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Given the fact that I post sporadically and my posts are mostly rambles than true discussions, am I right to call myself a blogger? Or I'm just putting on a stylized tag, feeling like a figure in the blogosphere when I am just an ordinary netizen who makes myself appear intelligent?

So you see, this is also a rant post in itself. Determined and ready to enter the blogging world again, I spent my December and January reading blogs especially from the Idol fandom, which I even filter to the types of posts that interest me--meaning to say, I only skim through a lot of blog posts and whichever catches my attention I will read till the end. Honestly that's how I make my posts too. Many posts aren't thought-out, and the decent ones, rarely completed. The finished decent ones, rare.

This has never been a big deal to me until I saw a string of really good posts from bloggers I casually follow in the height of my wanting-to-blog mood. It's probably rude to say that after years of 'blogging' I just recently realized that even this hobby needs passion more than will, and will more than time. More than a blogger being rhetoric; more than having a Shakespearean sense of humor. Blogging is, in a way, newscasting without your face needing to be seen. I could clearly see Koyama Keiichiro and Sakurai Sho's professional faces in their respective news programs. Maybe blogging is one step close to professionalism?

Or maybe not. Furthermore, this is what blog actually means:

The original purpose of a blog is personal rather than interpersonal. If we go by this meaning, even social networking sites are blogs. It's to my relief that my random ramblings whether in here or on Facebook could be typed as blogging. Most importantly, my love for using hyperlinks is a predetermining factor! When I say "insert link here", oh, I am already running a blog!

If things were that easy, every Internet user is a blogger then. But don't we see bloggers a lot different from mere netizens? For me, bloggers are the brain of the World Wide Web where everyone is a mouth that talks. And that's what I see in my favorite Idol bloggers: They give insights and bring new perspectives to the Idoldom which markets itself as complete and perfect, no more no less. Netizens always have something to talk about; bloggers always have to talk about something.

That contradicts my idea of blogging close to newscasting. Well, honestly, I thought it was not close at all. Blogging, for me, is comparable to storytelling. When I talk about my life or my fandom, it feels like I'm doing either cheesy or bizarre fiction. When I write analysis, a matter-of-factly nonfiction!

However; the point is, I made this post because I am starting to doubt whether my posts are considered blogging in an experienced blogger's sense. Whether it's seeking validation or just wanting to start anew with my blog this year, I want to know if my posts--my pride as a fangirl, belong to the kind called blogs--my main activity as a fangirl, and if I am really a blogger--the title I've given myself as a fangirl. Is it only fair, or should I drop the title? What happened in the trending mishap of Miss Universe 2015 taught us a lesson, that I could surprisingly apply to the "blogger identity crisis" I have today.

Who is the rightful heir to the Blogging crown?
(sources: npr / foxsports / elle)

I want to know if I'm doing it right, but the pride left in me (and a lil bit of fear) says let's not consult this to other bloggers. Instead, I would tend to my own inadequacy, starting 2016 with posts that shout I'M BACK!! even though I'm not sure if this will be regular, or just a moment's spur. Another uncertainty I won't bother finding answers... The main question is enough rattle.

Am I considered a blogger, in the first place?

Oh, look!

Oct. 6th, 2015 05:38 pm
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Excuse me as I come back with an ''indecent'' post *peace signs everywhere*
Personality Disorder Test Results
Paranoid |||||||||||| 43%
Schizoid |||||||||| 39%
Schizotypal |||||||||||||| 60%
Antisocial |||||||||||||| 51%
Borderline |||||||||||| 49%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 43%
Narcissistic |||||||||||||| 52%
Avoidant |||||||||| 40%
Dependent |||||||||||| 41%
Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||| 39%

  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder - individual is uncomfortable in close relationships, has thought or perceptual distortions, and peculiarities of behavior; preoccupied with seeing themselves and/or the world as strange/odd

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder - individual has a grandiose view of themselves, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy that begins by early adulthood and is present in various situations. These individuals are very demanding in their relationships. Core issue is entitlement.

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder - individual shows a pervasive disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others; Preoccupied with disdain/contempt for others and often a need for control/power over others.

I got no time to contemplete on these (though I really have a lot of reactions going on in my head).
BYE! :)
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Belated happy birthday Koyama Keiichiro! As usual, late greetings (⊇Λ⊆) I also didn't post anything on Tumblr this time (I haven't had posts since... Feb?  (IMISSTUMBLRSOMUCH). I made a quick status on Facebook but it wasn't proper to be even considered a birthday post.

But I won something in regards to his birthday! In [ profile] sg_paanas Koyama-themed giveaway, I unexpectedly scored the prize. Unexpected because I was doubting then if I should join the giveaway knowing the contest is Koyama-centered; I thought I might affect Koyapaanas IN CASE i win. But nothing hurts in trying. And nothing hurts in winning! Haha, you should know. You're a Tegoshi fan :p Unexpectedly, again, it wasn't really Tegoshi who inspired my entry in the contest. It was definitely the birthday boy himself, Koyama Keiichiro.

Koyama must have a happy, eventful life, especially nowadays. His anticipated concert-on-his-birthdate finally came true. He won the hearts of fans all over again in his recent 10,000-character interview. NEWS is on the roll this 2015, and his baby niece is indeed a great blessing. I'm so happy for riida who said "I'm enveloped in a feeling of happiness so amazing I couldn't even describe..." And just like this post, which, in the next paragraphs will be about the joys of my fandom and RL state, might be overwhelming to read, hence I'm prepping to make it coherent. Good luck 'bout that. LOL xD

Living life with the #TegoshiMentality )

I'll end this post with my latest cover photo in FB. An edited biased screencap from one of Tegomass no Seishun DVD promotions! Who isn't exciteeeed, we'll finally watch them again after three years. To be honest I have very high expectations from this con because their 3rd tour, Tegomass no Mahou is my undisputed fave NEWS/Tegomass concert. I think you already know that, oh well. I don't expect TMnS to excede TMnM but at least I want to get a similar feeling from both of these cons.

Tsuki no Tomodachi, be my friend too~ *(◆∨◆)*
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...It's troublesome.

It has become like WordPress. Even though WP was the first blogging platform I learned to use, I don't like that LJ is now "modernizing" itself. I love the out-of-date look more. It makes the users unique. It gives me the fangirl state of mind.

Fortunately, we can just switch back to the old version anytime. But I don't wanna do it soon. I'd like to give the new ver a try.

Till then! ♥

Aaaaaand before I forget: I HAVE A POEM.

NEWS is back
with more swag
it's another soccer-themed song
that'll top 'em all!

LOL charot xD

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^ What a lame title for this post. orz.

But really, it is! My dream last night was so good and detailed that I have to share. Or rather, I have to post 'cause I want to remember every bit. ♥ Feel free to read, but I can't assure you'll enjoy.

YOU'LL ENJOY! Yes I'm assuring it. Hahaha *gets kicked* )

I would like to include this mag cover (Striker DX | credits) Because THERE'S TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS IN THIS PICTURE... Uwaaaaa~
(I'm proud to say kilala ko lahat ng nandyan! Hahaha 8D)
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Spent hours looking, no, staring at NEWS' recent and previous scans.




And TEGOSHI... Let's just save Tegoshi-flailing later k?
Because this post is about KOYASHIGEMASSU and how hilarious I am for worrying who really is my niban among the three?

(o diba, weirdo. xD)

Eh kaseeeeee! I can just say that these three are all my nibans, but, my heart is yearning for ONE NIBAN. It says I should have only one niban, one niban, one niban, and daaaamn I can't decide who's that one niban.


KeiichiroShigeakiMasuda I LOVE YOU *weeps*
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First of all, I just want to virtually hug LiveJournal 'coz I miss LJ so much ;~; (It's been almost 3 months since I last posted something here! Refer to my March 26 entry)

Now I'm back, but not really back. I'll see if my internet schedule would ever go back to normal again.

But well, here's the good news!


I AM MORE IN LOVE WITH 手越祐也 !!! (LMAO as if I wasn't :p)

To tell an endless story short, while on vacation I got addicted to fanfics, reading and writing them... Internet was scarce but fanfics made me alive. Yey! (note: I munch on fics, as long as there's Tegoshi Yuya in them. LOL) and [ profile] tegophilic completely knows about this... Because she can relate (diba ADDICT ka na rin ate Diane? Wahaha~)





(image credits to tegoshita)

I remembered the time when the details about the release came out, I almost died of happiness. But you know what? I was hoping/praying/expecting this. When TM announced they would release a new single, the first thing that crossed my mind is "I HOPE IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY!" I kept silent about it though, and when the news was delivered, hooray Leya you're such a good fortuneteller. A big fortune came upon me, indeed. ♥

And to tell about another endless story short,


Bwiset ka Tego!


adding a random pic: Me, my lola, lolo and the children I babysit :)
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This pic posted by mama [ profile] katrinasacay at [ profile] massuaday makes me miss listening to JPop and KPop so baaaad~

Because of the "Love is..." at Tegoshi's cloud, I remembered one of my favorite KARA songs with the same title; oh how I miss listening to that song!... And all the other songs! *cries discreetly*

Just in case you are curious why I don't listen to any song today, it is because...

because... )
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These are used by NEWS on their J-web entries!
Cuteness overload~~~ ♪

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Hara, Hara, Hara!

Your pose is almost like an ima wa.

I just have to post this because it's precious~~~ ♥

End. That's it from:
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Just posted to express my excitement...

I'm gonna join KARA PHILIPPINES' banner making contest!
I won in a banner-making contest before, so I think I'll also gonna win this one. (confident ang peg! 8D)
The prize... a big tarp of Jiyoung (my niban). At pag nanalo ako dito magtataka nanay ko kung bakit may tarp ako ng KARA eh NEWS nga wala pa. Fuu :(

But aside from that, I'm excited for February 24. The (tentative?) date for UtsuCon viewing in the Philippines :D

Most especially, I'm excited for March 6! Sayonara ni Sayonara release~ \(^o^)/
Because I soooo miss テゴマス, I'm including a random pic. This is from their Gekkan Songs 3.13 issue~
Aside from their faces, I also find their outfits gorgeous. *I love Massu's scarf! ^.^*

By the way, Shige's getting my attention. And I think he's getting the attention of every person who had already watched UtsuCon.
I haven't watched the whole con (only the docu, digest, and some parts of the con itself), but Shige is.... asdfghjklweiuhuhcfidfuiewiuebwqinkifefnebjksdnbalkndlknsjkbxapnquwenxkapdmfmghwaaaaahhh! Though I'm not flailing over Shige right now kasee mas feel ko Tegomass sa ngayon.♥

*Ok I'm really random. But it's just NEWS and KARA ne? It's forgivable! LOL*

Before I end this post, can I add one more pic?
It's my strongest OTP in KARA. HaYeon! asdfghjkl ♥
That's it! :) pics via Tumblr, and credits to respective owners ^___^
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You~ B.A.D. is not a boy band. Nor a girl band. But we make NOISE. Loud noises like "Ba Ba Ba Ba" (and so on, you'll see somewhere in this post...)

Read more... )

So this is You~ B.A.D. Originally 4, but [ profile] tegophilic came on the second meet-up. And she became our manager (that's why she's in the middle of this pic ↓)

L-R: Noueli, Leya (me!), Diane, Ann, Erika
Based on the font colors the three of us are Tegoshi's girlfriends (wait a second I suddenly blushed) while the rest are Massu's. ♥_
But we designated ourselves as NEWS members... I forgot who is who! FAIL. Whatever, we don't mind~

So, how did the group and its name started? )

I'm putting this so that I would not write on my diary anymore. )

Manager Diane! Sorry wala ka dito. Kunwari ikaw nalang nagpi-picture. Haha :D

credits to Erikzpapa for the wonderful pics~

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Naka-Taglish tong post na to dahil nasi-speechless ako. Hahaha~
(This post is written in Taglish because I am speechless right now)

"You like girls? Buti kaya kong magmukhang babae." )
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I deleted my old jpopasia account and made another one! I hope I can be active there as much as I'm active on Tumblr (and beloved LJ of course ♥)

Read more... )

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I quite enjoyed facing the PC today, from watching Soukon to spreading the news on Tumblr!
おめでとう NEWS! ♥

and a happy repetitive date!
12/12/12:last repetitive date we will ever see

I shall enjoy the rest of the day. Jyaa! ♥

P.S. [ profile] mocoharuma[ profile] tegophilic antawa ko naman sa thread, sorry di na ako nakareply. Byebye na!
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Tumblr is temporarily unavailable. Screw that.

So instead of waiting for Tumblr to be fixed, I'll just post my edit here. And I know I'm killing my time ('coz I should be doing 30-DNC; I'm STILL stucked on Day 7!!! >.<)


NEWS. Nothing more, nothing less. Haha~ sounds cliche, sorry about that xDv
Probably this gif best describes the statement? Look at them, they look like they were forever four.

I love their faces. Are they haggard or what? Gotta watch the PV making now!

(gif credits to newsnewsnewsnews.tumblr)

While doing this post I realized I still have tons of things to do, to watch, to flail over. Bye~ *rushes off*

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Yaaay, the to-be-announced song of NEWS is already announced! ♥

♪ Pokoponpekorya (ポコポンペコーリャ)
♪ Quintastic! (キュンタスティック)
♪ Hello


OMG 5 NEW SONGS... So happy for the full swingin' NEWS! 

Anyway, I'm currently watching/listening to Towairo no Koi perf that I dl-ed from [ profile] tegoshi_tei 's journal. xD
Because Towairo no Koi is my supeeeer dupeeer favorite NEWS song! ♫ (refer to 30-DNC day 4)

I SAW TEGO CHIBI AGAIN. HAHAHA SO CUTE!!! *o* BUT NOTTI'S GETTING MY ATTENTION TOO (When we talk about 8nin NEWS, Kusano is my 'other' ichiban~). GOOD THING THEY'RE PERFORMING MY FAVORITE SONG, SO MY FOCUS IS STILL ON TEGO (what's the connection? I don't get it, really ^_^")

Anyway (I change topic fast ne? 8D), just a while ago I posted some things on Tumblr related to Beyonce (she is my all-time favorite female singer except for Tegoshi Yuuko). After a few minutes, somebody (I think she's a Beyonce fan) followed my Tumblog! LOL I got slightly embarrased... She doesn't know I don't post much Beyonce stuff; I post LOTS of NEWS/TEGOSHI stuff! Bwahaha~ let's see if she could stand all the JPop awesomeness I'll be flooding on her dash. :p

Actually, in one of my Beyonce posts, I already include a fair share of my bias-ness:

      Beyonce is one of my favorite singers. She's a diva. It’s amazing how I always got attracted by divas. Take Tegoshi, for example :p

After that, I researched random things on google, and I came to the true meaning of 'Japanese idols'.

The term (Japanese idol) came to be applied to any cute female actress or singer, or any cute male singer. -wiki



^ I used the largest font. FTW. ♫

(gif not mine)

Why are you laughing Tegoshi? Is my message funny? O__o

LOL. Lots of happiness for this. Jyaa~! 。◕‿◕。

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Arigatoupaana! *bows deeply*


By the way, I'll be inactive for days, even for weeks (Oh I hope not -___-)
So I can't post anything. T^T
But please hang in there~

I'll be noisy again when the time comes.
Bringing lots of  rambles & rants into the Livejournal world. HAHAHA.

Here I am again can't say anything properly :p

I made gifs! For the 2nd time!

I still suck I know O____o

I won't tell where these caps came from. I'm sure you already know 

And in case you're interested, I made a mp3 rip (am I grammatically correct? I don't think so) of the performance proper!
♪ You can dl it here ♪

Jyaa! I'll miss you. ;_;
(you, the one reading this post. Hehee~)


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