you happy and I'm thankful. I see your same side and I'm thankful. I see your new sides and I’m thankful. You continue to grow, you continue to be interesting. Never mind that I’m fed up with your duck face and, and… *insert gazillion cards-against-Tegoshi* …You are always significant to me and to all of your fans. ♥ Happy birthday. The best is yet to come.


A week after the post, I’d like to rant. I usually say what I think on FB but I feel like this is a small, shallow complaint, otherwise it affects me negatively. I’m very, very, very disappointed that my birthday post got a low count of 20 notes.

Yes it matters to me, especially when my past tributes never reached below the 50-note mark. There’s a reason I don’t go too personal on Tumblr: it is where I want recognition for my aesthetics rather than to be gushy or soppy (not to say I ain’t ever! For one, my birthday post is a gushy type of post.)

To be fair I still had another birthday tribute posted, and it got an equal number of notes yet it was a sleazy bit that I wasn’t too concerned about. (crossposted on Tumblr and All Things Tegoshit)

It was the antithesis to the seriousness of the other post, and an indicator that despite everything, I was very much having fun that day.

Speaking of having fun! On Nov. 11 I had a spontaneous meet-up with Dhes, where the idea of this entry’s title comes from. “Spontenacious” for the half-carefree, half-solid celebration, and “Cereb-ration”, because we had a whole afternoon/evening of fandom talk—portions of which were intellectual, almost deep discussions about Tegoshi, Tegomass, NEWS… you know, fandom thingamajigs.

And in every fan gathering there’s a huge deal of wacky and tacky:

You know what it meant, right? xD


Oraaaaaaayt. Happy Pocky Day as well!

While Tegoshi’s birthday was a “spontenacious cereb-ration”, Tegomass’ anniversary was a very quiet day for me, having a severe cold and cough I can’t even see the computer screen clearly and all I did was borrow (and credit ofc!) a TM fanart from Deviantart  and post it on FB.

But the international fandom has been more than ready. In all its awesomeness, here’s the Intl Paana (including the Japanese fans) tribute to テゴマスの10th!

Tegomass is such a powerful duo shown in the prettiest of images, don't you agree? ♥
Again, happy birthday Tegoshi and happy anniversary Tegomass. There are a lot of things to be grateful for, and for us, you are on the top of the list.
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