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Happy 8th anniversary to the ONLY girl group I love! That's an accurate statement. Even though I have/had many girl group "flings" (I follow more girl groups than boy groups, to be honest!), KARA is the only girl group in which I can't see any superficiality.° Not to say other groups are fake; who am I to judge? But when it's KARA it's definitely a family.

(photo credits: Jelah Ruz @ KARA Philippines)

At first I tried to make a birthday message. If you ever guessed, I've never made any bday tribute to these girls. I thought of a pimp post but that's something to leave to hardcore Kamilias--I admit I am far (still far) to be one. I also composed a dramatic essay but it doesn't fit with my celebratory mood. (Yes. Celebratory in all its glory!!) You know, one thing that makes me fall in love with KARA over and over again is their songs that seem to not run out of energy.° The signature KARA sound that, despite my hate in the beginning (refer to this post), brought the highest levels of hyperness in me and gave me regular urgencies to dance.°  I got my hand movements wrong in Lupin and had the time of my life doing the wrong steps to Step, but at least I've done these... and more! Super thanks to you, gals :">

It is not unknown to everyone that I'm a fan of KARA's Japanese discography. In fact, I listen to it more than I listen to their Korean songs. I'm so thankful for the huge JPop influence in the group, for if they aren't JPop-like sound-wise I might never appreciated them this far.° If they didn't venture into Japanese market I might've not known them anyway. I may be greedy and senseless for thinking this but KARA is a JPop group to me. But no hate, please. ^^ I'm aware that their origins are Korean and never will they be in line with JPop groups. Yet this is another reason to love them: The KPop label and the JPop heart.° It's like seeing two groups, listening to two cultures, and understanding two languages in one. Isn't that awesome?

KARA is called the 'Miracle group'° for a variety of reasons I will not discuss here (I recommend watching these documentaries to satisfy your curiosity xD). The members have been through a lot, and it made them stronger, braver, wiser. It might not be too obvious but they are some of the richest in the KPop idoldom, too! However, it's definitely not cliche to say that their humility is outstanding and one-of-a-kind°. A big part of this is attributed to them being the 'miracle group'.

Like my ultimate bias group, NEWS, KARA has an interesting member line-up changes from the year they were formed to the present.° Originally four, a member left and was replaced by two, making them five for a long time. Then two members left and were replaced by one, making them four again. There's no need to hide your laughing because it's actually hilarious. More importantly, come to think of it, they survived through it all!°

° =  the reasons why I love KARA [the supposed-to-be title of this post~]

KARA Playlist

Since I don't have much to babble about, I'd end this post with a list of song recommendations (mostly Japanese tracks, and you know why!)

Probably you've heard of the song MR. more than you've heard about the group who sang it. (It was such a trend!) But there's more to KARA than their butt dance; here are the songs that caught my attention, became my jam, and many of these belong to my ultra-favorites until now. There are also some ballads just in case you're wondering if they ever sing slow songs.

KARA's vocals were once dubbed as the worst in KPop. I won't disagree. However, I'm still proud of the group's unique vocal substance that gives their songs their own catchy brand.

Here is my recommendation list, not in order (although it tends to). Hope you find the time listening to some!

5-member KARA (2008-2013)
・STEP (super favorite and always in the top of my playlists! It's Korean but there's a Japanese version as well; albeit I recommend the K-version only.)
・Girls Power (the song that brought me to liking KARA)

[video: Girls Power]
・Speed Up
・ゴ!ゴ! サマー
・Ima Okuritai Arigatou (the song for the fans. There are K and J versions; albeit I recommend the J-version only)
・Winter Magic
・ Jumping (I recommend both K and J versions)
・Love Is (I recommend J-ver. )
・Rock On
・Love Is Fire
・Pretty Girl (I recommend both K and J versions)
・Jet Coaster Love

Original 4-member KARA (2007)
・Break It
・If You Wanna
・Words I Couldn't Keep

New 4-member KARA (2014 - )
・MAMMA MIA (I recommend K-ver.)
・So Good

Whew, I missed making KARA posts! I'm glad I finally got to it again! Along with this is a promise that I'd be a better fan. The type which, can write andwill write a pimp post or even just an appreciation post. Because you are worth the appreciation. <3

Again, happy 8th anniversary. You are a miracle, and meeting you is magic.
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Refer to this article : KARA is worst at first (LOL I just gave the title, forgive me unnies!)

If too lazy to read the article, well here's the summary: KARA was voted by vocal experts as the worst singing KPop idol group. Yes. But I'm not surprised. Me as a hardcore Kamilia *well, getting there. Hihi! ^.^* honestly thinks that KARA's vocal ability is not as good as the other groups; they lack power, stability (sometimes), and range.

...from the vocal expert Leya *gets whacked* )
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I'm lazy to Tumble (aba, first time!)


IT'S MY FIRST TIME WATCHING A KARA CON (I watched the first part yesterday and the rest today),
Thank god the full con is up on Youtube, so I don't have to dl it anymore (I'm not allowed to download large files orz >.<)
And I'm so happy because the net is surprisingly fast today, the loooooong video didn't even buffer!
Kill the 43 people who disliked! >o<

The KARA castle (which reminds me I haven't finished UtsuCon *oh I'm friggin' sorry NEWS*)

A random screenshot of HamGyulJing ^___^

I have so many feels, as always, and I don't wanna put it here 'cause it will take my time again.
Waiiiiit I'm crying again ;o;

and again.


I still don't know the reason why I love KARA, unlike NEWS in which I can give a million reasons *and more*, but...
Why did KARA became extra special to me? It took time, dears.
I never thought it'll come to the point where KARA becomes one of my main fandom.
I look at myself and it's still unbelievable.

No matter how haters keep on pointing KARA's weaknesses (many of which I believe are true)...


Sorry for the super scattered post. My thoughts are very scattered today, which reminds me, my Tegoshi x OC fic haven't been polished (the original plan is to finish it today; I watched KARA instead and now I'm into a bewildered state of what to do next O.o)

カラ今、贈りたい ありがとう

-end of post. no LJ-cut this time. **Dear f-list don't kill me!** Hahaha.-
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Flailing over KARA today is quite unexpected...
...Much more flailing over the old KARA, the group which originally had 4 MEMBERS. ♫♪

(Han Seungyeon, probably my bias *coz I don't have a bias in KARA fyi* in her solo song Guilty. Year 2012)

thoughts of a blooming KARA fan... )


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