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As promised, posted this review! I made this in March as an entry for sg-paana's giveaway. I've forgotten to cross-post it here in my LJ until May.

Title: MR. WHITE
Artist/Actors: NEWS

From: WHITE album LE DVD
Release Date: February 25, 2015

Honestly, MR. WHITE is the first film/short film by a Johnny's group that I've watched so I have no point of comparison. But I can say that the short film could have more potential if the financial effort is done. The story is good (looking past the cliche part--there's a section for that later), the costumes are good, considering the story is cyber-themed and it involves kids; and NEWS' acting skills are quite polished already. The only major setback is the production, I think they got too cheap on that... Whereas a more costly production could make the film very satisfactory.

Why is this important? The majority of the filmviewers are NEWS fans, of course, and we can't really complain about this film because it's the first time the four of them did a thing like this, together. But the group has a lot more to showcase as actors, and the individual contributions (such as Shige's story-writing and Massu's costume-making) could've been maximized. There's much passion and hardwork in NEWS' part. Yet they get less than they deserve. The slacking is not to be blamed on them, really.

In one word, MR. WHITE is: Exciting. The transformation is not so apparent--even in that Ghostbusters-like suit and apparatus they're pretty much like themselves, only geared towards an entirely different mission. And that's what makes it exciting, the rescue mission that need no exaggerations (um, flying capes and extraordinary strength) which would make it absurd, in my opinion, if they used that instead.

The storyline is common. Shige might have had other ideas (vampires and such? LOL) but this was easy and probably less complicated to do. Actually, I like it, because of the Internet theme + children. It's a very good contrast to the recently released KAGUYA in which NEWS showed their sexiness and maturity against an age-old backdrop (a folklore). This time, it's very modern to somehow futuristic, and refreshing because of the costumes and the action scenes that show a new character to the group.

Still on the storyline, if it is typical, the overall plot is not. I very much appreciate the concept used--children are downloaded into the internet, for the purpose of extracting their imagination, using it as energy and foundation for building evil on the Internet. A mind-opening theme that stresses the importance of young people, and the capabilities of the modern technology. The existence of MR. WHITE and Team White, in my interpretation, are not to totally oppose this kind of technology but to take away its negative effects.

At first I have doubts on the costumes. When I watched the whole thing it eventually made sense; it fits the story and the song MR. WHITE itself. Still, I can't help but think of Ghostbusters... But aren't theyWeblack busters too?

Scene by scene review

1 So even without learning beforehand what the story is about, you'll know that a kid/s is/are a major element here. The boy is so cute and for some reason he reminds me of Massu. The antagonist (or the antagonist's weapon) is some kind of goo? Well, that's unexpected. Lured into the dark world of Internet by a sticky black goo. But it does interest the child enough to stare at the verdict and after a few seconds he vanished into thin air, taken to a place not yet revealed. Clever prologue.

2 "We are the four. We are what you've been waiting for." -Compass

This came to my mind when NEWS appeared! They're so natural, it's as if you are watching Life Of NEWS or a part of a documentary--their actions wouldn't be mistaken for acting. Koyama looking at the members, smiling; then mischievously snatching Shige's book shows a bit of member-ai.

MR. WHITE (their boss) popping up as a virtual logo, with an electronic voice, made me laugh at first. However, the next move started pumping it up... The way they wear the suits to the slow-mo walk to the elevator and the fast transformation to superhero-dom. Is this still NEWS? Team White, as it's called, is living up to its character.

3 The child is chased by three evils in black hoods, whatever they are. We learn that the dark world of Internet isn't really in another world! It's the same school, the same setting. Yet it is deprived of color and life, and gloominess fill the whole place. The three black-hooded creatures had cornered the poor child when the superheroes arrived.

This action-filled part, even though beautifully showcased, is where we first get the taste of a low-cost production. The graphics aren't good (come on, it could be--and must be--way better because this is Japan!); the set is too small for the sake of action; and it doesn't seem fulfilling that they fought only three. I understand that the creatures didn't need to be a lot more 'coz they were chasing just one child, but in the fighting scenes with Team White I expected more of these black-hoods to appear.

Nevertheless, I love that this scene used SuperSONIC as the background music! It escalated its intensity, it fits the mood and the movements.

Koyama protecting the kid, and sensing the evil hasn't been fully disinfected, is one of the key scenes in the story; therefore one of my favorite scenes. The worried look of his is such genuinely emotive, and touching.

4 Team White returns without Koyama! I do not approve of the script here. How come a member (Tegoshi) knows why and the other (Massu) doesn't--until he asked? Shige's clueless either. It would be actually better if the three weren't aware because Koyama decided to risk it all by himself. But some knew and some not... In my opinion that ruined the idea of a 'team'.

MR. WHITE reappears, informing them that Koyama is in danger. He also revealed the foe, Weblack, which name clearly antagonizes the role of MR. WHITE and the Team White.

Tegoshi and Shige's reactions (to the news that Koyama has been captured) are downright epic, not to mention very natural! I'm glad they thought of inserting humor in this part. Then Massu reacting about their gear's battery is a scene I like too. That heavy part of the costume is noticed, at last. It's not just a display.

5 The three team members finding Koyama is my favorite part of all. Despite long, it isn't draggy for me. Despite slow, I fully enjoy watching their cautious movements with a slight nervousness and fright. The whole scene is scary, especially when the camera slowly zooming in Massu's back, making it look like something's sniding towards him, until it becomes apparent that it is just Shige.

In fact, I forgot to breathe on that one! It was a thriller!

6 The searching leads them to a shocking scenario in the school gym: a lot of children, unconscious, held captive by Weblack. And among these kids is Koyama. The three are shocked; however, the most convincing facial expression is Shige's.


It's more complicated that they think. The nets wrapping the victims are electrically charged. But it's simpler than that. Everything connects to a huge, single cloud of goo and destroying it can be easy. But--there's a lot of buts--the batteries are low, and the cloud is powerful and aggresive. But somehow Koyama manages to escape and help the struggling three. At this point I conclude that Koyama is the main protagonist. His role is a bit more special in the film.

In spite of, there's another disappointment I needed to rant. Why do the scenes here switch to anime and back? Is this another indication of a low-cost production, 'cause I really think it is.

Black Jack -inter- is used as the background music for this fight scene. Unlike SuperSONIC it is less intense but just as fitting nonetheless.

7 It is the film's climax which can also be considered a part of Scene 6. My disappointment continues as the live tears of the saved children switches to animated mode again. These tears break the hardened goo that collapsed on Team White, trapping them. Because the tears turn out to be a valuable weapon, it, along with their guns, finally kill the huge black cloud (it's Weblack himself I suppose). Simply put, Team White saved the children, and the children saved Team White.

I honestly can't stand the part where it's all done and the children come running to them and Team White becomes so giddy they seem to appear like children too. It's so funny, and... ridiculous? But it's what makes the film suitable for General Audience, so I'm still gonna give a thumbs up for this scene.

Afterwards, it is shown that the kids are playing (fast forward to another day); happy and free, worry-free. I am surprised to hear White Love Story in the backround! A perfect fit again. It's melody matches the serene and happy atmosphere. I think of this scene as the ending and the next as an epilogue.

8 Back to being ordinary hot people, Team White is acknowledged by MR. WHITE for a job well-done. This is also a favorite scene of mine, but for fangirl-y reasons! The camera shows their faces and reactions one by one... They are breathtaking. Koyama and Tegoshi with the smirks, Shige with his adorable awkwardness and Massu's subtle expression. To another mission they come, with renewed energy, all of them wearing smiles!
They get up and walk with confidence. Then the credits roll.


MR. WHITE runs for approximately 20 minutes 30 seconds. Achieving this, it must've been hard to cram the scenes, and adding more goes beyond the question. It has an easy to understand plot, easy on the eyes cinematography, unforgettable costumes and a catchy theme song. To be frank, I see MR. WHITE as an unpolished experiment rather than a masterpiece. Though there's always room for improvement so I hope that NEWS will be given more projects like this because they can definitely do it.

The film's title is MR. WHITE, yet TEAM WHITE is better, don't you think? They went with the title of the theme song, that's forgivable. But Team White practically did the work to save the children. Like NEWS working hard for the love of us. We love you back, our superheroes.

Thank you Leyapaana :)

Date: 2015-05-26 09:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yesterday at twitter~ I was tweeted by Ai about "MR WHITE" And I had no idea about it at all...and i appreciate that she told me about it in 140 characters in a couple of tweets XD In the end, she suggested that i should watch it. but i cant afford to watch it now. huhu~ So, your post is a blessing! hahaha XD Thanks a lot! It's like I dont have to watch it anymore...because it's all here...still pictures nga lang :) demo daijoubu desu yo~ kyaaaaaaa!!! ALL HAIL FOR #TEAMWHITE ♥

PS punta ka ba sa Sunday? ♥

-Sakura Girl

Re: Thank you Leyapaana :)

Date: 2015-05-27 09:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeeey may nakapansin sa post na to! xD You haven't watched it ate? :( Hindi ko na alam kung saan makakakuha ng dl link... Btw wala na si rockthecliche, nabalitaan mo na rin ba yun? T^T

So dahil sa comment mo ni-reread ko ulit tong post. To be honest, naguluhan ako sa sarili kong review HAHAHA :P But I'm glad na-explain ko naman nang maayos sayo~ Although nothing wins against watching it yourself!

Hmm... 2 weeeeks ago, 90% ang probability na makapunta ako sa event... Pero ngayon 10% nalang *cries* uuwi kasi ako sa La Union sa end ng May (di pa ako sure sa mismong date). I just hope na hindi matapat sa May 31.

I missed you ate! ♥


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