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Lately I've been making icons (and other edits) but sadly misplacing them. ><
So I have to make a masterpost for all my graphics. I hope I can always update!
note: because this is a masterpost, not all stuff here are NEWS-related (though most of 'em are~)

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(Belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR and (always) a HAPPY NEWS YEAR!

How's everyone doing? My January, so far, is not so smooth sailing. As early as the 1st I had some complaints about my chest, soon finding out I have a cyst on my left breast. Although it's not cancerous and the pain has naturally reduced.

On the 9th it was followed by Mama who called with the news that her long-time Anemia has gone severe and that she immediately needs to have a blood transfusion because taking meds will not suffice anymore. I remember my grandpa (mom's dad) who died of Leukemia, undetected until it was too late and little was done to save his life. And who would forget Tegoshi's father who suddenly died at around this time last year. (I never made an entry about it here but it's a topic I've a lot to say, especially now that I am more vulnerable T^T). Today, I'm not actually feeling down as I write this post, but I'm definitely struggling with things.

Add with the weeks of unstable, poor internet connection. And USB problem I dunno how to fix (unless buying a new one). And earphones starting to wear down. So while I'm happy that at least I know I'd be welcomed with lots of good news from NEWS (well, I am still updated from time to time; just not active and cannot download *haven't watched JCD whether the full show or cuts, for example!*), I'm technically missing a lot.

It's not entirely a happy period for my fandoms too. Believe it or not, KARA is (possibly) disbanding. Seriously, DSP, why? They're not even an underdog group! They're popular; makes money for their flagship company; they've been at the top! One of the pillars of KPop! Tbh I haven't fully bounced back from when the group lost Nicole and Jiyoung. And I already love Youngji that I'm hurting for her if the dissolution happens. What will happen to her? To Gyuri, Hammie and Hara?

I believe that because I danced in the eve of January 1 I'll dancing the whole year round. What happens to me now is dancing through challenges, dancing through changes, and dancing the hard steps--all to make me a pro. (Wait, I'm crying~ ;o; I still use analogies and 'clever' sentences even at this time)

Anyway, this post is a spontaneous act; I just wanted to pass by and say my late new year's greetings! I also want to tell dear F-list and readers that I have rediscovered my love for blogging... Once I'm stress-free and back to normal I'll frequently post here again. :D

I'll first post my delayed posts (like Chumuchumu single review which is almost 7 months late huhuhu) and then see what to continue from there. Imma rest for now. ^^ Happy new year! ♥

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Late review by SIX MONTHS, eh? Sorry, since I don’t want to just keep it in my drafts forever I’ve decided to post. It’s almost the end of the year and a rush of blog ideas (why do you have to come on the busiest months--deym brain!) excites me, but I gotta post what’s first. And KARA’s only Korean release this 2015 has made itself a spot. So, here it is!

EP: In Love
Artist: KARA
Tracks: 5
Release Date: May 26, 2015

My first KARA review after two years! And my overall second for KARA since Fantastic Girls (whence my review for that was actually a test drive, or my initial try of talking about songs on the net. LOL). And so I chose to review this one only after a string of releases and comebacks; does this mean something? What makes this mini-album special?

General comments:

Oh, for a plus fact, this is technically the first time I am reviewing Korean! Which is more challenging because KPop is... well, KPop. A fusion of many styles, that goes as far as many people saying they copy the Western style too much. Trying to be as perspective as I can be, I say it has derived greatly from the western-style though. This makes KPop more diversified than one could ever think.

The latest mini-album by KARA, quite opposite from its previous Korean releases, is a treat for pure KPop lovers. We know that they tend to have JPop-like songs; not bad, especially for a JPop fan like me; but I am sometimes conscious of how they get over-Japanese for Korean tastes. In Love is the easy formula for this petty worry.

Speaking of petty. In Love is a petty album in terms of power. When I say power the KARA way, we talk of loudness. Their signature songs' main component, aside from having the "catch" or the "hook" literally KARA fans are hooked at, is the explosion of sounds + effects along with the group's high-pitched vocals. KARA has a musicality that, in the lines of appreciation, will force you to get up and get wild. In In Love, that force lay low to some degree. Albeit most of the tracks are fast-paced, the album lacked the loudness KARA has been famous at.

But as initially pointed out, this album is a treat for the KPop genre fans. Everything in the package sounds authentically KPop to me; of course this is arguable but in the sense of the run-of-the-mill KPop sound, the album got what it takes. We could throwback to Rock U era though we know that the girls are now way mature than they ever were, and, not to mention, in a changed line-up; but still, cutesy songs are KARA's forte aside from their party, JPop-ish tracks.

And so that's what I can say about the album. It's cute! Ear-friendly, from the upbeat to the ballads. While they've polished the cute image since 2008, the latest album does not fail the past releases' worth, neither does it offer a boring overall sound. Despite lacking in power (the main track almost always dictates the impression of an album/single; and just like Damaged Lady it apparently deviates from the novelty), In Love is a pleasant album to listen to.

Song by song comments:

01 Starlight, the opening track, is a retro-ish song that leans on the slower side, and has an arrangement apt for its title. The sparkles sfx actually helped, along with different instruments and effects that can be heard at close intervals. But even if there's a lot going on in the song it retains its suave sound. The danceable rhythm matches well with the busy yet relaxed atmosphere! KARA's vocals are quite smooth here too.

02 Cupid has the MV and is therefore the catchy one; the album's showcase. But this is unlike KARA's powerful A-sides (as explained in the general comments) due to its mellow pop-funk sound layered on a classic Hallyu flair. Yes, it sounds sooo K-girl-group A-side and listening to it sometimes make me feel like its not KARA I'm hearing (if not for the prominent vocals, I swear!)

Its wonderful bass line, irregular rhythm shifts, Youngji's whispered rapping and the no-strain high notes are the key elements that I like in the song, and even though I won't put it in line with my past favorites this is an absolute LSS-worthy track.

03 그땐 그냥 (Back Then)
At this point of listening I've drawn a conclusion that In Love is one of KARA's mature-sounding album, providing that simplicity is the key. This mid-tempo, mid-range track starts smoothly with acoustic guitars as the sole accompaniment which continue until the verses, where percussion is added in the refrain, and the rest of song stays in the path. The uniform vocals are executed nicely, complimenting the modest instrumentals. Hara's voice is especially nice here! And Seungyeon should sing more of this genre.

04 Peekaboo is the reason for the remark that this album is cute. Sung by Gyuri and Youngji, this aegyo track is super catchy that I sometimes think this is more striking than Cupid. Furthermore, it's a subtle throwback to KARA's Rock U kind of songs. It would be nuicer if all the current members sung this one.

05 I Love Me could pass as a B-side track in a Japanese album; to be honest it's out of place here. But, the weirdly-placed dance hall effects, the constant chord progression, and the less sensible humdrum is something I found displeasing that I won't even put it in line with their vigorous JPop songs. Subjectively, I'll easily push this song at the end of all my lists. Though I gotta say it still has the merit for being catchy, easy to sing.


To be honest even if the group with the new line-up has released decent materials, I am worried that their 'glory' in terms of musicality will never be redeemed again. If that's so, maybe the mellowed down theme of this mini-album is a step to a new (yet safe) direction.

Album rating: ♪♪♪♪ (4 lovely eight notes out of 5)
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Happy 8th anniversary to the ONLY girl group I love! That's an accurate statement. Even though I have/had many girl group "flings" (I follow more girl groups than boy groups, to be honest!), KARA is the only girl group in which I can't see any superficiality.° Not to say other groups are fake; who am I to judge? But when it's KARA it's definitely a family.

(photo credits: Jelah Ruz @ KARA Philippines)

At first I tried to make a birthday message. If you ever guessed, I've never made any bday tribute to these girls. I thought of a pimp post but that's something to leave to hardcore Kamilias--I admit I am far (still far) to be one. I also composed a dramatic essay but it doesn't fit with my celebratory mood. (Yes. Celebratory in all its glory!!) You know, one thing that makes me fall in love with KARA over and over again is their songs that seem to not run out of energy.° The signature KARA sound that, despite my hate in the beginning (refer to this post), brought the highest levels of hyperness in me and gave me regular urgencies to dance.°  I got my hand movements wrong in Lupin and had the time of my life doing the wrong steps to Step, but at least I've done these... and more! Super thanks to you, gals :">

It is not unknown to everyone that I'm a fan of KARA's Japanese discography. In fact, I listen to it more than I listen to their Korean songs. I'm so thankful for the huge JPop influence in the group, for if they aren't JPop-like sound-wise I might never appreciated them this far.° If they didn't venture into Japanese market I might've not known them anyway. I may be greedy and senseless for thinking this but KARA is a JPop group to me. But no hate, please. ^^ I'm aware that their origins are Korean and never will they be in line with JPop groups. Yet this is another reason to love them: The KPop label and the JPop heart.° It's like seeing two groups, listening to two cultures, and understanding two languages in one. Isn't that awesome?

KARA is called the 'Miracle group'° for a variety of reasons I will not discuss here (I recommend watching these documentaries to satisfy your curiosity xD). The members have been through a lot, and it made them stronger, braver, wiser. It might not be too obvious but they are some of the richest in the KPop idoldom, too! However, it's definitely not cliche to say that their humility is outstanding and one-of-a-kind°. A big part of this is attributed to them being the 'miracle group'.

Like my ultimate bias group, NEWS, KARA has an interesting member line-up changes from the year they were formed to the present.° Originally four, a member left and was replaced by two, making them five for a long time. Then two members left and were replaced by one, making them four again. There's no need to hide your laughing because it's actually hilarious. More importantly, come to think of it, they survived through it all!°

° =  the reasons why I love KARA [the supposed-to-be title of this post~]

KARA Playlist

Since I don't have much to babble about, I'd end this post with a list of song recommendations (mostly Japanese tracks, and you know why!)

Probably you've heard of the song MR. more than you've heard about the group who sang it. (It was such a trend!) But there's more to KARA than their butt dance; here are the songs that caught my attention, became my jam, and many of these belong to my ultra-favorites until now. There are also some ballads just in case you're wondering if they ever sing slow songs.

KARA's vocals were once dubbed as the worst in KPop. I won't disagree. However, I'm still proud of the group's unique vocal substance that gives their songs their own catchy brand.

Here is my recommendation list, not in order (although it tends to). Hope you find the time listening to some!

5-member KARA (2008-2013)
・STEP (super favorite and always in the top of my playlists! It's Korean but there's a Japanese version as well; albeit I recommend the K-version only.)
・Girls Power (the song that brought me to liking KARA)

[video: Girls Power]
・Speed Up
・ゴ!ゴ! サマー
・Ima Okuritai Arigatou (the song for the fans. There are K and J versions; albeit I recommend the J-version only)
・Winter Magic
・ Jumping (I recommend both K and J versions)
・Love Is (I recommend J-ver. )
・Rock On
・Love Is Fire
・Pretty Girl (I recommend both K and J versions)
・Jet Coaster Love

Original 4-member KARA (2007)
・Break It
・If You Wanna
・Words I Couldn't Keep

New 4-member KARA (2014 - )
・MAMMA MIA (I recommend K-ver.)
・So Good

Whew, I missed making KARA posts! I'm glad I finally got to it again! Along with this is a promise that I'd be a better fan. The type which, can write andwill write a pimp post or even just an appreciation post. Because you are worth the appreciation. <3

Again, happy 8th anniversary. You are a miracle, and meeting you is magic.
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I have a lot to blog for the first quarter of 2015, that the yearender special I decided to set aside. But 2014 was my happiest year in 5 years despite NEWS' inactivity (again), and here are the sentiments I need to let out! (let 'em go, let 'em go, can't hold 'em back anymore~)

Just a fair warning: most of my 2014 happiness came from ze personal life so this might be more of a real-life post than a fandom one.
You can skip the first part and read the second cut (fandom-centered) instead :)

2014 was the year I discovered my true self, my insecurities, and my capabilities. Studying astrology since 2013, I somehow stopped in the first few months of 2014 and eventually I was back on track again. I realized my life as controlled by the 'stars', so I started to try navigating it, with the help of newfound philosophies and some old, tried, and tested beliefs. Where did I get those things?

The power of inspiration. 4 years in the fandom, I really waited for this year to come. Four is a beloved number--you know why--and passing this mark made me feel secure in my place in the fandom world. T'was the year where I felt the most comfortable in making the fandom a part of my lifestyle, morphing into a 'senpai' fan. I don't consider myself a newbie anymore ('coz I still did, in 2013).
If you could call this something as great as divine providence. Or caused by the philosophical depth I've gained. I’ve never stuck to something for more than four years, so having gone through the fourth year in the fandom I knew it was my first ultimate step to--well, forever. I hope so.

Read more.... )


Now that I've mentioned my bias it's time for the second half of the post which talks of fandom happenings, even though NEWS itself lacked news in 2014. These are arranged randomly, and some parts would still relate greatly to my personal interests and/or stories. I might be missing out on some things; feel free to comment.

NEWS: Tegomass no Seishun (TMnS) album, TMnS tour, NEWS10th DVD, ONE -for the win-, SEVEN COLORS PV, 4X9.

^ So it looks like a wordy sentence but in reality it isn't. One single. No album and concert tour. A TV show? Yes, a one-episode-and-sadly-it-will-never-happen-again TV show. A DVD. Of a 2013 concert that was expected to be released on that year too. And aaand Tegomass finally did something! They should, after 2 years of letting NEWS adjust their 4-nin stat first. NEWS celebrated their 11 years in 2014, but it felt like their pre-debut year was even more eventful. (I'M EXAGGERATING THO :p)


Read more... )

There are tons of things worth including in this yearender post. The simple details, such as seeing a shooting star twice; the meet-ups with Ria whom I feel very comfortable talking to about any topic (from Tegoshi to Politics to the problems in my family); the times of restlessness caused by a fanfic; the first time I posted a multi-chap. Our calamansi tree finally bore fruit! Our cactus died! I learned how to cook purple yam! And I injured my foot while playing "futsal"--using a snail shell as the ball.

I hope I conveyed it well: why I love 2014. My aim is to make 2015 even better, because having equipped with the experience and wisdom I've gained I think I can now focus on moving forward~

****EXTRA: Memo-memories! (MY) 2014 AWARDS****

hashtag of the year: #てずてってとって‎NEWS
ItteQ scene of the year: snake massage
oops! moment of the year: Tegoshi admitting he's a bi? Erase-erase; it was all a misunderstanding he said
treasure of the year: The NEWS album I won from [ profile] sg_paanas giveaway
meet-up of the year: kulitan with MassuDhes
number of places I've been to the first time: 10+
destination of the year: Navotas? Because I got lost big time!
LSS of the year: ETERNAL MIND (Kis-My-Ft2)
non-fandom LSS of the year: Let It Go (Idina Menzel/Matsu Takako)
personality of the year: Heo Youngji
member-ai of the year: THIS QUESTION IS THE HARDEST. I LOVE ALL THE MEMBER AI. But I'm gonna choose an underrated--the subtle Koyashige moment in 1FTW making
Tegoshi hairstyle of the year: the edible pink hair
OTP of the year: Tegoleya as always. Tego x sheep. Don't question my love for Tegosheep.

color of the year: orange
indulgence of the year: chocolate
jamming of the year: bonding and adventures with kuya Christian and Stephen
longest sleep: 10 hours only?
number of Tumblr followers: 595
fave/luckiest months: January, March, July, August, December
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Happy 1st of September! MERRY CHRISTMAS folks! Just kidding :)

Last month, August, was a very busy and active time for me and fangirling but I didn't post here even once??! I'm sorry. I'll try to summarize the memorable moments and news! And it's not just about NEWS!!! Here we goooo~ popopo xD

  • JULY probably was the happiest month for Filipino Tegoshi/NEWS fans because he came to the Philippines (It was May-June actually; the ItteQ episode aired on July)... But AUGUST was the happiest month for Filipino J-lovers... Who doesn't know the #KenshinManila event? Due to certain circumstances I wasn't able to attend, though most of my friends were. *le cries* There are lots of news and articles regarding the two-day stay, I can't give my personal thoughts so here's one from the media: (Munetaka Aoki is so astig!!!)

  • SEVEN COLORS has a PV. If I'm not mistaken, it was only limited to the FC members; lottery and all that stuff. But everyone in the fandom is just so downright generous (always been and we know that for sure), and... Ta-da! One of their happiest PVS. Please look at Tegoshi's smiles to get what I mean. *I'm getting biased again... hihihi*

  • Kis-My-Ft2's double A-side Perfect World and Another Future. And here I am catching up with the Kisumai pace! (They've just released their third album a month ago, touring at the same time, released a single after a short while, then Busaiku strikes with another single again. Now I'm starting Nobunaga no Chef season 2. Oh Kisumai. I love you so much but it's honestly hard handling three active fandoms ok? THREE, YES, THREE. NEWS IS ACTIVE IN MY EYES EVEN THOUGH TEGOSHI'S ALREADY RANTING ABOUT UNFEASIBLE THINGS. AND THE BRAND NEW KARA... HAS COME BACK. Now you know why I didn't post anything this August. Because I'm busy with my fandoms all releasing at the same time which happened for the first time. Isn't that sweet? I can now say that I'm a multi-fandom-ed fangirl! I now know what it feels like! ♥)



  • Finally saw in flesh one of my closest friends in the internet, Dhes. It was my most hyper meet-up to date. All my timidness flew away. Right now I wanna see her again :) Btw I'd like to include a pic! ↓


Many things happened in August and I swear I wanna write 'em all here. ♫♪ But I still have more "projects" to do, besides, I don't wanna make this post uber-personal. For the meantime I don't intend to combine fandom and rl stuff in one post so I'm ending it here! If I missed something important, f-list you can correct me anytime :)

P.S. What would you do on/for NEWS' 11th anniversary? If you got any plans let's talk about it xD
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Thankfully, KARA is only my second fandom. I don't mean to love them less, I just don't love them more than my first one.

And that is why, thankfully, it doesn't hurt so much. Unfortunately, it worries me more. I think my love for them is challenged.

I don't have a bias in KARA. Advantage: I love the five equally. Disadvantage: I can't take it when my OT5 breaks. Which is happening.

So why with this post?
Today is January 16. Today, Nicole's officially out of the group.

I've prepared for this day. But still it pained. And what's more, Jiyoung finally came up with her decision... Guess what it is?

It is... To leave too.

I'm not blaming anyone. Or maybe I am? I blame destiny for me meeting KARA too late.
If I have loved them ever since, I know the cut will be deep. But maybe it is better than meeting them late and loving them late; because now it's too late. I've met and loved them them during their darkest era. Was there a happy memory? Of course there was. But the happiest memories were then, when I still wasn't into them. In short I have missed 5 or 6 years of my life.

I love KARA. But now I don't know where to hold on to. I am a Kamilia, but now I'm not even sure of that.

Again, thankfully, they're just my second fandom. Otherwise I'm now throwing things outside the window.
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(crossposted on tumblr)

I don’t know what to say in this post. KARA is actually the only KPop group that I follow, even though I can’t say I’m a hardcore Kamilia I’ve always loved this group and its fanbase and I always brag about how strong these girls are.

In the midst of these issues, I kept my mouth shut, for I thought I wasn’t in the position to react at these things (as I followed KARA quite silently.) But today, as the confirmation of Nicole leaving the group soon and Jiyoung’s to-be-confirmed decision of leaving, I want to speak out and say,

WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN? Why did it come to this? I know Nicole’s dispute with DSP before. I know Jiyoung is not even in her twenties and has other things yet to pursue, but… I learned to live with KARA5, sing with KARA5, dance with KARA5, and believe in KARA5. Things were inevitable back then but KARA5 showed me (and all of Kamilias) that miracles were real. I remembered reading a post “why KARA is called the Miracle Group”, and from that day on I’ve etched in my heart that KARA5 is here forever. Well, i’m exaggerating on the “forever” part, but you get the point. KARA—Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole, Jiyoung—is the KARA that popularized Rock U, Wanna, MR., Jumping, Lupin, STEP, Pandora, Damaged Lady and more—and is also the KARA that gets a big f*ckin success in Japan (I approve of this because I’m a JPop fangirl), the KARA that stays humble and lovable despite the fame that they get, the pretty pretty girls who could go from sweet to sexy to nice and naughty, the epitome of goodness and strength combined… I could go on forever ranting about how KARA is one hella group of perfection and how KARA is one of those few KPop groups who has a very tight connection with their fans.

But now. Nicole’s leaving. And Jiyoung’s on the verge of it. Suprisingly, I DO NOT HATE. Even DSP I couldn’t curse. Because I am thankful to DSP that they gave this group to us, though I’m also lamenting why this management is a crap. If only DSP did better.

DSP issue aside, we really don’t know the real reason/s for what’s happening. Who knows, DSP was merely not the cause. Maybe Nicole wanted to quit for real? And Jiyoung sees life outside could be better. I don’t know… But as I said, I don’t hate. Whatever happens Nicole and Jiyoung are precious parts of KARA.

I still see KARA as the miracle group, that wouldn’t change. Right now I’m just hoping for the best, wishing for the best, praying for the best. Though for me, the best would have been Nicole and Jiyoung to stay. KARA5 is KARA, can we just stay like this?

As for the question “will KARA disband?” They’ll not. DSP says KARA would still continue its activities, rest assured. And the speculations about going in hiatus or adding members (they’ve been through these before), Oh I don’t know what to feel. I just know it’s purely heartbreaking.

I’ll end this post now. I’m on the verge of crying. T^T

P.S. Kamilia, let’s be strong for KARA. As we watched the fandom bloom, cheered on happy memories and held hands through tight instances, let’s be the same now. Even better. Let’s be Kamilia for KARA’s sake.
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So after changing my LJ layout into a KARA-fied one, I finally get to post again dear journal! This is a semi-review of their latest Japanese album FANTASTIC GIRLS, a release that seriously shocked me because I didn't know about another Japanese release just this Wednesday when I thought they should be releasing a Korean material by this time (and they did! Aug. 21 with Runaway, and on September 2, FULL BLOOM!) This is what you call active. KARA's making my brain explode, they have so many things in store, new material, appearances here and there! Serve 'em right. ♥ But as much as I'm happy, I'm also worried and bothered that they (the management, producers, etc.) seem to be hurrying these releases--I mean, new releases almost every week? This is too much activity! *pants* But I guess, KARA can pull it off. As shown in the album I'll be talking about in this post, FANTASTIC GIRLS.

^ FANTASTIC GIRLS, Limited Edition C. Actually the songs are in LE-A but I love this jacket the most, so this is what I included :p


Done. This isn't a review...Yet. xD This is a short commentary that I hope would help you, random listener :)
If you want to download the album go to these links → MF || MEGA

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Refer to this article : KARA is worst at first (LOL I just gave the title, forgive me unnies!)

If too lazy to read the article, well here's the summary: KARA was voted by vocal experts as the worst singing KPop idol group. Yes. But I'm not surprised. Me as a hardcore Kamilia *well, getting there. Hihi! ^.^* honestly thinks that KARA's vocal ability is not as good as the other groups; they lack power, stability (sometimes), and range.

...from the vocal expert Leya *gets whacked* )
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This morning, I woke up with ultra-good vibes. I'm wondering why~
Maybe because of stored happiness I haven't let out since we went out of town last weekend.
And of course, the lovely fanfics by Chankapaana-tachi (CTC pips)!

I'll make a separate post for the fics-appreciation. Maybe tomorrow? I can't flail hard today, I'm not in the mood. I'm listening to an inspirational song (to be mentioned at the latter part of this entry )

Anyway, I changed my LJ header... Upon reading (and crying to) this :

Each of us had different feelings and worries, the manga made me live again all those. I think NEWS fans are the ones who can understand the manga the best. -Koyamama


So... this is the header, full swing-inspired. **image credits to Giu-chan!**
They really look like NEWS here! (duh, what'll happen if they don't? :p)

For the meantime, I almost forgot about the KARA ph banner-making contest. Geez. The deadline is tomorrow! Good thing I'm inspired to make a "fine" edit. ↓

The banner and the real thing~ )

End of post! More good vibes please come to me. I start the day right so I hope to end it right too.

P.S. Did you noticed the emoticons? Kyaaaaa~
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I'm lazy to Tumble (aba, first time!)


IT'S MY FIRST TIME WATCHING A KARA CON (I watched the first part yesterday and the rest today),
Thank god the full con is up on Youtube, so I don't have to dl it anymore (I'm not allowed to download large files orz >.<)
And I'm so happy because the net is surprisingly fast today, the loooooong video didn't even buffer!
Kill the 43 people who disliked! >o<

The KARA castle (which reminds me I haven't finished UtsuCon *oh I'm friggin' sorry NEWS*)

A random screenshot of HamGyulJing ^___^

I have so many feels, as always, and I don't wanna put it here 'cause it will take my time again.
Waiiiiit I'm crying again ;o;

and again.


I still don't know the reason why I love KARA, unlike NEWS in which I can give a million reasons *and more*, but...
Why did KARA became extra special to me? It took time, dears.
I never thought it'll come to the point where KARA becomes one of my main fandom.
I look at myself and it's still unbelievable.

No matter how haters keep on pointing KARA's weaknesses (many of which I believe are true)...


Sorry for the super scattered post. My thoughts are very scattered today, which reminds me, my Tegoshi x OC fic haven't been polished (the original plan is to finish it today; I watched KARA instead and now I'm into a bewildered state of what to do next O.o)

カラ今、贈りたい ありがとう

-end of post. no LJ-cut this time. **Dear f-list don't kill me!** Hahaha.-
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[ profile] leitoph: crybaby since yesterday. Or actually, ever since I became a fangirl. ;o;

And I cried because of this:

Read more... (it's just another cut) )
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Just posted to express my excitement...

I'm gonna join KARA PHILIPPINES' banner making contest!
I won in a banner-making contest before, so I think I'll also gonna win this one. (confident ang peg! 8D)
The prize... a big tarp of Jiyoung (my niban). At pag nanalo ako dito magtataka nanay ko kung bakit may tarp ako ng KARA eh NEWS nga wala pa. Fuu :(

But aside from that, I'm excited for February 24. The (tentative?) date for UtsuCon viewing in the Philippines :D

Most especially, I'm excited for March 6! Sayonara ni Sayonara release~ \(^o^)/
Because I soooo miss テゴマス, I'm including a random pic. This is from their Gekkan Songs 3.13 issue~
Aside from their faces, I also find their outfits gorgeous. *I love Massu's scarf! ^.^*

By the way, Shige's getting my attention. And I think he's getting the attention of every person who had already watched UtsuCon.
I haven't watched the whole con (only the docu, digest, and some parts of the con itself), but Shige is.... asdfghjklweiuhuhcfidfuiewiuebwqinkifefnebjksdnbalkndlknsjkbxapnquwenxkapdmfmghwaaaaahhh! Though I'm not flailing over Shige right now kasee mas feel ko Tegomass sa ngayon.♥

*Ok I'm really random. But it's just NEWS and KARA ne? It's forgivable! LOL*

Before I end this post, can I add one more pic?
It's my strongest OTP in KARA. HaYeon! asdfghjkl ♥
That's it! :) pics via Tumblr, and credits to respective owners ^___^
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Let's start the post with this:

Anyway, today is an UNEXPECTED day of flailing over... guess what?

KIS-MY-FT2 & V6. )

Meanwhile, if not for [ profile] mocoharuma 's post, I would not know that today is Hideto Takarai (HYDE)'s birthday! Uwaaaaaaa~ the man Tegoshi looks up to... OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・





-end of kabaliwan-
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Girls, bring more girls out. :p

An all-girl spazzing started when I saw lots of cute sweet HAYEON gifs.
I declared yesterday that HaYeon (Hara x Seungyeon) is officially my OTP in KARA ♥
And there's nothing wrong with it, I accept yaoi and I also accept yuri :)

HaYeon~ )

Which led me to watching some cute HAYEON moments *.*

Honey x Hammie )

After flailing over these two (or three!), the internet brought me into another girl x girl awesomeness: Jiyoung x Suzy (Miss A)

Pretty 94's! )

Other than OTP, I flailed over 3 groups today: KARA, SNSD and Miss A. It's actually my first time exploring Miss A; while I love SNSD for more than a year now (my biases are Yoona, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung!) 
Oh I suddenly remembered [ profile] ngantvk and our little bonding over SNSD ^_^.

As for KARA... It's my second main fandom (next to NEWS), I regret not loving them the first time I met them; why only now? Hmm~ but dates don't really matter right? Whether I love KARA from the start or I love KARA just today, what's important is I'm a pearl peach Kamilia, turning up the tempo, stepping it up. 8D

Wait! Before I end this post... )
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Happy 19th birthday KANG JIYOUNG! ♪


message and mini picspam )

Aside from a short message and a mini pic-spam, my gift to you is... Some icons. :D
Forgive me if I only made 5! >.<

the icons~ )

Saengil chukkahamnida! *sings*

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Not in the mood to answer 30-DNC today.
But I'm always in the mood to listen to music, of course!
And I helpe [ profile] 9mornings ith her LJ layout. Though she haven't installed the layout yet ^^
I also changed my layout. I somehow dislike my journal's new look; a header is not allowed so I just changed the background.

LastIy, I edited some pictures (again~!)


KARA collage. Images taken from KARASIA 2013 folder files.


NEWS. TV Fan 2.13, via Tumblr

Are my edits good? Hihi~ LOLs xD


One time, a fangirl asked me why I don't watch Jdramas. (Hey, it's not that I don't, the term should be 'hardly'!)
I hardly watch doramas. Like, I haven't even watched half of Tegoshi's, then how much more if we're talking about other Japanese dramas in general? T_______T

That made me think about it... How could I be a JPop fangirl if I don't watch JDramas? (yes, they are interrelated in many ways.)
I'm such a waste! *goes to a corner and sob*

But thinking about it again, I have my own valid reason: I don't always have the time. Instead of watching, I'd rather listen to music. Or write. Or text. Or make graphics. Or blog. Watching doramas is at the least of my fandom-related priorities. Weird for a fan, isn't it? X(

But it's how my mind works. LOL.
But I am really a waste *goes to another corner then sob again*

Oh I'm sorry. These rants are just the fruit of my stressful weeeek.
Bye! Expired na load ko! *waves*

P.S. there is no need to LJ-cut this post. Nothing's surprising in here anyway.


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