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It's my first time celebrating talking bird's birthday! I don't have a proper message for him, but I managed to do an edit despite this uber-busy day.

I wish for your good health and a very happy career~ and thank you because you were my gateway to Kisumai. I seriously love your group now. ♥ Please be patient as I'm slowly exploring more of your group! (Now I look like a kid talking to her sensei or senpai. Nyahahaha~)


Moving on, this is the nth time I confirm that I'm a crybaby when it comes to NEWS.
I was in full Kisumai mode this morning; not thinking a bit about NEWS, its upcoming DVD release, or the feels that come along with it. Those feels are best spilled on March 19 (the release date), I thought. But with the screencaps spreading around twitter and FB, and these gifs from amatsukis... Waaah I need a breather now.

This is the DVD CM. I've never felt so indescribable on a commercial 15 seconds short. It is one of those times when I ask why have I entered this world, a world of excess emotions over a group of singing men? But recalling the countless times I had these 'excess emotions', I think this is what I'm mostly made up now. And I've never been prouder.

I thought I can do it, but saving tears for the 19th is really hard to do.
Lemme tear up now~~~ ;o;

P.S. tearing up is an understatement. My feels are best expressed by the person in the gif below. Tegoshi why are you so gooooood with that >o<

Anyway, once again happy birthday Tama! And it's two days to go before #NEWS10thAnnivDVD! ♥ FEELS COME FLOODING!
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Decided to make this post because all the memories of October 7, 2011 came flooding back when I learned the news about Nicole leaving KARA and Jiyoung still contemplating whether to leave or not.

The memories were relieved and haunted me again... At first it was a bad thing; recalling every detail made me cry hard (and even contributed to my fever last Saturday ><), but Sunday night came and as with the details clearer than ever, those details made me reflect on the deeper impact of the news, its overall impact in the fandom and in my life as a fangirl.

Before October 7, 2011


I had no idea. I had no idea about the initial rumors of Yamapi leaving, no idea about Yamapi's promise to fans. I also had very little idea about Yamapi or Ryo's feelings toward NEWS, and finally, I had scarce idea about NEWS' relationship as a whole.

All I knew was they weren't releasing something, and all I did was wait.

Why? That time, I was a blind fan. I knew nothing but the songs, the PVs, the concerts and the guestings; the members, their personalities, their appearances. I didn't care much about NEWS' relationship with each other, all I cared for was "NEWS looks perfect". Yes they looked perfect, but were they perfect? I didn't notice the awkwardness among the members. I didn't notice that there were times Ryo or Pi was nowhere to be found because they had other commitments--I didn't notice all of that--except for Soukon, of course, it was quite obvious that the Soukon team had no RyoPi in it. But I didn't care. Because I was a blind fan.

So during the months that they were inactive, I was just waiting. Patiently waiting.

During October 7, 2011


A pretty normal day. In the afternoon, I quit one of my text clans because I wanted to take a break from texting. Along with me another member quit too, and we were laughing at that instance. When evening came, I randomly watched Pacific concert. I noticed I was giving unusual compliments on Pi, 'unusual' because I never talked about Pi this way:

"Pi has a wonderful smile! He smiles like this when he's with NEWS, I can see that he's really happy in the group."

After a couple of hours I received a text from kyaaaAri (Ariel) delivering the news about RyoPi's withdrawal.

"kyaaaAkuma... umalis na ang RyoPi sa NEWS."

It was all so sudden. I did not believe her at first, but after exchanging a few more texts I learned that she was serious (and that was when I also learned that Yamapi had a promise to fans), I started crying. I can't describe how much tears I've shed that night. I cried for hours, my family were already asleep so I went to the balcony of our house and continued crying there. Muttering things, flipping chairs and tables, shouting and cursing (I didn't use swear words tho), looking at the cloudy sky, praying, humming, singing... All my anger for RyoPi, all my worries for the remaining four.

This is what I wrote in my diary:

Really. From 9 to 4? So absurd. So frustrating. So disappointing.
I love the Soukon team. But it’s not the NEWS that I don’t want to break.

I’m having a breakdown.
I’m crying a liter of tears. 1 liter of Tears—Ryo?
Ryo left NEWS right? And Pi, who promised he’ll never do.  ><

Lamenting with me is the stupid rain. Reminds me of Taiyou no Namida. Your single. Your NUMBER 1 single. One of your NUMBER 1 singles. And boy, ALL your singles are NUMBER 1!

Now I want to go to Japan and slap RyoPi’s faces. Those faces. The faces of NEWS. Now they’re out of NEWS. Damn.


I almost lose my faith. It wasn't clarified to me that NEWS will still continue as a four-member group... I thought they were disbanding.
So when I wrote the entry, there was a lot more hate (This was the edited version, and the original, ALL-HATE-ALL-CAPS entry was already in the trash bin. Now I'm regretting throwing it away 'coz I wanna know my exact initial words that could've ornamented this post! :p)

Meanwhile, a surge of hope in spite of the bitterness made me add this in the diary entry:

Koyama loves NEWS so much. He will be a great leader, loving NEWS greater each day.
Tegoshi’s home is NEWS. He started here, and until the end he will remain faithful here.
Shige is smart enough to know that NEWS needs him. He will guide NEWS throughout the story.
Massu smiles because of NEWS. He will continue supporting and showing his cheerful smile even more.

( ^ If you noticed there are 16 words per sentence. It was supposed to be poem-like, and besides, 4 x 4 = 16.)

Then I also wrote my new NEWS ranking:


I commented below the entry, "kelangan talaga 4 letters?" Obviously, I was exaggerating the essence of the new NEWS: Four. 4-nin.

By the way, throughout the setting I was only singing one song.
Fly Again. ♪

After October 7, 2011


After that painful day I promised to NEWS that I'll love them even more (hey, they stayed! And the fact that Tegoshi's still there... ♥)
I somehow didn't fulfill that promise during the latter part of 2011 and early 2012 because I got into other fandoms (temptations are everywhere orz). But I knew in my heart that my support for NEWS got stronger.

Also, it was after a few months that I had the courage to read articles regarding RyoPi's withdrawal. And the good news? I wasn't blind anymore, the fans' comments and NEWS' own comments opened my eyes. I now know that what happened paved the way for a happier, healthier NEWS. And if before I thought of 6-nin as the perfect NEWS? Well.... 4-nin is not perfect, but they're definitely the best.

Anyway, I'll include the people's comments that caught my attention (I'll put 'em as anon)
their voices... )

Many things happened I can't sum it up here... It's been two years, wow. But what's more amusing, it's been 10 years since NEWS was formed. The past two years was only a part of a much more larger and dramatic history.

Cheers to the group and the fanbase. Happy 2nd anniversary 4-nin NEWS.
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まだ知らない明日の HAPPY 物語は僕らでつくろう
"we still don't know what tomorrow's happy
story will be, but let's build it together"
-NEWS, Cherish

I haven't made a message for NEWS. Not yet. I'll do that later before I sleep. Because I want to write my honest feelings and keep it to myself, for even if I shout it or not, I know NEWS will know it.

But of course I made some little presents and a hearty tribute to these boys.

Happy anniversary. Tezutettetotte I love you NEWS. ♥
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Hello LiveJournal and dearest F-list! (Actually there's no need to put "f-list here" because all my posts aren't friends-locked, so... ^_^)

I would like to share to you my feeeels for the weeeek. (LOL) The busy, exciting, tiring, overwhelming week before NEWS' 10th birthday.

I struggle. )



Below: even Tumblr is excited hahahaha~ xDDD
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21. What are your thoughts on Yamapi and Ryo leaving?

yeah, you guessed it. )

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12. Rank them from 1 to 6/4 (1 being the best) when it comes to dancing.

This is hard. Hmm...

Ranking (1-6) *my supposed-to-be-ranking*

  1. Massu
  2. Yamapi
  3. Koyama
  4. Tegoshi
  5. Ryo
  6. Shige
But due to some factors (bias-ness, or what? ><"), this is my ranking.
  1. Massu/Tegoshi
  2. Yamapi/Tegoshi
  3. Koyama/Tegoshi
  4. Tegoshi (?)
  5. Ryo/Tegoshi
  6. Shige/Tegoshi
Also the same as 1-4:
  1. Massu/Tegoshi
  2. Koyama/Tegoshi
  3. Tegoshi (?)
  4. Shige/Tegoshi
So absurd, but it's true! When it comes to dancing, I really don't have standards, because I don't dance. (Rather, I SUCK). So I rank  according to what I think people answer the most (^.^")>

As for Tegoshi invading the list, I think he sometimes dances even better than Massu, or sometimes worse than Shige.

That's what I think. Besides, I'm
biased. Don't sue me! *hides*

**too lazy to put lotsa gifs in this post. shall update this later. An awesome dancing Massu for now ^^*

(gif credits to [ profile] jpoplover23)
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11.Rank them from 1 to 6/4 (1 being the best) when it comes to singing.

THIS question! Of course I'm proud.

That pink heart is saying A LOT. Haha~ ↑

I'm excited answering this. LOL )
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10. Which is your favorite NEWS dance?

It has to be the Pineda sisters' theme song, Koi no ABO. ♪ *dances*

Koi yo! Koi yo! Koi no ABO )

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6. What is your favorite NEWS album?

note: I did day 5 and day 6 in one day (today). I have to be fast, because holidays are fast approaching too!
I was close to typing NEWS BEST, but I realized I love PACIFIC more. ♥
I don't know why. Maybe because of the tracklist? Let's see.
  1. Ai no Matador (愛のマタドール)
  2. Sayaendou (サヤエンドウ) 
  3. TEPPEN 
  4. Change the World 
  5. Kimi Omou Yoru (君思う夜)
  6. Alibi (アリバイ)
  7. Code (Ryo Nishikido solo)
  8. Chirarizumu (チラリズム)
  9. Ai Nante (愛なんて)
  10. Nantoka Narusa (なんとかなるさ)
  11. Gomen Ne Juliet (ゴメンネ ジュリエット)
  12. Hadashi no Cinderella Boy (裸足のシンデレラボーイ)
  13. Hoshi o Mezashite (星をめざして)
  14. Mafuyu no Nagareboshi (真冬のナガレボシ)
  15. Sono Egao Boku ni Misete (その笑顔 僕に見せて)
Two of the songs here are included in my favorites list. Sayaendou and Hoshi wo Mezashite. I have more favorites in color and LIVE album, so the tracklist is merely not the reason. *sigh*

Maybe because of the jacket covers! Let's see.


Yeah, maybe it is. Pacific jacket covers are some of the best in NEWS discography, who would disagree? The scrapbook-ish style is so home-y, so crafty, so nostalgic... Like NEWS is telling us, much of their memories are kept in here. ♫ Plus, the covers are cute!

Lastly, I just realized that I love pacific because it's NEWS 6nin comeback album (I have to emphasize the 6nin because 4nin comeback is another thing, right?) Though BEST is the compilation of literally NEWS' best songs, err... I'm not into compilations. I love pacific, color, touch and LIVE more. ♥

Can I just say I love all of NEWS albums and singles? Because I love all their songs! ♪
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4. What’s your favorite NEWS song?

Honestly, I have 19 favorite NEWS songs--and still counting. xD

But 2 songs are in my #1 spot: BE FUNKY! and Towairo no Koi.

 Be Funky!

 Towairo no Koi

I can't choose which one I like better; one sounds entirely different from another; both have the same impact when I listen to them. ♥


Before ending this post, mind if I tell you a story? About BE FUNKY! and how this song hooked me really, really bad.

     The moment I heard the song there's an unexplainable feeling inside me...Like I want to do something so bad but I really had no idea what that "something" is. Dance? Sing? A certain move or gesture? O___o

When I watched LIVE3x, I figured it out.

     (Be Funky! & LIVE performances)     

00:40, 01:08, 1:22, 01:37, 02:31. See for yourself.

Almost all the moves
Tegoshi did. THAT'S IT. And I'm not even trying to be biased. But that's it. I was like, GOODNESS GRACIOUS TEGOSHI DID IT FOR ME! While watching that perf, I literally went wild and tried to copy Tegoshi's moves and such. I have to include 03:36, when Ryo bit his lip--oh that's also what I wanna do! *o*

I love Be Funky! from the time I first heard it. But I loved it more because of that unexplainable thing that Tegoshi (and Ryo) explained for me. Again, I'm saying: I did not intend to be biased. ♥___♥

What a story.

BE FUNKY! is the #1 song that makes me hyper! (Although I'm hyper all the time~ LOL)
Towairo no Koi is the #1 song that makes me... damn I still don't have any explanation for this O_o

I love these 2 songs. By the way, if you're curious what are the other 17 NEWS songs that I love (my faves!) Here's the list:

In no particular order:

  1. weeeek
  2. Push On
  3. Game of Love
  4. Wonderland
  5. Hoshi wo Mezashite
  7. Easy Come Easy Go
  8. Say Hello
  9. With Me
  10. Taiyou no Namida
  11. Endless Summer
  12. Why
  13. D.T.F
  14. Baby! Be my Baby!
  15. Sayaendou
  16. Full Swing
  17. (the newest addition) WORLD QUEST
Can I end the post now? LOL. Yaaaaay, day 4 done! ^o^


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3. Who is your NEWS ichiban?

note: This is the easiest, as well as the hardest question to answer. Well, my bias is indescribable~

Can I answer this via gif spam? :p

My ichiban is...


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2. Is NEWS Your Favorite JE Band? Why or Why not?

note: before answering this one I watched WORLD QUEST short ver and I think I'm gonna spill tears any time now!!!!!! ;o; I love NEWS, I really really do.

NEWS is my first, foremost, and if i can say ONLY fandom. I can never be so sure enough, but I think that NEWS is the perfect boy band in JE and in all the world! ♥

Diversity is the key--as individuals, they have contrasting personalities, each of them has different voice qualities, and their looks completely differ from one another... But when they become one, I really feel that they are ONE. Hard to explain, eh? NEWS is a diverse group. It's what makes them unique, what makes them prominent. I also think that compared to the other groups who have established a certain style, NEWS changes its style from time to time.

And of course, the drama. This group has a lot to tell, from its history to the members themselves. They say NEWS is the most emotional fandom; I completely agree! *crying right now fufufu~*

To be honest, I am actually still torn between 6-nin NEWS and 4-nin NEWS. Because for me, NEWS 6 is still the perfect NEWS. The perfect combination, the ideal group. You know,
Yamapi is the hot factor, Ryo is the cool factor, Shige is the intellectual one, Koyama is the "mama", Massu is the source of cuteness and Tegoshi is the diva. With RyoPi leaving, the diversity lessened. But I can't turn my back on the remaining four, because NEWS 4 is something else.

They are the strongest NEWS, the best NEWS ('cause they said it and I believe them!) ♥

Every time I get depressed thinking about NEWS 6 and NEWS 4 and whatever NEWS had experienced, I also realize that if not for those trials, this group wouldn't be as important as it is now.

Bottom line: I LOVE NEWS.
Enuf said I can't type properly anymore ;o;


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1. How were you introduced to NEWS?

Warning: this is just the first question, but it's full of Tegoshi already. It only shows that I am biased since the beginning. :p

Year 2009. I was a Japan hater (I don't bash Japan, I just don't like the country). But by some sort of an accident I watched NEWS Winter Party Diamond concert on 
[ profile] nielle08 (my classmate)'s laptop and I instantly had a crush on a member named Yuya at first sight--I was driven crazy by his solo peformance of Ai no Matador! Though I liked him very much, I did not bother to research. That is why after a few weeks I completely forgot him, and how awesome he is. :(

Year 2010. Another classmate/roommate introduced me to Tegomass and she made me watch Tegomass no Uta concert.
Masuda seemed familiar, but Tegoshi seemed not. (I remembered Massu maybe because his hairstyle in Diamond and TMnoUta hardly changed; while Tego is, ugh, ever-changing.) My roommate is a Massu fan so she bacame the Massu, I became the Tegoshi. I have no objections on becoming the Tegoshi though; I like them both, either is fine! That is when I started researching about the duo, and bit by bit it came to me that Tegoshi of Tegomasu is Yuya of NEWS.

*insert big gasp here*

Learning that fact, I instantly thought that I am destined to be a fangirl. I mean, 2009 it was NEWS; 2010 it was Tegomass, Oh god I seriously don't have a friggin' care about Japan but this Tegoshi Yuya is dragging me to fangirlism!!! So, you guess. A couple of weeks after me and 'my Massu' watched TM no Uta, we watched Diamond (technically it was my second time). I also memorized the other four faces and voices:
Yamapi, Ryo, Koyama, Shige. Inevitably I became not just a TM fan but a NEWS fan as well. ♥

NEWS Winter Party Diamond. The song that catched my attention, aside from Ai no Matador, was Snow Express.
Tegomass no Uta live concert. I instantly recognized Massu but I had no idea who his partner was!
And of course, this. ♥ I still get the chills every time I watch this performance. *___*

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It has been decided that I'll be doing the 30-DNC version 1 (with the first question How were you introduced to NEWS?)
But! >.< Another problem suddenly pops up. THE VERSION 1 ISN'T COMPLETE!! Oh this is bad. T___T

 NEWS 30 Day Challenge (version 1)
1. How were you introduced to NEWS?
2. Is NEWS Your Favorite JE Band? Why or Why not?
3. Who is your NEWS ichiban?
4. What’s your favorite NEWS song?
5. ?
6. What is your favorite NEWS album?
7. What is your favorite NEWS live?
8. Which is your favorite solo song by a NEWS member?
9. Which is your favorite WPD PV?
10. Which is your favorite duet by NEWS members? 
11. Which is your favorite NEWS dance?
12. ?
13. ?
14. ?
15. ?
16. ?
17. ?
18. What are your thoughts on Uchi and Kusano?
19. What are your thoughts on Yamapi and Ryo leaving?
20. What are your opinions of Yamapi?
21. What are your opinions of Ryo?
22. What are your opinions on Tegoshi?
23. What are your opinions on Massu?
24. What are your opinions on Shige?
25. What are your opinions on Koyama?
28. What are your thoughts on TegoMasu?
29. What are your thoughts on KoyaShige?
30. What do you think the future of 4nin NEWS will be like?

NEWS 30 Day Challenge (version 2)

1. Your first bias.
2. The first song you heard.
3. Your favorite cover song.
4. Your first impression of the group.
5. One member you’d want as your brother.
6. One sentence you’d like to say to each member.
7. The member you are most like.
8. Rank them from 1 to 6 (1 being the best) when it comes to singing.
9. Rank them from 1 to 6 (1 being the best) when it comes to dancing.
10. Rank them from 1 to 6 (1 being the best) when it comes to hotness.
11. Your favorite lyric from one of their songs.
12. Your favorite music video.
13. Your favorite commercial film (CF).
14. The member you’d like to room with.
15. The member you’d like to be neighbors with.
16. The member you’d like to have as your best friend.
17. Your favorite friendship.
18. Your favorite pairing between members.
19. Your favorite pairing between a member and someone from another JE group.
20. Your favorite group picture.
21. Your favorite macro.
22. Your favorite GIF and/or SWF.
23. Dedicate a post to Koyama. Post whatever you’d like to say about him.
24. Dedicate a post to Yamapi. Post whatever you’d like to say about him.
25. Dedicate a post to Shige. Post whatever you’d like to say about him.
26. Dedicate a post to Massu. Post whatever you’d like to say about him.
27. Dedicate a post to Tegoshi. Post whatever you’d like to say about him.
28. Dedicate a post to Ryo. Post whatever you’d like to say about him.
29. The reason why you love NEWS.
30. Recommend a song for anyone who might not know NEWS.


I'M THINKING OF A POSSIBLE SOLUTION. Maybe, I can answer some questions from the 1st version and some from the 2nd! Sigh. This would be so confusing if ever. But I really want to do it, so... I have to bear with the stress this 30-day challenge will give me IS ALREADY GIVING ME. HECKYEAH. >.<

(The other side of my brain is saying: No, it's not stressful! Because It's NEWS! )

Okay~ *TM style* I guess I'll have to start. NOW.
Ikuzo! ^o^

P.S. [ profile] 9mornings here it is! :)

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So I finally have the will to do the 30-day NEWS challenge. But there is something bothering me...

Take the DAY 1.
30-DNC version 1 » Day 1: How were you introduced to NEWS?
30-DNC version 2 » Day 1:  Who is your first bias?


Arigatoupaana :3
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Happy birthday 4-nin NEWS! ♥
10.07.11 (Sorry for the late post ^^v)
This is what I wrote in my journal on the night I was close to dying because of crying. Yes, like most of us, I was bitter.

Really. From 9 to 4? So absurd. So frustrating. So disappointing.
I love the Soukon team. But it’s not the NEWS that I don’t want to break.
I’m having a breakdown.
I’m crying a liter of tears. 1 liter of Tears—Ryo?
Ryo left NEWS right? And Pi, who promised he’ll never do.  ><
Lamenting with me is the stupid rain. Reminds me of Taiyou no Namida. Your single. Your NUMBER 1 single. One of your NUMBER 1 singles. And boy, ALL your singles are NUMBER 1!
Now I want to go to Japan and slap RyoPi’s faces. Those faces. The faces of NEWS. Now they’re out of NEWS. Damn.

Whoa~ such an angry me. But it’s just because of shock. The day after the breakdown, I wrote this:

Koyama loves NEWS so much. He will be a great leader, loving NEWS greater each day.
Tegoshi’s home is NEWS. He started here, and until the end he will remain faithful here.
Shige is smart enough to know that NEWS needs him. He will guide NEWS throughout the story.
Massu smiles because of NEWS. He will continue supporting and showing his cheerful smile even more.


Keep making a beautiful love ♫
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I love NEWS.

Even though Tegoshi is the one I think about almost every second.

When I stare at their pictures, Tegoshi is the one that I first noticed--and keep on noticing.

When I listen to their songs, I always memorize Tegoshi's parts, even praising his voice and all.

You can say that I love Tegoshi more than NEWS itself-- well, as a matter of fact, I had thought of that too. Yes,I am a very biased Tegoshi fan (while I'm encoding this I am listening to Ai Nante solo version), but loving NEWS is a different thing.

I love NEWS, no doubt.


I can live for a day just thinking of Tegonyan,but I can't live a day without thinking of NEWS.And if I can live a day without thinking of NEWS, I still can't live without NEWS.

I love Tegonyan as just himself (without the 5),but I love the Tegonyan in NEWS more.

I love the Tegonyan in NEWS,and I want him to be in NEWS--with Koyama,Pi,Massu,Shige,Ryo.And even  Tegonyan is my bias in NEWS,I love Koyama,Pi,Massu,Shige,Ryo.

For NEWS is nothing without Tegoshi,and Tegoshi is not the Tegoshi I love without NEWS.

In short,I love them as NEWS. I love NEWS.

You know what, in my imagination/In my thoughts,I can imagine Tegoshi Yuya singing alone...

...In a NEWS concert.

That's how I love NEWS.


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