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Given the fact that I post sporadically and my posts are mostly rambles than true discussions, am I right to call myself a blogger? Or I'm just putting on a stylized tag, feeling like a figure in the blogosphere when I am just an ordinary netizen who makes myself appear intelligent?

So you see, this is also a rant post in itself. Determined and ready to enter the blogging world again, I spent my December and January reading blogs especially from the Idol fandom, which I even filter to the types of posts that interest me--meaning to say, I only skim through a lot of blog posts and whichever catches my attention I will read till the end. Honestly that's how I make my posts too. Many posts aren't thought-out, and the decent ones, rarely completed. The finished decent ones, rare.

This has never been a big deal to me until I saw a string of really good posts from bloggers I casually follow in the height of my wanting-to-blog mood. It's probably rude to say that after years of 'blogging' I just recently realized that even this hobby needs passion more than will, and will more than time. More than a blogger being rhetoric; more than having a Shakespearean sense of humor. Blogging is, in a way, newscasting without your face needing to be seen. I could clearly see Koyama Keiichiro and Sakurai Sho's professional faces in their respective news programs. Maybe blogging is one step close to professionalism?

Or maybe not. Furthermore, this is what blog actually means:

The original purpose of a blog is personal rather than interpersonal. If we go by this meaning, even social networking sites are blogs. It's to my relief that my random ramblings whether in here or on Facebook could be typed as blogging. Most importantly, my love for using hyperlinks is a predetermining factor! When I say "insert link here", oh, I am already running a blog!

If things were that easy, every Internet user is a blogger then. But don't we see bloggers a lot different from mere netizens? For me, bloggers are the brain of the World Wide Web where everyone is a mouth that talks. And that's what I see in my favorite Idol bloggers: They give insights and bring new perspectives to the Idoldom which markets itself as complete and perfect, no more no less. Netizens always have something to talk about; bloggers always have to talk about something.

That contradicts my idea of blogging close to newscasting. Well, honestly, I thought it was not close at all. Blogging, for me, is comparable to storytelling. When I talk about my life or my fandom, it feels like I'm doing either cheesy or bizarre fiction. When I write analysis, a matter-of-factly nonfiction!

However; the point is, I made this post because I am starting to doubt whether my posts are considered blogging in an experienced blogger's sense. Whether it's seeking validation or just wanting to start anew with my blog this year, I want to know if my posts--my pride as a fangirl, belong to the kind called blogs--my main activity as a fangirl, and if I am really a blogger--the title I've given myself as a fangirl. Is it only fair, or should I drop the title? What happened in the trending mishap of Miss Universe 2015 taught us a lesson, that I could surprisingly apply to the "blogger identity crisis" I have today.

Who is the rightful heir to the Blogging crown?
(sources: npr / foxsports / elle)

I want to know if I'm doing it right, but the pride left in me (and a lil bit of fear) says let's not consult this to other bloggers. Instead, I would tend to my own inadequacy, starting 2016 with posts that shout I'M BACK!! even though I'm not sure if this will be regular, or just a moment's spur. Another uncertainty I won't bother finding answers... The main question is enough rattle.

Am I considered a blogger, in the first place?
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Happy birthday Shige, I've been waiting for this day... I was expecting to say a long message for your birthday, but the wind of fate blew another direction and my focus is not on you instead. Sorry sensei! But I love you and I wish the very best for you :*

Now here is the lamest birthday post on Tumblr everrrr. Hahaha~
Though aside from that, I did picspam! :D
"2 notes" for the win. At least there is. xD


And so the Tego-centric things... Are these:


Too many things to add, so little time! The Tegoshi-appreciation-slash-hate-slash love post ends here; I'M SORRY SHIGE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A BIRTHDAY POST FOR YOU BUT TEGOSHI IS EATING MY BRAINS (as I eat his banana LOL xDDDD)
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These people are oh-so-special, not just because today is their day, but because they make me (and everyone) happy:

Happy tanjoubi! )
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Tumblr is temporarily unavailable. Screw that.

So instead of waiting for Tumblr to be fixed, I'll just post my edit here. And I know I'm killing my time ('coz I should be doing 30-DNC; I'm STILL stucked on Day 7!!! >.<)


NEWS. Nothing more, nothing less. Haha~ sounds cliche, sorry about that xDv
Probably this gif best describes the statement? Look at them, they look like they were forever four.

I love their faces. Are they haggard or what? Gotta watch the PV making now!

(gif credits to newsnewsnewsnews.tumblr)

While doing this post I realized I still have tons of things to do, to watch, to flail over. Bye~ *rushes off*

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Done spamming my  Tumblr  dash (as always! :p)

I spammed THREE of my Tumblogs because I have five and I'm contented to the THIRD power! LOL.
Thanks to the THREE songs I listened to all day: WORLD QUEST by NEWS, Yuki no Hana by KAT-TUN and Lightweight by Demi Lovato.

Yes, these three songs ON LOOP.
Didn't I mention I have a severe case of Last Song Syndrome (LSS)?
↑ seriously.

Right now, I'm listening to Lightweight.
Daaaamnit, I can totally relate to the lyrics *cries*

    The slightest words you said, 
    Have all gone to my head 
I hear angels sing, in your voice .

like this? kyaaaa *.*

Oh, I edited that photo not because of the song, but because of... TegoShige! ♥
Even though Tegoshi's the focus, it's still Tegoshige. Nail it. :>

The other day Dhes (I don't know if she has LJ) asked me what is/are my OTP and I answered TEGOSHIGE proudly.
Her reaction was, "Tegoshige? Ngayon lang ako nakakilala ng Tegoshige shipper!"

Well, I... I don't want to comment any further. :p 
Because I'm still editing something, and busy editing is busy. Hahaha. 

But, waaah~ I forgot to begin the 30-day (or 60 days, if I do both versions) NEWS challenge! Nah, I'm now too lazy to do it... Shall do it tomorrow then (if my cousins won't stay all day in front of the PC. sigh.)

So bye! Jyaa ne~



Wait, another P.S.!  ↓

  A random NEWS edit. It's from PACIFIC Concert Tour. I'm really very random, ne?

[ profile] binibinikahel[ profile] mocoharuma gomen di na ako makakareply sa comments nyo. Thanks ulit sa help. Bye! :*



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