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Title: Withstanding You
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tamamori Yuta x OC
Genre: AR (Alternate Reality), fluff, romance
Summary: There's more to him than a fusspot, there's more to her than a talker, and there's more to them than two people living together.
A/N: My first Tamamori Yuta x OC fic. When I started writing this I wasn't a Kisumai fan yet, but now... Ah, how I love them! Especially the male protagonist in the story (Yes, my ichiban is Tama~ *o*). Written for [ profile] erikz_16 as a birthday fic. Otanjoubi omedetou Erikzpapa! ♥

"You said you liked me since day one?" She clarified, in case it was an overstatement. )

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What has happened to LiveJournal? In the last few days I couldn't post anything because the icons on the kitchen sink were missing. ><
Oh well, late-posting this. 4 drabbles inspired by some songs in the NEWS album. The fics aren't necessarily related to the meaning of the songs. I was just inspired, you know. ^^

and please read the au note/endnote :)


1. Title: 2 and a half (OC x OC)
*inspired by Greedier* )

2. Title: HERO (Shige-centered)
*inspired by CRY* )

3. Title: Not Letting Go (Tegoshi x OC)
*inspired by 恋祭り* )

4. Title: Who are you lady? (NEWS gen)
*inspired by Dance in the Dark* )

A/N: not beta-ed. So sorry for the mistakes! Also, these drabbles were written on the night before NEWS concert (Thursday night), so for the 2nd drabble 'HERO', it was just a mere coincidence that I wrote a story about NEWS cancelling a concert, and the cancellation of their Saturday night concert. I have nothing to do with this LOL~ xD

crossposted on [ profile] headbandlovers :)
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Title: My Attempts to Kill Tegoshi Yuya

Rating: PG
Pairing: Tegoshi x OC
Genre: Crack
Summary: Tegoshi Yuya is is such a life-wrecker and I have to kill him before he completely wrecks my life. But, how??
A/N: My official entry for CTC's fic-writing contest. My original entry was Tasty Love but I figured out it's too long for a drabble. Fic inspired by my 5.24.11 journal entry (LOL that's a long time ago!)
also: crossposted on [ profile] headbandlovers and CTC's feed.

"I'll kill you!" )

P.S. This is my first time to post a fic in my LJ. I still don't have the guts to post this on [ profile] wasurenaisa; maybe next time? Hehee~


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