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Lately I've been making icons (and other edits) but sadly misplacing them. ><
So I have to make a masterpost for all my graphics. I hope I can always update!
note: because this is a masterpost, not all stuff here are NEWS-related (though most of 'em are~)

icons *NEWS* )

icons *KARA* )

banners )

headers )

Feel free to grab; credits are appreciated!
If the f-o banners are too big for your journal, you can always resize the pics to your preferred size ^_^
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The music video for 四銃士 (Yonjuushi ) is a delectable treat and yet a disappointment.

In fact, you'll find a whole bunch of reasons why this PV is one of NEWS' best, but there's also something that kills it. 'Yonjuushi' means 'Four Musketeers'--you'll immediately think of the 1970s movie--an old story, its background even much older.

But the PV is quite modern; not futuristic, as I heard some fans say. It's something that, initially basing on the CM promotions, will get you really excited for we see that it's completely different from the other 2015 PVs (KAGUYA and Chumuchumu) which were very traditional. Yonjuushi is a fresh catch from NEWS' past concepts: soccer themes and retro references. And this modern look doesn't fail us, from the PV's setting to the plot, from the choreo to the props. It complements the song's Classic flair, as Yonjuushi's melody is derived from a Classical piece! (to be discussed on the music review IF i get to finish it)

Having a very interesting and enigmatic twist, I admit my expectations for the video shoot up to 200% prior to its release. I watched the teasers/promotions everyday, overly appreciating how this is a bomb and I'll definitely be head over heels when the full PV comes out. I revered too early.

In all fairness, Yonjuushi is aesthetically pleasing. The modernity highlights the boys' handsome faces--while they are truly handsome on a regular basis, Yonjuushi gives them a demigod edge.

The past PVs have a certain vibe of 'Reaching out'. Interacting with kids/people in the soccer songs, impressing the audience in Chankapaana, and seducing the princess and lovers in KAGUYA and Chumuchumu, the latest PV offers less togetherness. Ironically, the song says "One for all, all for one". Arrogant? No it's amazing. How the members' individuality shines here is pure gold. Take these scenes for example:

Tegoshi and being a... well, the star.

Massu and tastes. See the perfumes and clothes.

This is why Koyama's perfect body comes to life.

Remember Shige reading in WORLD QUEST PV? As expected from NEWS' resident smartass.

Read more... )

The PV does have a very nice execution. Unlike in Mr. White short film where the storyline was good but the execution was a meh, in here the visual appeal and sophistication is among the commendable in Johnny's. I can't say that NEWS attacked full force in Yonjuushi, although it's important to note that this is their first DVD single, meaning another milestone for the group. All in all, I still prefer NEWS' latest PV than the one before, and if not only for the puzzling plot (which is a major for me) I would give it a perfect score.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Download the PV, available in three different formats, at [ profile] koyashigedake community!
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Unlike most of my reviews, I won't get into details here, and it is most likely that this post would not even reach half the length of my other reviews. The purpose of this review is not really for the sake of analysis; but for the ramblings, praises and rants I thought I should deliver before I move on to the main course (which is reviewing the tracks in the album). Um, you know that I'm veraciously critical on sounds than on visuals. xD

チュムチュム (Chumu Chumu) PV should have been one of NEWS' most remarkable PVs--if it wasn't for KAGUYA being released first, 5 months prior, with as colorful and sexy concept as in this new PV. But チュムチュム still has its stand-out points, and that should be the case for their first-ever Indian sound and theme.

The best thing in the PV is the dancing and choreography. We've seen fierce!NEWS especially at concerts but you don't have to be at a concert this time to notice how intricate the steps are, and the equivalent artistry NEWS applies to the dance steps.

Going to the theme, I guess we all have clues on how Indian concepts work, based on Bollywood movies to documentaries about Indian culture... Even just mentioning India you'd know it's about the exaggerations and exaggerations and exaggerations in exaggerating gobs. Why? They like to be fantastic. If we'd be to point one culture that's outrageous in everything, from the number of religious deities, to the everyday fashion style, there's no doubt (and no other options): India.

And so that's how I expected the PV to look like. Outrageous. Lots of random scenes, like flying carpets (I KNOW THAT'S ARABIAN BUT HECK I SAID RANDOM); a happy crowd of back-up dancers (think of Gangnam Style--I KNOW THAT'S KOREAN BUT HECK I SAID RANDOM); NEWS making weird faces in spite of the prevailing sexy concept; displays of Indian musical instruments just to know they are doing legit India; and most importantly, outdoor scenes. Yes, I hoped for a Bollywood movie-style PV.

Instead, I got a dance video of "Let's Zumba with NEWS while learning the basics of belly dancing from the back-up dancers".

This isn't to say that I totally despise the PV. NEWS is enough. No matter how bad a material is, it would always be good enough because we look at the idols more than we care about the background. Seeing their expressions, singing and dancing on camera is sufficient. Now, チュムチュム is even more special. Look at how it differs from KAGUYA even though both are sensual PVs. The other one is dramatic sexy and this is frolic sexy. Next to Koi no ABO, Chumu Chumu is NEWS' party PV. (But ah, we're not talking about a stray disco club in Japan here. We're in "India"!)

I quoted India because, the lack of Indian flavor for my critical taste does not hide the fact that visually, the video shouts no other but India. Musically and lyrically too. The members' faces tell us that they had a good time shooting the PV. Who wouldn't, if you have a very cool choreography covering three-fourths of your video? And who wouldn't, when you are an idol group that's given a chance to interpret themes like these?

I couldn't discuss the dance 'coz I'm uncomfy in that area (frustrated dancer here! orz). All I know is, the lots of jumping coupled with catchy footwork and sultry hand movements are some of the best I've seen from NEWS--in my opinion, this is one of NEWS' best dances--in my honest opinion, this is NEWS' best dance.

And in a dance PV like this, the one who naturally stands out is Massu.

In my Chumu Chumu (song) first impression post, I complained a little about Massu. Whereas in the PV, he's the outstanding one in my eyes. I'm guessing that it is because: A) The choreo excites him B) The costumes (he made) excite him C) His eyeliner excites him D) all of the above. Look closely. Massu is really, really fierce in this PV.

For the other members, I'll put it this way... While Massu shocks me with his fierceness, Koyama gives the adorably cute factor; like, he seriously looks the youngest! Shige is the gentlemanly one, the most fitting 'character' in the PV. If Chumu Chumu was a movie he prolly was the lead actor. Lastly, Tegoshi continues the Diva saga. As if you'd be surprised. xD

Overall, the PV would still have to grow more on me. But the dance is perfect, the costumes are pleasing, and NEWS is eya' hot!

Rating: ★★ for the PV
     ★★★★★ for NEWS' performance in the PV

For a fuller experience, download the PV and the single's tracks at [ profile] darxina's journal!

(cr: kaguya-princess)

Come hither and I'll foretell your future... Future with me~ ♪
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As promised, posted this review! I made this in March as an entry for sg-paana's giveaway. I've forgotten to cross-post it here in my LJ until May.

Title: MR. WHITE
Artist/Actors: NEWS

From: WHITE album LE DVD
Release Date: February 25, 2015

Honestly, MR. WHITE is the first film/short film by a Johnny's group that I've watched so I have no point of comparison. But I can say that the short film could have more potential if the financial effort is done. The story is good (looking past the cliche part--there's a section for that later), the costumes are good, considering the story is cyber-themed and it involves kids; and NEWS' acting skills are quite polished already. The only major setback is the production, I think they got too cheap on that... Whereas a more costly production could make the film very satisfactory.

Why is this important? The majority of the filmviewers are NEWS fans, of course, and we can't really complain about this film because it's the first time the four of them did a thing like this, together. But the group has a lot more to showcase as actors, and the individual contributions (such as Shige's story-writing and Massu's costume-making) could've been maximized. There's much passion and hardwork in NEWS' part. Yet they get less than they deserve. The slacking is not to be blamed on them, really.

In one word, MR. WHITE is: Exciting. The transformation is not so apparent--even in that Ghostbusters-like suit and apparatus they're pretty much like themselves, only geared towards an entirely different mission. And that's what makes it exciting, the rescue mission that need no exaggerations (um, flying capes and extraordinary strength) which would make it absurd, in my opinion, if they used that instead.

The storyline is common. Shige might have had other ideas (vampires and such? LOL) but this was easy and probably less complicated to do. Actually, I like it, because of the Internet theme + children. It's a very good contrast to the recently released KAGUYA in which NEWS showed their sexiness and maturity against an age-old backdrop (a folklore). This time, it's very modern to somehow futuristic, and refreshing because of the costumes and the action scenes that show a new character to the group.

Still on the storyline, if it is typical, the overall plot is not. I very much appreciate the concept used--children are downloaded into the internet, for the purpose of extracting their imagination, using it as energy and foundation for building evil on the Internet. A mind-opening theme that stresses the importance of young people, and the capabilities of the modern technology. The existence of MR. WHITE and Team White, in my interpretation, are not to totally oppose this kind of technology but to take away its negative effects.

At first I have doubts on the costumes. When I watched the whole thing it eventually made sense; it fits the story and the song MR. WHITE itself. Still, I can't help but think of Ghostbusters... But aren't theyWeblack busters too?

Scene by scene review

Onto the action... )


MR. WHITE runs for approximately 20 minutes 30 seconds. Achieving this, it must've been hard to cram the scenes, and adding more goes beyond the question. It has an easy to understand plot, easy on the eyes cinematography, unforgettable costumes and a catchy theme song. To be frank, I see MR. WHITE as an unpolished experiment rather than a masterpiece. Though there's always room for improvement so I hope that NEWS will be given more projects like this because they can definitely do it.

The film's title is MR. WHITE, yet TEAM WHITE is better, don't you think? They went with the title of the theme song, that's forgivable. But Team White practically did the work to save the children. Like NEWS working hard for the love of us. We love you back, our superheroes.
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Decided to make this post because all the memories of October 7, 2011 came flooding back when I learned the news about Nicole leaving KARA and Jiyoung still contemplating whether to leave or not.

The memories were relieved and haunted me again... At first it was a bad thing; recalling every detail made me cry hard (and even contributed to my fever last Saturday ><), but Sunday night came and as with the details clearer than ever, those details made me reflect on the deeper impact of the news, its overall impact in the fandom and in my life as a fangirl.

Before October 7, 2011


I had no idea. I had no idea about the initial rumors of Yamapi leaving, no idea about Yamapi's promise to fans. I also had very little idea about Yamapi or Ryo's feelings toward NEWS, and finally, I had scarce idea about NEWS' relationship as a whole.

All I knew was they weren't releasing something, and all I did was wait.

Why? That time, I was a blind fan. I knew nothing but the songs, the PVs, the concerts and the guestings; the members, their personalities, their appearances. I didn't care much about NEWS' relationship with each other, all I cared for was "NEWS looks perfect". Yes they looked perfect, but were they perfect? I didn't notice the awkwardness among the members. I didn't notice that there were times Ryo or Pi was nowhere to be found because they had other commitments--I didn't notice all of that--except for Soukon, of course, it was quite obvious that the Soukon team had no RyoPi in it. But I didn't care. Because I was a blind fan.

So during the months that they were inactive, I was just waiting. Patiently waiting.

During October 7, 2011


A pretty normal day. In the afternoon, I quit one of my text clans because I wanted to take a break from texting. Along with me another member quit too, and we were laughing at that instance. When evening came, I randomly watched Pacific concert. I noticed I was giving unusual compliments on Pi, 'unusual' because I never talked about Pi this way:

"Pi has a wonderful smile! He smiles like this when he's with NEWS, I can see that he's really happy in the group."

After a couple of hours I received a text from kyaaaAri (Ariel) delivering the news about RyoPi's withdrawal.

"kyaaaAkuma... umalis na ang RyoPi sa NEWS."

It was all so sudden. I did not believe her at first, but after exchanging a few more texts I learned that she was serious (and that was when I also learned that Yamapi had a promise to fans), I started crying. I can't describe how much tears I've shed that night. I cried for hours, my family were already asleep so I went to the balcony of our house and continued crying there. Muttering things, flipping chairs and tables, shouting and cursing (I didn't use swear words tho), looking at the cloudy sky, praying, humming, singing... All my anger for RyoPi, all my worries for the remaining four.

This is what I wrote in my diary:

Really. From 9 to 4? So absurd. So frustrating. So disappointing.
I love the Soukon team. But it’s not the NEWS that I don’t want to break.

I’m having a breakdown.
I’m crying a liter of tears. 1 liter of Tears—Ryo?
Ryo left NEWS right? And Pi, who promised he’ll never do.  ><

Lamenting with me is the stupid rain. Reminds me of Taiyou no Namida. Your single. Your NUMBER 1 single. One of your NUMBER 1 singles. And boy, ALL your singles are NUMBER 1!

Now I want to go to Japan and slap RyoPi’s faces. Those faces. The faces of NEWS. Now they’re out of NEWS. Damn.


I almost lose my faith. It wasn't clarified to me that NEWS will still continue as a four-member group... I thought they were disbanding.
So when I wrote the entry, there was a lot more hate (This was the edited version, and the original, ALL-HATE-ALL-CAPS entry was already in the trash bin. Now I'm regretting throwing it away 'coz I wanna know my exact initial words that could've ornamented this post! :p)

Meanwhile, a surge of hope in spite of the bitterness made me add this in the diary entry:

Koyama loves NEWS so much. He will be a great leader, loving NEWS greater each day.
Tegoshi’s home is NEWS. He started here, and until the end he will remain faithful here.
Shige is smart enough to know that NEWS needs him. He will guide NEWS throughout the story.
Massu smiles because of NEWS. He will continue supporting and showing his cheerful smile even more.

( ^ If you noticed there are 16 words per sentence. It was supposed to be poem-like, and besides, 4 x 4 = 16.)

Then I also wrote my new NEWS ranking:


I commented below the entry, "kelangan talaga 4 letters?" Obviously, I was exaggerating the essence of the new NEWS: Four. 4-nin.

By the way, throughout the setting I was only singing one song.
Fly Again. ♪

After October 7, 2011


After that painful day I promised to NEWS that I'll love them even more (hey, they stayed! And the fact that Tegoshi's still there... ♥)
I somehow didn't fulfill that promise during the latter part of 2011 and early 2012 because I got into other fandoms (temptations are everywhere orz). But I knew in my heart that my support for NEWS got stronger.

Also, it was after a few months that I had the courage to read articles regarding RyoPi's withdrawal. And the good news? I wasn't blind anymore, the fans' comments and NEWS' own comments opened my eyes. I now know that what happened paved the way for a happier, healthier NEWS. And if before I thought of 6-nin as the perfect NEWS? Well.... 4-nin is not perfect, but they're definitely the best.

Anyway, I'll include the people's comments that caught my attention (I'll put 'em as anon)
their voices... )

Many things happened I can't sum it up here... It's been two years, wow. But what's more amusing, it's been 10 years since NEWS was formed. The past two years was only a part of a much more larger and dramatic history.

Cheers to the group and the fanbase. Happy 2nd anniversary 4-nin NEWS.
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まだ知らない明日の HAPPY 物語は僕らでつくろう
"we still don't know what tomorrow's happy
story will be, but let's build it together"
-NEWS, Cherish

I haven't made a message for NEWS. Not yet. I'll do that later before I sleep. Because I want to write my honest feelings and keep it to myself, for even if I shout it or not, I know NEWS will know it.

But of course I made some little presents and a hearty tribute to these boys.

Happy anniversary. Tezutettetotte I love you NEWS. ♥
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Hello LiveJournal and dearest F-list! (Actually there's no need to put "f-list here" because all my posts aren't friends-locked, so... ^_^)

I would like to share to you my feeeels for the weeeek. (LOL) The busy, exciting, tiring, overwhelming week before NEWS' 10th birthday.

I struggle. )



Below: even Tumblr is excited hahahaha~ xDDD
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What has happened to LiveJournal? In the last few days I couldn't post anything because the icons on the kitchen sink were missing. ><
Oh well, late-posting this. 4 drabbles inspired by some songs in the NEWS album. The fics aren't necessarily related to the meaning of the songs. I was just inspired, you know. ^^

and please read the au note/endnote :)


1. Title: 2 and a half (OC x OC)
*inspired by Greedier* )

2. Title: HERO (Shige-centered)
*inspired by CRY* )

3. Title: Not Letting Go (Tegoshi x OC)
*inspired by 恋祭り* )

4. Title: Who are you lady? (NEWS gen)
*inspired by Dance in the Dark* )

A/N: not beta-ed. So sorry for the mistakes! Also, these drabbles were written on the night before NEWS concert (Thursday night), so for the 2nd drabble 'HERO', it was just a mere coincidence that I wrote a story about NEWS cancelling a concert, and the cancellation of their Saturday night concert. I have nothing to do with this LOL~ xD

crossposted on [ profile] headbandlovers :)
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Happy birthday Shige, I've been waiting for this day... I was expecting to say a long message for your birthday, but the wind of fate blew another direction and my focus is not on you instead. Sorry sensei! But I love you and I wish the very best for you :*

Now here is the lamest birthday post on Tumblr everrrr. Hahaha~
Though aside from that, I did picspam! :D
"2 notes" for the win. At least there is. xD


And so the Tego-centric things... Are these:


Too many things to add, so little time! The Tegoshi-appreciation-slash-hate-slash love post ends here; I'M SORRY SHIGE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A BIRTHDAY POST FOR YOU BUT TEGOSHI IS EATING MY BRAINS (as I eat his banana LOL xDDDD)
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I would've posted the entire thing in my journal but since I'm in a rush just go HERE @ [ profile] headbandlovers to see the whole layout post (the bigger previews and INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION).

Tiny previews:

Ok, jyaa ne! :)
Nagisa no Onee sama is looooove!! ♪♫
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(and it’s not just that!!!!)

•BEST album was released 4 days after my younger sis’ bday.

•UtsuCon tour started 4 days after my dad’s bday.

•Chankapaana was released 1 day before my mom’s bday

•UtsuCon DVD was released 1 day before my youngest sis’ bday.


brb celebrating >o<

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Spent hours looking, no, staring at NEWS' recent and previous scans.




And TEGOSHI... Let's just save Tegoshi-flailing later k?
Because this post is about KOYASHIGEMASSU and how hilarious I am for worrying who really is my niban among the three?

(o diba, weirdo. xD)

Eh kaseeeeee! I can just say that these three are all my nibans, but, my heart is yearning for ONE NIBAN. It says I should have only one niban, one niban, one niban, and daaaamn I can't decide who's that one niban.


KeiichiroShigeakiMasuda I LOVE YOU *weeps*
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Just posted to express my excitement...

I'm gonna join KARA PHILIPPINES' banner making contest!
I won in a banner-making contest before, so I think I'll also gonna win this one. (confident ang peg! 8D)
The prize... a big tarp of Jiyoung (my niban). At pag nanalo ako dito magtataka nanay ko kung bakit may tarp ako ng KARA eh NEWS nga wala pa. Fuu :(

But aside from that, I'm excited for February 24. The (tentative?) date for UtsuCon viewing in the Philippines :D

Most especially, I'm excited for March 6! Sayonara ni Sayonara release~ \(^o^)/
Because I soooo miss テゴマス, I'm including a random pic. This is from their Gekkan Songs 3.13 issue~
Aside from their faces, I also find their outfits gorgeous. *I love Massu's scarf! ^.^*

By the way, Shige's getting my attention. And I think he's getting the attention of every person who had already watched UtsuCon.
I haven't watched the whole con (only the docu, digest, and some parts of the con itself), but Shige is.... asdfghjklweiuhuhcfidfuiewiuebwqinkifefnebjksdnbalkndlknsjkbxapnquwenxkapdmfmghwaaaaahhh! Though I'm not flailing over Shige right now kasee mas feel ko Tegomass sa ngayon.♥

*Ok I'm really random. But it's just NEWS and KARA ne? It's forgivable! LOL*

Before I end this post, can I add one more pic?
It's my strongest OTP in KARA. HaYeon! asdfghjkl ♥
That's it! :) pics via Tumblr, and credits to respective owners ^___^
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NEWS' official comeback was on April 15, 2012; the first day of UtsuCon tour was on August 14 2012.

Today is January 2013. But the words "NEWS IS BACK" sparked again while watching this video:

A HUGE SPOILER RIGHT? But me doesn't care, I love spoilers anyway! ^_^

My feelings are indescribable. Which leads me to being speechless. Can't say anything right now, except...


Yeah. This. ♥

Jyaa~ :3
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17. Your favorite group picture.

I have many faves! Sweeeear. And since I can't choose, I'll just put my very recent edit (edited this 5 minutes ago :p) and consider this as my fave. (But then again, I have tons and tons of faves! Damn!)


Quote credits to Keiichan, on his J-web entry here. As for the picture I don't know which magazine this is from, just got them on Tumblr with [ profile] inala on the credit. xD

P.S. I think this is my shortest answer ever! LOL~
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16. Your favorite pairing

Guess what? It's... )
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Before I start answering DAY 15 of the 30-DAY NEWS CHALLENGE, daaamnit I'm still on day 15? O.o let me tell you my feels about me finally coming back after a month-long break from surfing the net...

...I am fandom-deprived. >_<
But thanks to CTC my fangirling didn't stop. Even though updates were scarce, I have fandomfriends who made my fandom life going. ♥

And of course it isn't only CTC. With or without a NEWSclan, oh, I'm always active in text messaging. AKO PA! :p

The only thing I accomplished during the break was watching NEWS' perfs on Johnny's Countdown 2012-2013.
Little did I know, another great, heart-warming, a thing that makes a Kamilia proud, happened yesterday.

Finally. KARA on Tokyo Dome!! *tears of joy*
I'll do a separate 'feels post' for that.

So, moving on to 30-DNC (I intended to make my ramble short because the main course in this post is still the NEWS challenge).


Day 15: Your favorite friendship

Iitai dake~ )
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13. Rank them from 1 to 6/4 (1 being the best) when it comes to hotness.

Hotness meter? Hmm...

Ranking (1-4)
  1. Tegoshi
  2. Shige
  3. Massu
  4. Koyama
I intended not to rank them from 1st to 6th because... It would be hard. Very hard.
Except for #1, because I absolutely think that Tegoshi is the hottest guy on the planet. LOL. ♥

But daammnit, as much as I want to picspam NEWS' hotness in this post, I can't. I might die!! 
I MIGHT DIE!!!! asdfghjkl~
Sorry, no pic/gif spam for today! :(

We all know that NEWS is hot. Period. ♥o♥
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Got addicted on making icons (isn't it obvious? LOOOL~)
I was overwhelmed by the new scans, some aren't even HQ, but there's nothing impossible in editing right? Kyaaa~

So, here it is!
12 new icons, fresh from the oven!

pa-pi-pu-pe-po~ )


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