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Hello, and happy November! AND THAT MEANS... 手越 AND テゴマス's MONTH YAAAAAAAY

My last two posts were vague signals that I am still at home to LiveJournal and I still got time for fandom (even though the latest one has entirely no connection to me being a fangirl but to a rebel, schizotypal girl *LOL I hope no one took that srsly! :p*).

I even ENTIRELY forgot to post my ‪#‎NEWS12thAnniversary‬ tribute here. I'm such a fail >_< redirecting you to the Tumblr post instead xD

To top it all, I have tons of other reviews to finish, however I'm already not in the proper mindset to finish them. I still got fics to write, challenges to continue and packages to send >< I'm panicking inside, but my brain's distracted enough to be bothered, actually. Is it a bad thing then? That I don't want to get back to my stuff anymore?

But there's a reason to lighten up! I'm making tribute posts for Tegoshi's 28th birthday; so far, so good. I can't miss anything about this boy, really. I MEAN TEGOSHI MAKES ME VERY MOTIVATED, AND THO IT LOOKS LIKE I'VE SLACKENED I'M GOING UPHILL IN LIFE, IN FACT ♥

Before 2015 ends I'm making a pact with LJ. I'll post stuff, yeah~! I'll cover up the absence. I'll try my best to get back to even just the more significant drafts and finally post some here. I did get back on track in Tumblr; why can't I do the same with my journal?

I ain't static, I'm wired to my passions. I feel the flowing current between us, and no one's gonna make us stop. :)
Onto the next post! Jyaa ne~~

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Date: 2015-11-04 11:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
konbanwa Leya chan, kumusta na? busy ka na ba? wala ka ng free time? di na kita na-ask last time kasi nga bumagyo then bumaha here.
Take your time, you can ' slowly ' comeback here... don`t push yourself too much ganun talaga kung saan ka masayang mag fandom, okay lang yun kung tumbler man o fb. para lang si tita, kasama ko na tong lj sa araw araw kahit pasaglit saglit lang. di na ko maka online sa iba, pero actually gusto kong magtwtter pero bumalik pagiging antukin ko [8 pm lang nadudukdok na ko sa harap ng compu kaya ayun snob na naman ang peg busy ako sa araw pasulpot sulpot lang din. by the way ADVANCE HAPPY 28TH SA ATING PRINSIPE. yay... hintay ko post mo. ganbatte ne. imy.. pag pwede ka tx me. sunday lang naman ako waley week na to. yoroshiku ne.


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