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What I said last year... came true.

I don't know how to start this genre-searching, artist-loving segment so let's just start from when. When I said last year that I'll augment my music exploration in 2016, although I was earnest I wasn't committed to doing that. The then-incoming year saw spotlight on NEWS, and my new KPop fandoms also started to get exciting--I thought, 2016 would be a year of settling on the artists I discovered on/before 2015. In short, no new fandoms please!!! Focus on your existing loves!!!

Well, it turned out that 2015 was just a taste test. Because in 2016, that's where the buffet began to be served.

Window shopping, genre hopping

For the true love of genres, I studied them. There were probably almost 10 times I hooked up *LOL* with Wiki-kun *LooOOoL* and other sites to randomly research about Rock and is subgenres, Electronic and its subgenres; refresh my knowledge of Classical music eras, etc. The result, I got better at identifying genres. It's a small dream of mine to hear songs and identify their precise genre in a snap. For example, knowing that Blood, Sweat and Tears by BTS is Tropical House just by listening to its first 10 seconds.

No one can deny (except EXO-Ls? hahaha) that this is the grandest KPop release of the year. I still didn't get into KPop boys, though.

Genre is like food; both are/have flavors, it's inevitable to pick your tastes. Power Pop is one. I think this is pretty apparent in my fondess for hyper, driven tracks. Progressive Rock, like Queen's (and Panic! At The Disco cover) Bohemian Rhapsody, is a genre I'd want to challenge, whether composed or sung, in the future. Aside from the fact that it's one of the hardest to pull off, it's the fulfillment of my vision of pieces so varied you hear symphonies the one minute, and Swing the next!

The original Bohemian Rhapody in 1975 and the 2016 cover. Asking the forbidden question: which version is better?

Skipping hundred more genres and subgenres, appreciating them from afar (thus, "window shopping" xD) as this post won't go into the technical side of things, let's head to the highlight--the songs and the artists.

I didn't just Panic!

In my six years of being a loyal NEWS fan, Panic! At The Disco is the only band/artist that reached the level of love I have for NEWS. (You can see my P!ATD-appreciation post here) But it doesn't mean that my bias treatment is the same. Instead of focusing only on P!ATD as I did on NEWS especially on the getting-to-know stage, P!ATD became the door for a genuine music enjoyment by means of actively searching for more.

I could say that I'm the musician with the least knowledge of songs. Despite my frequent assertions of open-mindedness to music, I admittedly don't listen to a lot of songs (IF we're talking about songs I choose to listen to. Otherwise, I've known a lot of songs from the TV, radio, karaoke, and other media since childhood! Haven't we all?) I tend to repeat only the ones I like, and I can do that for years.

Here's a comparison for a clearer picture. Tegoshi said he has over 10,000 songs in his music player. 500 is already too many for me. Brendon learns almost 500 songs a year. I could only go with 50-100. Tegoshi also said he loops songs for an average of 2 times. When I heard his solo Encore for the first time, I looped it for 2 straight weeks!

This means that while I'm very open to genres, I'm notoriously picky with songs. My exploration this year is my wildest so far. If it goes beyond on 2017, why not, right?

Artist Feature

And we've reached this point! There are many artist/bands I wanted to feature, but I'll only show whose discographies I've already dug (that says I've loved them enough!) Carry on~

Artists Feature )


These artists almost made it on the Feature list! I'd still like to mention them in a shorter, separate list (because I am really motivated when it comes to listing stuff :>)

Artist: Fall Out Boy
Why include? Because FOB bassist Pete Wentz discovered P!ATD and put the band under his music label. He is their literal senpai! Also, FOB is part of the "Emo Trinity", with P!ATD and My Chemical Romance.
I recommend: 20 Dollar Nosebleed (Feat Brendon Urie)

Artist: The Brobecks
Why include? I learned this band through Dallon Weekes, P!ATD's ex-bassist, wherein in The Brobecks he was the frontman. Although now inactive before even hitting it big, the band made cool alternative tracks.
I recommend: Love At First Sight

Artist: Justin Bieber
Why include? A pure coincidence, or by Tegoshi's influence? Nevertheless, I really like his new material and recent collaborations.
I recommend: Let Me Love You (DJ Snake feat Justin Bieber)

Artist: 4th Impact
Why include? A Filipina group of sisters (again!) that made it into the top 5 of X-Factor UK Season 12. I don't know if they already have original songs; anyhow, I got addicted watching their contest performances on Youtube.
I recommend: Their classic and viral audition hit, Bang Bang

Artist: Fifth Harmony
Why include? Im a year where both Fifth Harmony and Little Mix are equally relevant (more relevant than male groups like One Direction!), I prefer the sassier and sexier Fifth Harmony. Nothing personal, I just like their songs more.
I recommend: That's My Girl

Song Feature

This part is tricky. I don't have a clear basis for the list; if we go by my favorites for each featured artist above, my other favorites outside these artists won't be included. Same as if I give featured songs outside of these artists. To settle, this will be a random list of 10 songs that'll immediately pop in my mind *meaning this part is candidly written!!*, trying to be as artist-varied as possible without forfeiting my actual favorites! Here we go~
Song Feature )

Extras and Conclusion

In total, I actively listened to an average of 400 songs this 2016. This year-end feature is short of expounding the expanse of my music experiences and exploration *LOL a lot of "ex"-es there!*; for example I didn't mention my (almost) monthly Classical music meditation, where I listen to different instrumental pieces without searching for their names and composers, to keep my mind unwary of memorizing every artist and every repertoire. I started self-studying guitar, albeit it hasn't progressed from the few basic chords! I also had fuuuuuuun times with my young cousins as we formed a cover/jamming group, Panic! At The Discrew. Most of our silly covers a.k.a. shenanigans were stored in my tab, and were erased permanently when the gadget was formatted :'( Last summer, my family had plans of conducting singing tutorials at home, though it did not come to fruition (besides, I don't think I can be a reliable music teacher orz). What else? I have a pen, I have an apple... Uh! apple pen!

End the rambling with the rambling with a beat. ピコ太郎 (Piko-Taro)'s PPAP is just one of Japan's biggest contribution to 2016 in music!

This reminds me that I still have to hear Babymetal for even Brendon adores this kawaii Metal group. 2017 will be a blast! I have a feeling that next year will swivel to Japanese music in depth, a certain possibility made by the official start of MNL48 this December. Things are going fast, in fact. As for MNL48, I'll try to make a blog post from an outsider's perspective (not an AKB48 fan nor an MNL48 applicant).

Presently, the featured artists, songs, even the others that haven't touched the lists in this post, are my joys of 2016.
What's yours? *this sounds like a line from a commercial--insert commercial jingle* xD
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I gave the title "Delving deep into Japanese music" a second thought. Scrap this, the above title is better. xD

Last year I had the first try (rather, the first real try) of listening to JPop songs other than the songs from Johnny's... I had been so much impressed with J&A music that, in a JPop scale, I was contented with it and never had the will to research other artists and genres. But 2013 came, and I started the exploration with the more known girl groups: AKB48, MoMusu, E-girls. Out of the three I instantly took a liking to E-girls especially to its subgroup Flower.

But, man, I got stuck with them, I forgot moving forward. I have so much to listen to: American pop, OPM, classical, KPop and JPop. In JPop alone, I have Johnny's and E-girls. Plus the many Japanese songs by KARA, SNSD and IU. Do I still want to hear more, know more artists? I am an extreme lover of music but it's downright tiring to listen to a lot of songs at times.

I was wrong to think of that though. I believed I was stressing myself because of 'forcing' to explore, when, the truth is I really wanted to know more. So now I'm starting again, with the female solo artists ate Jaelene and Jairel recommended:

So these are the most familiar ones:
Namie Amuro
Kumi Koda
Ayumi Hamasaki
Utada Hikaru

And the ones I somehow know:
May J.
Crystal Kay
Thelma Aoyama
Nishino Kana

And the others:
Miliyah Kato
Fumika Sato
Miho Fukuhara
Sally Miura
Sayaka Shionoya
Maiko Nakamura
Aya Kamiki
Maria Emi

Yeah I'll start now. I'm also planning to do a cover medley of the songs from the artists above! (If time permits LOL)

A bonus: A Tegoshi picture I kept staring at, and frequently using in my comments on FB yesterday *as in randomly putting this pic in my comments hehehee*. Because I'm biased like that!

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First post for 2014... Happy new year everyone!

Even if the Chinese New Year isn't the same with ours, in the Chinese Zodiac 2014 is the year of the horse. So...
HAPPY YEAR OF THE HORSE!!! (and Tama-chan's year kyaaaaa~)
I've decided to make a year-ender post just because. XD With the things that happened in my life and in my country (most are sad things, unfortunately), fandom was what I held on to; it was where I drew strength and inspiration. It's only reasonable to make a compilation of the things which made me happy last 2013. ♥

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(crossposted on tumblr)

I don’t know what to say in this post. KARA is actually the only KPop group that I follow, even though I can’t say I’m a hardcore Kamilia I’ve always loved this group and its fanbase and I always brag about how strong these girls are.

In the midst of these issues, I kept my mouth shut, for I thought I wasn’t in the position to react at these things (as I followed KARA quite silently.) But today, as the confirmation of Nicole leaving the group soon and Jiyoung’s to-be-confirmed decision of leaving, I want to speak out and say,

WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN? Why did it come to this? I know Nicole’s dispute with DSP before. I know Jiyoung is not even in her twenties and has other things yet to pursue, but… I learned to live with KARA5, sing with KARA5, dance with KARA5, and believe in KARA5. Things were inevitable back then but KARA5 showed me (and all of Kamilias) that miracles were real. I remembered reading a post “why KARA is called the Miracle Group”, and from that day on I’ve etched in my heart that KARA5 is here forever. Well, i’m exaggerating on the “forever” part, but you get the point. KARA—Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole, Jiyoung—is the KARA that popularized Rock U, Wanna, MR., Jumping, Lupin, STEP, Pandora, Damaged Lady and more—and is also the KARA that gets a big f*ckin success in Japan (I approve of this because I’m a JPop fangirl), the KARA that stays humble and lovable despite the fame that they get, the pretty pretty girls who could go from sweet to sexy to nice and naughty, the epitome of goodness and strength combined… I could go on forever ranting about how KARA is one hella group of perfection and how KARA is one of those few KPop groups who has a very tight connection with their fans.

But now. Nicole’s leaving. And Jiyoung’s on the verge of it. Suprisingly, I DO NOT HATE. Even DSP I couldn’t curse. Because I am thankful to DSP that they gave this group to us, though I’m also lamenting why this management is a crap. If only DSP did better.

DSP issue aside, we really don’t know the real reason/s for what’s happening. Who knows, DSP was merely not the cause. Maybe Nicole wanted to quit for real? And Jiyoung sees life outside could be better. I don’t know… But as I said, I don’t hate. Whatever happens Nicole and Jiyoung are precious parts of KARA.

I still see KARA as the miracle group, that wouldn’t change. Right now I’m just hoping for the best, wishing for the best, praying for the best. Though for me, the best would have been Nicole and Jiyoung to stay. KARA5 is KARA, can we just stay like this?

As for the question “will KARA disband?” They’ll not. DSP says KARA would still continue its activities, rest assured. And the speculations about going in hiatus or adding members (they’ve been through these before), Oh I don’t know what to feel. I just know it’s purely heartbreaking.

I’ll end this post now. I’m on the verge of crying. T^T

P.S. Kamilia, let’s be strong for KARA. As we watched the fandom bloom, cheered on happy memories and held hands through tight instances, let’s be the same now. Even better. Let’s be Kamilia for KARA’s sake.
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Refer to this article : KARA is worst at first (LOL I just gave the title, forgive me unnies!)

If too lazy to read the article, well here's the summary: KARA was voted by vocal experts as the worst singing KPop idol group. Yes. But I'm not surprised. Me as a hardcore Kamilia *well, getting there. Hihi! ^.^* honestly thinks that KARA's vocal ability is not as good as the other groups; they lack power, stability (sometimes), and range.

...from the vocal expert Leya *gets whacked* )
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I'm lazy to Tumble (aba, first time!)


IT'S MY FIRST TIME WATCHING A KARA CON (I watched the first part yesterday and the rest today),
Thank god the full con is up on Youtube, so I don't have to dl it anymore (I'm not allowed to download large files orz >.<)
And I'm so happy because the net is surprisingly fast today, the loooooong video didn't even buffer!
Kill the 43 people who disliked! >o<

The KARA castle (which reminds me I haven't finished UtsuCon *oh I'm friggin' sorry NEWS*)

A random screenshot of HamGyulJing ^___^

I have so many feels, as always, and I don't wanna put it here 'cause it will take my time again.
Waiiiiit I'm crying again ;o;

and again.


I still don't know the reason why I love KARA, unlike NEWS in which I can give a million reasons *and more*, but...
Why did KARA became extra special to me? It took time, dears.
I never thought it'll come to the point where KARA becomes one of my main fandom.
I look at myself and it's still unbelievable.

No matter how haters keep on pointing KARA's weaknesses (many of which I believe are true)...


Sorry for the super scattered post. My thoughts are very scattered today, which reminds me, my Tegoshi x OC fic haven't been polished (the original plan is to finish it today; I watched KARA instead and now I'm into a bewildered state of what to do next O.o)

カラ今、贈りたい ありがとう

-end of post. no LJ-cut this time. **Dear f-list don't kill me!** Hahaha.-
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I got a Boy - Girl's Generation

Published on Youtube last Dec. 31, 2012... But WHY THE HECK I ONLY WATCHED (AND LISTENED) IT NOW?!!!

SNSD is just a genius. At first hear the song is weird, at first glance the video is weird, but if you're gonna think of it... The song is a mixture of various music styles--pop, hiphop, RnB, electro, rap and many others to my ears' delight!! ♥o♥

In one song there are a lot of transitions, a lot of surprises and what-will-happen-next thoughts. I can't even analyze what the song's form is! (But there are three MAIN parts, I think) It's bewildering, yet addicting~ like you're listening to three different songs in one. ♪♪♪

It also gives the illusion of shifting key signatures. Well in fact it only has one! The song is in E major. (At some part it goes to e minor, but it's just a relative; ugh, never mind that.) I bow down to the composer of this song. Plus SNSD who executed it very well.

And the division of members' lines, I think each one did well on their part. Obviously the main vocals got the most parts, but aren't unfair to the others (they have a fair share too 8D).  And!! There is no off-tune, even the slightest one (as far as I observed).

Lastly, their English diction is great (Yes, Tiffany! of course~) and their Korean... I don't listen much to Korean songs (kasi I always listen to a KPop song's Japanese version HAHAHA), but I can say that their Korean here is also great because I can understand every syllable they're singing. Yay!

Oh~ oh oh ey oh~ oh oh ey oh~ *sings* ♫


Anyway, aside from the catchy melody, someone out there caught my attention! Aheeeem. It's Sooyoung~ ♪
She's one of my biases in SNSD. And for me she's the prettiest in this particular MV.

But the most important part is, she shouted AYO GG! Hahahaha~ such shallowness of mine xD

Sooyoung - I Got a Boy photobook + a screenshot )

I have 3 biases in SNSD. If Sooyoung has a mini picspam here, the other two should have at least a pic as well. :)

Yoona & Hyoyeon! )

End of post.  Analyzing a song is quite easy; I want a job like this. Haha!!
Good evening :)
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Girls, bring more girls out. :p

An all-girl spazzing started when I saw lots of cute sweet HAYEON gifs.
I declared yesterday that HaYeon (Hara x Seungyeon) is officially my OTP in KARA ♥
And there's nothing wrong with it, I accept yaoi and I also accept yuri :)

HaYeon~ )

Which led me to watching some cute HAYEON moments *.*

Honey x Hammie )

After flailing over these two (or three!), the internet brought me into another girl x girl awesomeness: Jiyoung x Suzy (Miss A)

Pretty 94's! )

Other than OTP, I flailed over 3 groups today: KARA, SNSD and Miss A. It's actually my first time exploring Miss A; while I love SNSD for more than a year now (my biases are Yoona, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung!) 
Oh I suddenly remembered [ profile] ngantvk and our little bonding over SNSD ^_^.

As for KARA... It's my second main fandom (next to NEWS), I regret not loving them the first time I met them; why only now? Hmm~ but dates don't really matter right? Whether I love KARA from the start or I love KARA just today, what's important is I'm a pearl peach Kamilia, turning up the tempo, stepping it up. 8D

Wait! Before I end this post... )


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