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Belated happy birthday Koyama Keiichiro! As usual, late greetings (⊇Λ⊆) I also didn't post anything on Tumblr this time (I haven't had posts since... Feb?  (IMISSTUMBLRSOMUCH). I made a quick status on Facebook but it wasn't proper to be even considered a birthday post.

But I won something in regards to his birthday! In [ profile] sg_paanas Koyama-themed giveaway, I unexpectedly scored the prize. Unexpected because I was doubting then if I should join the giveaway knowing the contest is Koyama-centered; I thought I might affect Koyapaanas IN CASE i win. But nothing hurts in trying. And nothing hurts in winning! Haha, you should know. You're a Tegoshi fan :p Unexpectedly, again, it wasn't really Tegoshi who inspired my entry in the contest. It was definitely the birthday boy himself, Koyama Keiichiro.

Koyama must have a happy, eventful life, especially nowadays. His anticipated concert-on-his-birthdate finally came true. He won the hearts of fans all over again in his recent 10,000-character interview. NEWS is on the roll this 2015, and his baby niece is indeed a great blessing. I'm so happy for riida who said "I'm enveloped in a feeling of happiness so amazing I couldn't even describe..." And just like this post, which, in the next paragraphs will be about the joys of my fandom and RL state, might be overwhelming to read, hence I'm prepping to make it coherent. Good luck 'bout that. LOL xD

Living life with the #TegoshiMentality )

I'll end this post with my latest cover photo in FB. An edited biased screencap from one of Tegomass no Seishun DVD promotions! Who isn't exciteeeed, we'll finally watch them again after three years. To be honest I have very high expectations from this con because their 3rd tour, Tegomass no Mahou is my undisputed fave NEWS/Tegomass concert. I think you already know that, oh well. I don't expect TMnS to excede TMnM but at least I want to get a similar feeling from both of these cons.

Tsuki no Tomodachi, be my friend too~ *(◆∨◆)*
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I have a lot to blog for the first quarter of 2015, that the yearender special I decided to set aside. But 2014 was my happiest year in 5 years despite NEWS' inactivity (again), and here are the sentiments I need to let out! (let 'em go, let 'em go, can't hold 'em back anymore~)

Just a fair warning: most of my 2014 happiness came from ze personal life so this might be more of a real-life post than a fandom one.
You can skip the first part and read the second cut (fandom-centered) instead :)

2014 was the year I discovered my true self, my insecurities, and my capabilities. Studying astrology since 2013, I somehow stopped in the first few months of 2014 and eventually I was back on track again. I realized my life as controlled by the 'stars', so I started to try navigating it, with the help of newfound philosophies and some old, tried, and tested beliefs. Where did I get those things?

The power of inspiration. 4 years in the fandom, I really waited for this year to come. Four is a beloved number--you know why--and passing this mark made me feel secure in my place in the fandom world. T'was the year where I felt the most comfortable in making the fandom a part of my lifestyle, morphing into a 'senpai' fan. I don't consider myself a newbie anymore ('coz I still did, in 2013).
If you could call this something as great as divine providence. Or caused by the philosophical depth I've gained. I’ve never stuck to something for more than four years, so having gone through the fourth year in the fandom I knew it was my first ultimate step to--well, forever. I hope so.

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Now that I've mentioned my bias it's time for the second half of the post which talks of fandom happenings, even though NEWS itself lacked news in 2014. These are arranged randomly, and some parts would still relate greatly to my personal interests and/or stories. I might be missing out on some things; feel free to comment.

NEWS: Tegomass no Seishun (TMnS) album, TMnS tour, NEWS10th DVD, ONE -for the win-, SEVEN COLORS PV, 4X9.

^ So it looks like a wordy sentence but in reality it isn't. One single. No album and concert tour. A TV show? Yes, a one-episode-and-sadly-it-will-never-happen-again TV show. A DVD. Of a 2013 concert that was expected to be released on that year too. And aaand Tegomass finally did something! They should, after 2 years of letting NEWS adjust their 4-nin stat first. NEWS celebrated their 11 years in 2014, but it felt like their pre-debut year was even more eventful. (I'M EXAGGERATING THO :p)


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There are tons of things worth including in this yearender post. The simple details, such as seeing a shooting star twice; the meet-ups with Ria whom I feel very comfortable talking to about any topic (from Tegoshi to Politics to the problems in my family); the times of restlessness caused by a fanfic; the first time I posted a multi-chap. Our calamansi tree finally bore fruit! Our cactus died! I learned how to cook purple yam! And I injured my foot while playing "futsal"--using a snail shell as the ball.

I hope I conveyed it well: why I love 2014. My aim is to make 2015 even better, because having equipped with the experience and wisdom I've gained I think I can now focus on moving forward~

****EXTRA: Memo-memories! (MY) 2014 AWARDS****

hashtag of the year: #てずてってとって‎NEWS
ItteQ scene of the year: snake massage
oops! moment of the year: Tegoshi admitting he's a bi? Erase-erase; it was all a misunderstanding he said
treasure of the year: The NEWS album I won from [ profile] sg_paanas giveaway
meet-up of the year: kulitan with MassuDhes
number of places I've been to the first time: 10+
destination of the year: Navotas? Because I got lost big time!
LSS of the year: ETERNAL MIND (Kis-My-Ft2)
non-fandom LSS of the year: Let It Go (Idina Menzel/Matsu Takako)
personality of the year: Heo Youngji
member-ai of the year: THIS QUESTION IS THE HARDEST. I LOVE ALL THE MEMBER AI. But I'm gonna choose an underrated--the subtle Koyashige moment in 1FTW making
Tegoshi hairstyle of the year: the edible pink hair
OTP of the year: Tegoleya as always. Tego x sheep. Don't question my love for Tegosheep.

color of the year: orange
indulgence of the year: chocolate
jamming of the year: bonding and adventures with kuya Christian and Stephen
longest sleep: 10 hours only?
number of Tumblr followers: 595
fave/luckiest months: January, March, July, August, December
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(photo via addictdesu)
The title of the post is alarming, at least for me... Because it has many connotations, one of which is a literal goodbye--good bye from this haunting fandom life.

Ah no, I'm not saying I'm leaving the fandom. No one, even myself, can really tell when. I'm just preparing for that time. I'm just leaving a memory just in case I wake up one day completely forgetting all the joys of being a fangirl. Think of it this way: even healthy people prepare for their death. :) That's what I'm doing. Even a devoted fan is preparing for the day she leaves fandom, if that ever happens. (but I hope not! For in all honesty I want to stay with NEWS forever.)



To my fandoms, thank you. While it's true that I depend my life on you, you gave me strength to stand on my own in more ways than you could imagine.

To my fandom friends, meeting you is a miracle. I'm sorry if it seems I'm taking that miracle for granted, but swear I don't. I may left fandom but the memories with you remain here (in my heart).

To the blogs, accounts, and things that made my fangirling high, how could I ever repay you? You taught me so many things. How to edit a photo, how to write a fanfic, how to spill my thoughts. This post isn't even possible without your help.

To fate, I am eternally grateful. You gave me an irreplaceable happy life. I'm stupid for replacing it. But shit happens, right?

To you... Hello. I'm glad I loved you. ^_^


Wow, senti mo teh?! Just blurting out my feelings, gomen.
Disregard this post. I'm a fangirl, still a fangirl, and has no plans of quitting. Because I'm glad I have loved you. *points at you!* LOL~
P.S. the Tegomass pics have nothing to do with the post but I thought they were senti so I included 'em. XD Hearts for Tegomass and dogs!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Good day.
I would like to add a random picture of NEWS because I think it's adorable.
If you are wondering why it is flipped vertically and you still have to tilt your head to the left, well...
I think it's a trend these days.

orz~ I mean, people who do graphics post these kinds of edits on Tumblr and so do I. :)
And why do I think it's awesome?

In life, before you get to see the proper view of things you sometimes have to... Tilt your head. (IF YOU THINK I'M TALKING LITERALLY THEN TILT YOUR HEAD DALI, PARA MAGKA-STIFF NECK KA. :p)

A certain song by NEWS has more than just plain lyrics--a part of the lyrics has a secret code which is easy to decode (and that is actually funny if you come to think of it.) But more than just funny, it is amazing that NEWS thought of this gimmick.

って 会いたいよ
tezutettetotte aitai yo  
って 愛してる

tezutettetotte aishiteru

( ^ Take out all the "te" in tezutettetotte and you'll see ずっと.)

Life is hard to understand and we sometimes have to deal with codes. Unanswered questions, vague answers, rigid puzzles and formidable walls.
But why not try to break the code, you might find what you're desperately looking for.
Or if you are not looking for something, you may enjoy the act of decoding and feel that your life is getting... Much better.

I think it works.

In the song, you take out the "te" and you'll find "forever."
In my life, I tried--even just a little--stepping on my inhibitions, and what have I found?

As much as NEWS fulfill my heart with happiness, a simple courageous act that I did (in which I tried to avoid for a long time) fulfilled my life with peace of mind.



Anyway, in the same song, there's this another catch:

僕たちの10ve anniversary
bokutachi no love anniversary

A catch that's definitely a good catch.

I have been in this fandom for 3 years, and I also admit that I became active in this fandom just around last year. In comparison to the other fans I know almost nothing. But if there's anything I'd be bragging about, that is, I served as much as I could.

All my life I believe in my own convictions. I believe I'm an optimist therefore I tell the world that I am. Lately I think I'm turning into a pessimist therefore I also tell the world that I am. Spontaneity is what I am, and because this is what I say so then this is what I say now.

Loving NEWS... Is a spontaneity in itself. Never expected to arrive, not hoping to last. Until one day I just prayed my love for NEWS to last, as of some unknown reasons that even my spontaneity cannot judge.

And because it's more than what I could comprehend, it came to me that supporting NEWS is not a just a "cheezy thing only fans can understand." It became more like of a "spiritual thing only fated people can do."

Yes, I consider fangirling as never a mere habit--it is a spiritual act. I consider this fandom as my religion. Spontaneity could be the cause of all of these but the journey and all that's in it is a destiny.
That's why I said "I served as much as I could."
I gave as much as I can.
I loved as much as I can.
I tolerated as much as I can.
I waited as much as I can.

Now, in return, NEWS gave me:
Happiness I can't explain
Memories I can't count
Understanding I can't depreciate
Meaning I can't overlook
Hope I can't lose
Love I can't simply throw away.

This spiritual journey is giving me a cue, "stay until the end."
This 10ve anniversary is only the beginning and there are more soulful moments yet to experience.



Aside from 'tezutettetotte' and '10ve anniversary' there are some more cute symbolism in the same song I'm talking about.
Refer to the lyrics here

This post isn't another tribute, I'm just writing for the sake of acknowledging NEWS. This isn't an anniversary post; I'm just acknowledging NEWS for being here every day of my life. This isn't a well-prepared post; I'm just acknowledging NEWS for singing Ai no Kotoba--

--because Ai no Kotoba is now my favorite ballad. Very well, this post is about Ai no Kotoba and how this song suddenly made me:

START TO FACE MY PROBLEMS. Inch by inch, step by step, even if it will take great effort I must do it.
And I would do it.
For I am certain that this song is created by fate and the inspiration it gives me is a work of fate too.

Thank you NEWS. I hope these words of love reach you. ;o;


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