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Ah, the smell of turkeys... The sound of Thanksgiving! *uhh Leya, you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your country! /laughs/*

Still and all, it's just the right season to be grateful for EVERYTHING, fandom-wise. I have prepped to make a pimp post/list of all of NEWS' activities this 2016, but I was apparently distant for some time, and I couldn't do it without possibly missing a detail or two (but I still want to do it; why not? ^_^)

This November alone, two celebrations happened recently. Well I guess you already know. ;) Happy 29th birthday Tegoshi Yuya and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY テゴマス!

Although I'm a week late with the LJ greeting, my birthday posts were actually posted early--minutes to November 11. Ironically, even when now I don't get enthusiastic over NEWS/Tegoshi like I used to, his 29th birthday was his birthday I anticipated the most. Blame the 29-peso Coke Float from McDonalds I got addicted to; every time I bought the flashing ₱29 made me think of Tegoshi (even Brendon) and his then-incoming 29th year of fucking existence.

Now, Tegoshi is a fucking coke float 29. Here was my birthday post! (crossposted on Tumblr)

Happy birthday. The best is yet to come. )

A week after the post, I’d like to rant. I usually say what I think on FB but I feel like this is a small, shallow complaint, otherwise it affects me negatively. I’m very, very, very disappointed that my birthday post got a low count of 20 notes.

Yes it matters to me, especially when my past tributes never reached below the 50-note mark. There’s a reason I don’t go too personal on Tumblr: it is where I want recognition for my aesthetics rather than to be gushy or soppy (not to say I ain’t ever! For one, my birthday post is a gushy type of post.)

To be fair I still had another birthday tribute posted, and it got an equal number of notes yet it was a sleazy bit that I wasn’t too concerned about. (crossposted on Tumblr and All Things Tegoshit)

November 11 is the new Valentine's, so... )

It was the antithesis to the seriousness of the other post, and an indicator that despite everything, I was very much having fun that day.

Speaking of having fun! On Nov. 11 I had a spontaneous meet-up with Dhes, where the idea of this entry’s title comes from. “Spontenacious” for the half-carefree, half-solid celebration, and “Cereb-ration”, because we had a whole afternoon/evening of fandom talk—portions of which were intellectual, almost deep discussions about Tegoshi, Tegomass, NEWS… you know, fandom thingamajigs.

And in every fan gathering there’s a huge deal of wacky and tacky:

You know what it meant, right? xD


Oraaaaaaayt. Happy Pocky Day as well!

While Tegoshi’s birthday was a “spontenacious cereb-ration”, Tegomass’ anniversary was a very quiet day for me, having a severe cold and cough I can’t even see the computer screen clearly and all I did was borrow (and credit ofc!) a TM fanart from Deviantart  and post it on FB.

But the international fandom has been more than ready. In all its awesomeness, here’s the Intl Paana (including the Japanese fans) tribute to テゴマスの10th!

Tegomass is such a powerful duo shown in the prettiest of images, don't you agree? ♥
Again, happy birthday Tegoshi and happy anniversary Tegomass. There are a lot of things to be grateful for, and for us, you are on the top of the list.
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Because I was inspired by this. Ah, no, it's because I've been wanting to post album reviews of my favorite artists' songs, and for a scatterbrain like me it was nearly impossible to do that... But now I have inspirationsssss (Yes, emphasis on the s), and I've formulated a draft nights ago~ So here we go! ♪♫

Album: Tegomass no Seishun
Artist: テゴマス
Release date: January 22, 2014
Tracks: 12 (+2 in the limited edition)
tmns RE tmns LE
► L-R: regular and limited edition jacket covers ◄
General comments:

Tegomass' youth... These two are adults already, not just literally, but by the experience they have as singers, and it somehow showed in this album. Why 'somehow'? Because as the title implies, it is about Tegomass' youth. The tracks, analyze it or not, gives this 'childhood' feeling, like Tegomass is going back to the basics all over again. I'm not saying they hadn't matured enough; in fact, I could not imagine the songs from this album sung/released in earlier years. In other words Tegomass no Seishun (TMnS) is a perfect merge of maturity and youthful vigor in one.

Compared to the previous albums, TMnS is like Tegomass no Mahou who strictly adheres to its theme. Tegomass no Uta is a mix of different styles that you wouldn't really know what is the prevailing theme (if there is any, as uta means 'song' and they must've really experimented a lot in this one). Tegomass no Ai is a mini-album, which means only a few songs to analyze, and so it give a slight impression of what the theme is supposedly about. Meanwhile, Tegomass no Mahou is relevant. You can really hear the 'magic' the album wants you to hear. And TMnS is basically the same. To stick to the theme, I think it's a good thing!

So... How were the songs arranged and executed? How is the 'youth' factor shown?

Read more... )

► The promotional video (PV) for 'Hikari'

Song by song comments:

01 Aoiro Juvenile (Soshoku Juvenile)
The first song in the album is a feel-good song that obviously pertains to youth; thus the light melody. It starts with an acoustic guitar solo and then the bass and other instruments throwing in good measures. The melody was like a faster bossa nova (percussion is a winner!) with a touch of festivity. I can imagine banners or flaglets swayed by the wind~ children running~ and well, Tegomass (LOL). After a trumpet blow came in Tegoshi's voice. Massu wasn't there until the second stanza, and the usual harmonization happened, essentially throughout the song. No falsettos nor belting, as it really is light. At some part in the chorus I remembered Marui Chikara but that's just because of the first few notes in that part. Otherwise, Aoiro Juvenile is simply feel-good.

02 Harumeki
This I think has resemblance to TMnM's Yuuyake to Koi to Jitensha. But this has prominent strings (violins, etc) while Yuuyake has prominent electric guitar sound. Don't get me wrong, Harumeki has guitars too but comparing to Yuuyake, the guitar's prominence is relatively low. They have same key signatures (E♭ major), piano ornaments, and aggressive attack by Tegomass in every line. This is an upbeat, energetic song, telling the signs of spring. Oh, so the perfect song for Aries zodiac sign!

Read more... )

Songs ranking:

After a week of non-stop listening to these songs I've come up with a ranking!
Except for Sayonara ni Sayonara and Neko Chuudoku, here is my ranking, in ascending order (12 to 1)

#12 Shounen ~Re:Story~
#11 Tsuki no Tomodachi
#10 Itsuka no Machi

#9 innocence
#8 Aoiro Juvenile
#7 Hikari
#6 Time Machine
#5 Harumeki

#4 Iro Azayakana Kimi ga Egaku Asu no e
#3 Kireigoto
#2 Fantajia


It's no surprise that two of the tracks that sound like coming from Tegomass no Mahou (Fantajia and Harumeki) are included in my top 5. I love the mahou feel, fyi. ♪ As for DONUTS and Iro Azayakana Kimi ga Egaku Asu no e, they both make me high and even happily delusional! With DONUTS, I'm in a musical. In Iro Azayakana, I'm at a farm. Kireigoto is just fantastic, it's just ♥!! and Tegoshi's voice is so heavenly~

Album rating: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ / four lovely eighth notes out of 5!
Download the album (including the PV and the making in one!) go to [ profile] rockthecliche, track-by-track download is at [ profile] finay, and if you just want to listen go here @ addictdesu. For the lyrics and translations, go to [ profile] aitamashii :)
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First post for 2014... Happy new year everyone!

Even if the Chinese New Year isn't the same with ours, in the Chinese Zodiac 2014 is the year of the horse. So...
HAPPY YEAR OF THE HORSE!!! (and Tama-chan's year kyaaaaa~)
I've decided to make a year-ender post just because. XD With the things that happened in my life and in my country (most are sad things, unfortunately), fandom was what I held on to; it was where I drew strength and inspiration. It's only reasonable to make a compilation of the things which made me happy last 2013. ♥

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Happy 3 years to us, Yuya.

Looking back, I have already spent about 1,097 days of crazy flailing over you, yet I'm never contented--I'm doing the best that I can to support you but I still feel it's not enough. :(

Why is that so?

Maybe it's because I love you too much that I want to give everything to you but... it's plain impossible. Whatever I do, I am a fangirl. JUST a fangirl. Being too invested in you honestly hurts. *sobs* I love you sooo much yet I can never give this love enough. there's always a gap. T_T

But it's okay, I can take it. In my 3 years of being a hardcore fan I already know one of your ups: the screams and kyaaaas of your koneko-chans. OH I'VE BEEN LIKE THAT EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THREE YEARS, I AM AWESOME AREN'T I? That alone makes me grateful for having you as my idol, even though I can always choose another. I can, goodness sake! But then again my heart has already clung tightly unto yours and I have no damn plans of letting myself go.

Happy 3 years to us Yuya. Actually, in my long and detailed fandom history, today is my 3 years of being a TEGOMASS fan because at that time I wasn't still a Tegoshi-biased madman, just a young musician who got inclined with Tegomass' music.

So should I say, "happy 3 years to us, TegoMasu"?

And to add another confusion, today is not really the day I fell in love with Tegoshi. It was waaay back 2009, almost 4 years ago.

So should I say, "happy 4 years to us, Yuya"?

Dates and past events are really confusing, isn't it? To make life easier, I made June 27, 2010 the day I officially became a fangirl. So, today is the day I'm celebrating another year of what you call it "a beautiful love."

Yes. Happy 3 years to us Yuya. ♥

I wanted to put a lot of effort in this post, but my brain gets tied up. You know, the butterflies aren't just in my stomach anymore; they flew to my heart and brain. LOL gross. But what should I expect, it's been 3 years and I can't rebuke myself in these crazy acts. Well because it's Tegoshi Yuya's fault.

All that's happening in my life ever since I became a fangirl I attribute to Tegoshi one way or another; it might be too much but it's how an unfair life goes. And I'm apologizing to Tegoshi because I became a worse person. I should be improving because I had found inspiration, but I think I'm going downhill. But Tegoshi swear I'm not blaming you, I am actually frustrated with myself. My flaws. My imperfection that reflects on you my perfect idol ;___;

Gomen gomen gomenasai I'm not a worthy fan >_<



Moving on, you know how much I wanted to lift myself out of the deep dark hole of unworthy-ness. With you I can see light, then different shades, just don't make me blind because I still wanna see you in person hahaha xD

And with that I'm dedicating a song--it's entitled Peach by IU (Lee Ji Eun). I chose this song among all our other "theme songs" coz it's simple, calm and lovely, but my delusional crazy self clearly see you in the song's lyrics. ♥ This song is what my daydreams are all about~

(english translation)
My eyes keep going to that white face
Why don’t I even get sick of you?
When you slightly smile at me, I really go crazy
How can you be so pretty baby?

How can I explain this feeling?
When I see you, my heart becomes numb and sore

Oh, with what word can I explain you?
All the words of the world is probably not enough

With those legs that are so pretty by just standing still
You walk toward me and you hug me

You know he’s so beautiful
Maybe you will never know
I want to hide you in my embrace

I’m not saying this out of a young heart
But I really want to marry you

Oh, with what word can I explain you?
All the words of the world is probably not enough

With those legs that are so pretty by just standing still
You walk toward me and you hug me

Telling you multiple times is not enough
With this tickling voice
that only knows you
I will sing for you

My heart keeps going to you
I’m really going crazy

Happy 3 years to us, Yuya. I would not say more. ♥

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I AM UNDOUBTEDLY HAPPY IN THE FANDOM. Tegomass' Neko Chudoku and all the tracks in it are love ♥, KARA will be making a comeback this June, Japan's national football team is qualified for 2014 World Cup, and having this really big crush on Leo Messi and other football superstars keeps my kyaaaaa-ness meter full. ~(^_^)~

But lately there's a ton of bad vibes I feel going on in the NEWS fandom. I'm not really aware of this since I just came back from internet hiatus, so I won't explain what's happening anymore. Anw I got this sad feeling from the statements of some bewildered fans.

I must quote from [ profile] 99percentcacao: "Lately, the fandom really has been depressing." Though I am not very aware, I KNEW the reason well. Yes, I knew. Since March I've read some rants about this thing, but I didn't mind, thinking that NEWS fandom is a very strong one (of course the years of hardships and patience proved it!). The other reason why I didn't mind is because it's an old undying issue, I was already sick of it and had moved on.

Now the issue resurfaces and as much as I don't want to intrude, I can't bear saying "I'm happy" when the rest of the fandom is not. Arrrgh.

But, well, what can I do???


I'll end this post with a beautiful line from Hana ni Omoi wo:
毎年膨らむ花束   過ごした日々の数だけ (Each year the bouquet gets bigger along with the days we've spent together)

We've spent a lot of time/years with NEWS, the NEWS that will turn 10 this year. They said that they'll make it grand, can we just believe them? Believe them strongly, wait for them peacefully (and happily). ♫

Owari. Despite this anxiousness, I still have a big respect for NEWS fans. ♥
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First of all, I just want to virtually hug LiveJournal 'coz I miss LJ so much ;~; (It's been almost 3 months since I last posted something here! Refer to my March 26 entry)

Now I'm back, but not really back. I'll see if my internet schedule would ever go back to normal again.

But well, here's the good news!


I AM MORE IN LOVE WITH 手越祐也 !!! (LMAO as if I wasn't :p)

To tell an endless story short, while on vacation I got addicted to fanfics, reading and writing them... Internet was scarce but fanfics made me alive. Yey! (note: I munch on fics, as long as there's Tegoshi Yuya in them. LOL) and [ profile] tegophilic completely knows about this... Because she can relate (diba ADDICT ka na rin ate Diane? Wahaha~)





(image credits to tegoshita)

I remembered the time when the details about the release came out, I almost died of happiness. But you know what? I was hoping/praying/expecting this. When TM announced they would release a new single, the first thing that crossed my mind is "I HOPE IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY!" I kept silent about it though, and when the news was delivered, hooray Leya you're such a good fortuneteller. A big fortune came upon me, indeed. ♥

And to tell about another endless story short,


Bwiset ka Tego!


adding a random pic: Me, my lola, lolo and the children I babysit :)
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It's been a while since I last posted here! (a week of not staying in LiveJournal is considered 'a while'. LOL)
And I'm back with a TegoMassu layout for everyone (yes, you can use it) ♪

In my lifetime I have made/modified three layouts, but it's my first time to post/promote (because I think this is my most decent (?) layout so far.)

テゴマス の LJ layout!  ↓

○○○ clicky-click here for a larger preview! ○○○

Installation instructions, etc. )

Anyway this post will not end if there's no credit! → → → Super thanks to [ profile] refuted for the base stylesheet, and the wisdom html codes gave me *cries of happiness*

Comment if taking/interested at least. No need to credit but don't claim as your own ^_^
crossposted on [ profile] headbandlovers
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This pic posted by mama [ profile] katrinasacay at [ profile] massuaday makes me miss listening to JPop and KPop so baaaad~

Because of the "Love is..." at Tegoshi's cloud, I remembered one of my favorite KARA songs with the same title; oh how I miss listening to that song!... And all the other songs! *cries discreetly*

Just in case you are curious why I don't listen to any song today, it is because...

because... )
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[ profile] leitoph: crybaby since yesterday. Or actually, ever since I became a fangirl. ;o;

And I cried because of this:

Read more... (it's just another cut) )
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Just posted to express my excitement...

I'm gonna join KARA PHILIPPINES' banner making contest!
I won in a banner-making contest before, so I think I'll also gonna win this one. (confident ang peg! 8D)
The prize... a big tarp of Jiyoung (my niban). At pag nanalo ako dito magtataka nanay ko kung bakit may tarp ako ng KARA eh NEWS nga wala pa. Fuu :(

But aside from that, I'm excited for February 24. The (tentative?) date for UtsuCon viewing in the Philippines :D

Most especially, I'm excited for March 6! Sayonara ni Sayonara release~ \(^o^)/
Because I soooo miss テゴマス, I'm including a random pic. This is from their Gekkan Songs 3.13 issue~
Aside from their faces, I also find their outfits gorgeous. *I love Massu's scarf! ^.^*

By the way, Shige's getting my attention. And I think he's getting the attention of every person who had already watched UtsuCon.
I haven't watched the whole con (only the docu, digest, and some parts of the con itself), but Shige is.... asdfghjklweiuhuhcfidfuiewiuebwqinkifefnebjksdnbalkndlknsjkbxapnquwenxkapdmfmghwaaaaahhh! Though I'm not flailing over Shige right now kasee mas feel ko Tegomass sa ngayon.♥

*Ok I'm really random. But it's just NEWS and KARA ne? It's forgivable! LOL*

Before I end this post, can I add one more pic?
It's my strongest OTP in KARA. HaYeon! asdfghjkl ♥
That's it! :) pics via Tumblr, and credits to respective owners ^___^
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19. Your favorite GIF and/or SWF.

note: What does SWF mean? Seriously, I don't know O.o

My favorite gif... I can't decide, but it has to have
Tegoshi in it! *searches gifs from my 30-DNC Day 3 post* ♪♫♪♫

Or if not... Any gif concerning Tegomass no Mahou concert (for it is my favorite concert eveeeeer).

Like this! )
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9. Which is your favorite duet by NEWS members?

note: Err, this question is tricky! If I answer
Tegomass, it would be a Tegomass and not a NEWS song anymore. But... since Tegomass is in NEWS and NEWS has Tegomass, err...  A Tegomass song is a valid answer, ayt?

Kibou no Hikari wo Kokoro ni Tomosou (希望の光を心に灯そう )
 . One of TM's longest titled songs and my indisputable #1 among their songs. I love its simplicity, period. It's the kind of song that I'll never get tired listening to, forever. ♫

Its tempo is moderate; the key (signature) and the notes are not that high nor low; Tegomass' blending is not complicated, the instrumental parts are just simple, what else? Even though it doesn't sound as much emotional as my 2nd favorite Hajimete no Asa, or not as magical as my 3rd favorite Mahou no Melody, KNHWKNT (what a long acronym!) is the most pleasing song in my ears.

The song is from Kiss~ Kaerimichi no Love Song~ single.

Kibou no Hikari wo Kokoro ni Tomosou ♪

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Happy 6th anniversary テゴマス!
You are the reason why I fell in love with JPop, I can never be so thankful enough. ♥
Please keep on singing, making wonderful melodies!

P.S. Please come to our country! LOOOL~

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If you didn’t join Johnny’s, what do you think you would have done instead?

Tegoshi: I love music, so I would have tried to work with music anyway. I would have gathered my friends to start a band or something like that.

Masuda: I think I would be a normal student.


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