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( ^ sorry for the all caps wahahahaha. Did you know that I have fever while typing this? But let's get this posted, for the love of Tego!)


Squeal-inducing fanservice, calling us his girlfriends, doing his best in everything, and calling himself a perfect idol, plus the fact that he's extremely good looking and a pro at singing, are the reasons why we just can't get enough of Tegoshi. But life with him as our bias isn't only about boldness when he blasts on the stage or pride when he accomplishes a project in ItteQ. It's nerve-wrecking too, worrisome, and definitely hard at times. Common reasons?

He's quite different from all the other Johnnys talents. He almost never experienced the Junior status. He admits that he has no Johnnys friends (except NEWS, of course!). In a world where it is somehow obligatory to love one and love the rest, being a Tego fan, you either 1) can't love the rest 2) Love the rest but feel an occasional oddity because you realize the other idols talk about friends from the same company while Tego talks about soccer friends... soccer people... soccer buddies... And oh, right, some private friends, and many more. >_<

Actually, this was never a problem for most fans but I think it's easy to see where I'm coming from. Personally, 90% of my fan friends have multiple fandoms, and although I have more than one fandom too, I sometimes feel out-of-Johnny's-world because of my distant ichiban. Or is it just me? xD Tego, you should interact with your senpais and kouhais more!

He has changed and is constantly changing. I might've crossed out the changing hairstyles if not for the fans who still demands wishes to see his black hair again. Um, I'm not one of them, I love the blonde. Whyyy, itz hawt  Other than this, the thing we always see in Tegoshi Yuya facts and trivias around the net: plastic surgery, which he denied. (Not a big deal anymore; heck it's 2014! Besides, he was destined to grow up with a perfect face~ *o*). What about the personality? Hates to lose since the dawn of day, check. But he was an innocent kid before, almost an angel, the future boy-next-door of Johnny's... Nobody would dare to call him little shit. Would you?

It amazes and amuses me reading the fans' comments and rants when Tegoshi started to be/act like the person he is today. "What's happening to Tego?", "What about his wholesome image?", "Why is he becoming gay?", etc. He also became more straightforward, daring, fearless. Must be the effect of experience--specifically in the years he has spent in ItteQ. And don't forget that NEWS has gone through a lot, too. But I don't think experience changed him. Rather, experience brought his true self out. 'Change' is just the easiest word to use.

And that's the hard, mindblowing part. He 'changes' drastically, you will never be calm when it comes to Tegoshi.

He's the gender bender. Crossdressing princess, that's our bias! Everyone embraces Yuuko. We don't have troubles loving her; she's a nice girl who just wants everyone to be happy. She is cute, confident, catches the attention of men and women alike, can run over models, can sing notes higher than a chipmunk, is pretty with or without a wig, is beautiful with or without make-up.

So, what is the problem? Actually, there's a handful. 1) They don't understand. They don't understand that Yuuko is the same as that guy in the "NEWS" band. 2.) They don't understand that Yuuko is the same as that guy who religiously talks about soccer--and can be seen anywhere playing the sport. Oh, the clothes that reveals his yummy muscular thighs! 3) They don't understand that he crossdresses because he can, and 4) We don't understand HOW THE HELL TEGOSHI IS PRETTIER THAN ALL OF US. Tegoshi's parents, thank you. Tegoshi, darn you.

Scandals/issues. I'm gonna be biased here. Little do I know about the other idols' issues, so theirs are probably worst than Tegoshi's. But even so, his rumors are ridiculously disturbing. Stealing somebody's girlfriend, devouring a group (think 48. And just to clarify, "devour" didn't come from me. I read it somewhere, probably from a hater to use such a word!), planning to take J&A in his own sinful hands (that's the conclusion drawn from the Tego-Julie affair :p), having a foreigner girlfriend (intl paanas, we have hope!), and other minor issues, that, even if these aren't as explosive as the Akanishi Troop's bombs *okay I do know a little about the Kings of Arama*, these are enough to make our scalps hurt from scratching our heads. We ask Tego: What.Have.You.Done.Again.

It is true that any issue involving a fandom makes impact to its fans. But the rumors that involve NEWS members, in my opinion, make a greater impact than supposed, because the group is still trying to give us the best--to please us, to not betray us. Then suddenly there's news, not of releases, but of ridiculous stuff and useless rumors which is very frustrating on both sides. NEWS isn't an activity-stable group, so we want to see that at least the members are doing fine by themselves. NEWS, in return, doesn't want us to worry. The good thing about Tegoshi is he assures us from time to time. But issues also follow him from time to time and I can't anymore. asdfghjklgk.

He is "shippable" to anyone... And to anything? Because Yuuko is a flirt and Yuya is a slut (forgive me for the use of the first name. I promise this will be the last I will shame my ichiban in a public post--or it depends on my Tego-caused jet coaster mood. HAHAHAHA!!)

Basically, he's someone who looks good with everyone. Experiences from around the world shaped him this way. In NEWS, all the Tegoshi OTPs have a considerable number of supporters. He can be paired with someone like Becky, to someone like Imouto, to unexpected people like Johnny Kitagawa's niece, to some divorced actress (there was a rumor 'bout this, in case you don't know). You can ship him with his ikemen best friend soccer player Atsuto Uchida, to some of Johnny's talents (Hi TegoKame!) or non-Johnny's celebrities like Hyde. To take it further, look at the chemistry he has with the various people he has met in his ItteQ adventures. The insects he has fought with. The objects he has touched. (Don't say I am exaggerating because isn't it legit to ship a person with inanimate objects, for example: Koyama x eclairs, Shige x cameras, Massu x clothes? Speaking of which, don't we ship Tego to soccer itself? ^o^)

These and more, there are soooooo many contenders for Tegoshi's attention, love and affection. No, this isn't a deadly competition; just an everyday struggle with the "feels" we feel when we see Tego petting pups, or being mobbed by drag queens, or showing his obsession of skulls to declaring his love for the fans. By the way, I ship myself with Tegoshi too. Tehee~ ^^

His competitiveness. He's the most competitive person I know, more competitive than some full-time athletes. To others he appears harsh. To others, brash. To us, he's the perfect manifestation of the lyrics we hear in JPop songs which usually speaks of courage and strength. He is strong like that. Hell yeah~~

And it makes us proud. But sometimes, exhausted. He's got so much fire in him; when he dives into the heart of things he pours all of his passion, and as fans, we can't be lax too! He might be the easygoing type in NEWS but he's also the one who does not accept defeat so easily. His flamboyant hates-to-lose attitude makes everyone not just notice it, but feel it. Be swayed with it. So when Tego does this and that we know he isn't running a friggin' substandard show. Way to go, Tego.

He says unrealistic things. Admit it, "koneko-chan" is so aesthetic. We continue to buy it though. Be like fools. Ah, the diamond-glazed idoldom and the starry-eyed fandom. *sighs* "So what?" we claim.

Do you ever have those emo moments when you think why can't you just have your ichiban all by yourself? When you think it's actually possible not because anything is possible--gaaaah that's so cliché--but because he says his words so sure, so confident, we can't help but believe (Tegoshi: "BERIIV~"). Well, every famous person would show how much he/she loves his/her fans. But Tegoshi's way of "loving" us is shown in the most exaggerated way possible. (We know he wants to be the best at it, and so he goes!) While it's very gratifying, it could also be the most depressing. It's either of these two: Too good to be true or too true to be good. Sometimes I just wanna punch him in the face. Don't play with our feels, baby.

His fans are the craziest--emotion wise, fangirling wise. I've read that many times, even when NEWS still has 6 members. In fact, this is where I got the idea for this post. 8D I wanted to blog my answer for this matter, but I couldn't organize my thoughts until this birthday tribute (really, "tribute?" LMAO) just popped out. Why not make an entry not about how Tegoshi makes me happy, but how he makes me miserable instead? And so, ta-da! This might be my favorite post so far. :3

Excluding myself. Why do I think Tegoshi fans are the craziest? I have a friend who liked Tego; a potential fangirl. When she learned he's the Crossdressing Princess, the Ero Prince, and all those nicknames and labels he's known for, she backed down. Turned off? I thought so. As her friend, I was saddened. Almost there!! I asked her why, and was astonished at her reply.

"I can't understand him. He's extraordinary."

She's right. Come to think of it. There are people whom you'd immediately read from the first time. The badassed people are actually badassed. The good guys, good. But our ichiban, surprisingly, is unreadable. Conned by the face. Wondered by the personality. Confused by the gender play. Shocked by the words and actions. What remains consistent is how we deal with it. We've all gone crazy and we continue to be. As far as I know we're not violent though, thanks to the wonderful idol-fan relationship led by the leader of NEWS! But that's another story. With Tego, whether we love cats or not, we are all his dazed kittens.

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Date: 2014-11-11 04:21 am (UTC)
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first of all,my dear Leya, get well soon ne. although i miss you na, di pa ulit tayo magkatagpo ng time, maybe next time ne. basta pagaling ka baka mabinat ka.
ano pa ba masasabi ko, tila nasabi mo na lahat, parang speechless na ako, napakaganda ng bday post mo kahit may nararmdaman ka, sabagay every year talaga expected ko na yan. kung ilang ang thumbs ko up lahat yan!!! saiko~ splendid! great! wonderful! walang halong kaplastikan yan. idol kita idol ko kayo ni diane pagdating sa ganitong ocassion, superb ang post. busy lang si diane may eexams ya natapat pa sa bday ni Tego.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SUPER CUTE AND TALENTED SON... YOU ARE 27 NA WOW ... `BILIS NG PANAHON, dati tagabili ka lang ng suka ni mang johnny hahaha,
love you all... i love u leya.... pagaling ka.

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Date: 2014-11-11 04:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks tita! ♥

Saka na yung matinong reply pag di na ako busy. Kagabi ko to tinype eh, napadaan lang ako ngayon para i-post! Bye tita~ thank you ulit :")

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Date: 2014-11-11 04:43 am (UTC)
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u r welcome, don`t push yourself, pagaling ka. btw love ko yang BG and header mo.

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Date: 2014-11-11 01:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
First of all, are you better? Hope you are :)

This post was perfect, fever must have inspired you! Hahaha

I don't have that many people to talk about Tegoshi with (I added people on fb but I don't talk to many of them) so I jump at any opportunity so here are my thoughts, whether you want them or not LOL

He's quite different from all the other Johnnys talents. Yes, he is but it’s really not a problem for me, it may be because I’m a NEWS fan (a bit of a KATTUN fan) but not a Johnnys as a whole fan. Many take offense at this but I’m just not into other Johnnys at least so far (I like to think I’m open-minded though). But maybe that’s why I like NEWS, they are not typical Johnnys (or maybe they are… you tell me hahhahah)

He has changed and is constantly changing. Yes, his hair is constantly changing but I’m with you, I love the blond! It sets him apart and it REALLY suits him and it’s hawt (to use your words hehe) plus with black hair he looks way younger and I already have an age difference, I don’t need him looking even younger :P

He’s becoming gay? What is happening to him? Let’s be honest, he’s always been like that, he may be showing it more now xD

But he has changed from the awkward kid with bad teeth who couldn’t really dance and that’s what I like about him. He had the innate talent (he always had a great voice, even in the beginning) but he didn’t stay at that, he actually improved and keeps improving.

He's the gender bender. I love Yuko like I love Yuya. Period. (And I’ve been meaning to write a Yuko fanfic, that’s how much I love her lol) Yes, many don’t understand and may be baffled but it’s one of the contradictions I like in him. He crossdresses and he is prettier than… well, anyone really (I may be biased here hehe) and then he is obsessed with soccer and he is actually good at it (thank the gods for those yummy thighs showing outfits) Some others are just jealous that he can be so pretty, probably hahahah.

Scandals/issues. Ah, rumors. Not much more to say, except maybe they mean he is popular? Let’s find the silver lining in it hahahah. And it sure is fun to make fun of the rumors on fb ;)

He is "shippable" to anyone... And to anything? No, you are not exaggerating at all. I don’t know how but the man looks good with ANYONE, female, male, reptile, even arachnid (but I wouldn’t do that to the poor baby hehe) Yay, Tegokame, Yay Tegohyde, yay Tegoanything, how is that possible? It just is hahah. And let’s not forget Ben, I already love Bengoshi xD
And I ship myself with Tegoshi, too (age difference be damned lol) Just look at all the OCs in my fics LOL
“being mobbed by drag queens” LOL and he so totally enjoyed being one on the show hahahahahh

His competitiveness. His competitiveness is exhausting hahahah. And don’t you find yourself stressing when he is attempting to do something just cause you DON’T want him to fail? I do! hahah.
And here is another contradiction. He is competitive and in trying to do everything he ends up being the coolest. And then he can go a do the most embarrassing things ever. How can he be so cool and embarrassing??

His fans are the craziest. Well, with all the things you pointed out (which are all true) it’s no wonder that his fans are a bit crazy… or at least weird LOL; god knows I’m weird hahahah.
Like your friend, when you start to find out about him and pay attention to him and you see all the “labels” you can get confused and you get the response your friend gave you.

At first, when my sister introduced me to NEWS, I liked Yamapi. I had seen some of his dramas, which I love, and, let’s face it, the man is gorgeous. However, I started to like NEWS and Tegoshi’s voice just drew me in. And then I started watching his dramas, ITTQ and I was like… what is this guy? And I met Yuko and I went “Ok I love him” in spite of myself LOL

Well, I could go on but I’ll stop before you unfriend me and slowly walk away hahaha. Sorry about the long rant (I think it may be longer than the post for god’s sake!) but again, I don’t talk about Tegoshi often enough haha

I blame your awesome post, though hahah

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Date: 2014-11-12 09:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Perfect post? Waaaaaa that's too much of a compliment! *hides* but seriously, thank you ^^ BUT, DO YOU KNOW THAT READING THIS COMMENT SOMEHOW MAKES ME WANNA REDO MY POST ALL OVER AGAIN... IF I COULD, I WOULD ADD YOUR RESPONSE HIHII

Fever didn't inspire me at all. This was Tego-sama's fault WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Yeah, it's not only him, but all of NEWS, who are different than other Johnny's. Tegoshi's just more obvious because of his 10-month jr era that was barely felt by everyone.

Old fans didn't think chibi Tego's "gayness" as a gay thing, imo. It's more like they view him as he was because he was a gentle, awkward, and fragile(?) person. Okay he has those intense eyes ever since but he moves like a little cute kid. Not gay, just a cute little kid.

Yay we have the same comments on the blond! XD I don't understand the people who doesn't like Tegoshi's hairstyle until now, what's wrong with their eyes? (Oops I might get stoned here ^^) It's his best hair you know!!!!! for me ♥

The Yuuko-Yuya thing is probably the most familiar reason why it's hard being a Tegoshi fan :) There's a point in our lives when we're insecure of Tegoshi's beauty... But we love him because of this so we're not really complaining~

Tbh I never cared about Tego rumors, the Kyary issue was the only one that made me worry ><

Shippable even to arachnid. KUMO KUMO KUMO (I remember that one episode where he had to endure the spider in reward of the MC position in the world cup. That was epic!) AND BENGOSHI I SHIP THAT TOO~ OMGOMGOMGOMG

And here is another contradiction. He is competitive and in trying to do everything he ends up being the coolest. And then he can go a do the most embarrassing things ever. How can he be so cool and embarrassing?? ← oh right! How can Tego be like that? (throws more hate to bias)

I didn't know you started with Yamapi XD yes yes Tegoshi's voice is the bait though ♥ and then we learn that it's not just about the voice and the face, he is someone that can literally tie us up in knots yet we tie ourselves with him despite that. huhuhuu~

Thanks for appreciating this post. I love your comment too! :)
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Date: 2014-11-11 01:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
happy birthday yuya ♬♩

i admire you for posting something like this.. as much as i want to, i couldnt write a decent appreciation post to our lovely news and also to my bias tomabb~ haha

i agree to everything here... his transformation is amazing and his strong will also encourage me during my tough times!

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Date: 2014-11-12 09:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah happy birthday Yuyaaaa ♫

Thanks for commenting! It's okay, an appreciation post is not as equally important as appreciating our biases everyday ♥

Even though he drives us nuts, Tegoshi has so many admirable qualities, and it's undeniable that he's one of the few powerful people that can give us so much courage! ;)

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Date: 2014-11-13 08:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

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Date: 2014-11-17 02:34 am (UTC)
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Thanks ♥♥♥


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